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Evolution of an Impact Portfolio: From Implementation to Results

Evolution of an Impact Portfolio:  From Implementation to Results

Evolution of an Impact Portfolio: From Implementation to Results October 2013 Sonen Capital, a leading Social & Environmental impact investment firm, in collaboration with the KL Felicitas Foundation (KLF), announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind report detailing the financial performance of an impact investing portfolio. [...]


MAPPING THE  TRANSITION TO SUSTAINABILITY By Hazel Henderson © 2013  for CSRWire Appeared on CSRWire July 1, 2013 as “Challenging Traditional Finance: Mapping the Transition to Sustainability” http://bit.ly/finsust A whole-system global transition is underway and accelerating as human activities encounter planetary boundaries. [...]

Hip Investor: Going Fossil-Free, a How-To Guide in PDF — and webinar

Hip Investor: Going Fossil-Free, a How-To Guide in PDF — and webinar

    IN THIS ISSUE: I. Going Fossil-Free, a How-To Guide in PDF -- and webinar:  In partnership with 350.org, HIP co-authored Resilient Portfolios & Fossil-Free Pensions, showing city and states how to go fossil-free;  join us Weds, 6/19 for a collaborative webinar II. Federal [...]

The Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Has Colleges Weighing The Stakes

“It’s wrong to profit from wrecking the planet.” That’s what thousands of young people are saying across the U.S. who are demanding their colleges and universities strip fossil fuel investments from their endowment portfolios. They are arguing with passion -- and a considerable amount of organizing savvy -- that the still untapped 2795 [...]

Impact Investing in Asia: Judging Ventures & MBAs

IN THIS ISSUE: I. Impact Investments in Asia: Global ventures competing at GSVC; impact investing in Hong Kong emerging as a positive force for good II. New Metrics of Business Value: Surprising value from sustainability - for your CFO, CEO and teams III. Impact Investing - Academic Reports: Professors from Harvard and Wharton show that [...]

Solar Verticals and “Balance of System” Valuations : AltEnergyStocks.com

Solar Verticals and “Balance of System” Valuations Posted: 11 Oct 2011 04:07 PM PDT Garvin Jabusch Tom Konrad has kindly provided an opportunity for me to contribute a response to his recent piece “Inverter Stocks: A Value BOS Play on Solar.” I’m grateful for the opportunity because it gives me the chance to discuss these stocks [...]

Philanthropy’s Bermuda Triangle

A publication from Inflection Points Inflection Points asked Stephen Viederman, retired president of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation and presently a member of the finance committee of the Christopher Reynolds Foundation, for his views on the power of philanthropic foundations to utilize their investment funds for change. Philanthropic [...]

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