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Community-Wealth.org Newsletter | May 2013

Community-Wealth.org Newsletter | May 2013

Dear Colleague, Welcome to our May www.Community-Wealth.org e-newsletter. This month we have a number of updates and features to bring you: Today, May 8 from 4-6 pm (eastern) in Cambridge, MA, The Democracy Collaborative and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT present the findings of our recent case study: The [...]

New report reveals advantages of carbon tax above other taxes

We at Ethical Markets support fully these policy proposals, Hazel Henderson, Editor   A groundbreaking report contributed to by Green Budget Europe will be published tomorrow, highlighting the advantages of carbon-energy tax and pricing measures in comparison to indirect and direct taxation for employment and GDP growth. The report shows [...]

Too Much Passenger Screening Is Making Airports Less Secure

Too Much Passenger Screening Is Making Airports Less Secure Ever stricter security measures in place in U.S. airports is making air travel less safe and airports more vulnerable, according to University of Illinois mathematics professor Sheldon H. Jacobson. Too many resources are spent screening passengers who pose little risk, which steals [...]

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