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Global Economy Expanded More Slowly Than Expected In 2011

Global Economy Expanded More Slowly Than Expected In 2011 Brigid Fitzgerald Reading www.earth-policy.org/indicators/C53/economy_2012 Earth Policy Release Eco-Economy Indicator February 16, 2012 Eco-Economy Indicators are twelve trends that the Earth Policy Institute tracks to measure progress in building a sustainable economy. Given the [...]

Cameron Criticises European Financial Tax

Some news for you on the subject of developments in Europe concerning the financial transaction tax. http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/0c4fcda4-4843-11e1-941c-00144feabdc0.html#comment-1766626 … is an article in the Financial Times of 120126 -- by Chris Giles in Davos, George Parker in London and Gerrit Wiesmann in Berlin – under the [...]

DARPA to Put 3-D Printers in Schools

DARPA to Put 3-D Printers in Schools The U.S. Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) plans to put 1,000 3-D printers (rapid fabrication devices) into high schools across the United States as a way to encourage American young people to go into engineering and particularly manufacturing. The project is one of many investments that [...]

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