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Public Banking Goes Live Online!

Public Banking Goes Live Online!

Public Banking Goes Live Online! The Santa Fe Symposium - Banking on New Mexico - will be live streamed on the web this coming Saturday, September 27. Click here for the main session at 9:30 MDT. Click here for the side session at 10:25 MDT. If you are working on public banking in your area, get a group together to watch it and discuss the [...]

Energy Efficiency Resource Standards: A New Progress Report on State Experience

ACEEE  Authors: Annie Downs and Celia Cui   In the absence of federal requirements for energy savings, states are leading the way with effective, forward-looking energy efficiency policies. More than half of them have adopted energy efficiency resource standards (EERS), policies that set long-term mandatory energy savings targets for [...]

The Great Wall Street Slumber Party

The Great Wall Street Slumber Party Dear Readers, Thanks to all of you entrepreneurs, visionaries, financiers, bankers, legislators, tax, legal and regulatory experts who came together this past year to institute colossal Wall Street reform. When historians look back on the 2012, it will be recognized as the year that not [...]

How Facebook’s IPO Exemplifies the Injustice in the Financial Markets

We  at Ethical Markets Media agree with Dara Albright  and also fully supported the enacting of the new JOBS Act and the efforts of Sherwood Neiss and his colleagues .   Now we are joining with Dara and other Crowdfunding sites to help set the new rules necessary  for this important disintermediation of Wall Street .  We will be contributing [...]

Democratizing Money – Restoring Prosperity

The Public Banking Institute would like to extend this invitation for you to attend our inaugural National Conference on April 27 and 28 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Please be sure to join us for a welcome reception the evening of Thursday, April 26. After the unparalleled increase in interest in banking and monetary reform this past year, this [...]

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