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Green Transitions Scoreboard – April 2015 – Just in time for Earth Day!

Green Transitions Scoreboard – April 2015 – Just in time for Earth Day!

Earth Day 2015 marks $6.22 trillion invested in the global green transition since 2007. This meets our Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) goal of $10 trillion privately invested in the green economy by 2020, easily on track to reach the 2020 goal to effectively scale innovations and reduce costs in green technologies as the world transitions to [...]

Economists calling for “QE for the people”

Economists calling for “QE for the people”

We at ethical markets agree and have also  called for more democratized  and future-focused  ways of  designing quantitative easing :  “ the trickle up “ approach  proposed by Milton Friedman  of just taking cash up  in helicopters and throwing it out the windows “  ( seriously supported  in FOREIGN AFFAIRS , Aug,2014 ! )  as well [...]

A Humanist Economics

"  I have long supported  Louis and Patricia Kelso's  ground-breaking work , now newly relevant as automation and the digitizing of ever more sectors of our economy proceed more rapidly.   We thank the Kelso  Institute for sending us this fine article from THE HUMANIST,  Hazel Henderson, Editor"     A Humanist [...]

Hazel Henderson, “The Green Transition & Global Investment” on What Now Radio, Jan. 13, 2015

Listen to the podcast Hazel Henderson, “The Green Transition & Global Investment” on What Now Radio, Jan. 13, 2015 For more information: READ MORE HERE

Quality of Life Indicators in Context – December 2014

USA Update: December 2014 Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by a healthy 321,000 in November. The 214,000 jobs in October was revised upward to 243,000, with September’s 256,000 revised upward to 271,000. The unemployment rate stayed at 5.8%. All these welcome upward revisions auger a quickening recovery and a rise in wages, with average [...]


In 2001, after Japan had fallen into what economist dread: stalled GDP-growth, I published these two articles in Japan. In “Japan at the Crossroads” and “Japan is Not the Only Country Caught in the GNP-Growth Trap,” I viewed Japan through my “Quality of Life” metrics, as transforming from material economic growth at whatever social [...]

Susan Sun Nunamaker Interviews Hazel Henderson at World Future Society 2014

From Susan Sun Nunamaker, SunshineIsTheFuture.net, “It is my pleasure to be able to get an interview  during World Future Society 2014 <https://www.wfs.org/civicrm/event/info/?reset=1&id=37>  at Orlando, FL, with Hazel Henderson <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hazel_Henderson> , a futurist and an economic iconoclast. Ms. [...]

Hazel Henderson Guest on Conscious Millionaire

Hazel Henderson, president and founder of Ethical Markets, is a featured guest on J V Crum III’s Conscious Millionaire Podcast, first airing Oct. 7, 2014.  The podcast is top-rated with coaching and strategies on how to make profits and a difference as a conscious entrepreneur! Henderson is included among guests such as Chris Brogan, [...]

Quality of Life Indicators in Context – October 2014

Focus on US Employment —  October 2014 Update By Hazel Henderson Total nonfarm payroll employment in September rose by 248,000 which lowers the unemployment rate to 5.9%. August’s jobs were revised from 142,000 to 180,000, and July rose by a revised 180,000 – a combined 69,000 jobs more than previously reported. There was a 4.2% [...]


Ethical Markets welcomes this report which conforms to our own research in our Green Transition Scoreboard®.  Hazel Henderson, Editor   New report aims to drive action by world leaders, business executives and investors ahead of major summit on climate change Editor’s note: The “Better Growth, Better Climate” report, [...]

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