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RSF Monthly: 2012 RSF Social Finance Annual Report

RSF Monthly: 2012 RSF Social Finance Annual Report

2012 RSF Social Finance Annual Report We have just published our 2012 Annual Report. It has been a great experience to reflect on all that has been accomplished in the past year. Catch up on highlights from the incredible organizations that we support through our lending and giving activity.  Also, learn more about exactly how we’re [...]


The Henderson-Schumacher Library at Ethical Markets Media hosted a meeting of SRI pioneers to mentor emerging leaders in SRI, co-convened with Ethical Markets' Advisory Board member Susan Davis, president of Capital Missions. From November 18-20, 2011, the international group engaged in a 2 ½ day conversation on Transforming Finance 2.0, [...]

Economics based on Beauty and Community: Putting Aesthetics back into the Economy

by Gregory Wendt, CFP Right before I boarded a plane after a green business conference last year, I noticed a Body Shop store in the terminal next to the gate. The Body Shop was founded by the late Anita Roddick who was a very influential and inspiring thought leader who was one of the pioneering business people who incorporated social and [...]

Seeing Ideas: A Personal Appreciation for Rudolf Steiner’s Sesquicentennial

A newsletter from RSF Social Finance March 2011 This year we joyfully celebrate a significant moment in the history of RSF Social Finance with the anniversary of the 150th birthday of Rudolf Steiner! Learn about grantee Teachers Without Borders, scholarship opportunities for BALLE 2011, and hear CEO Don Shaffer in conversation on The Healthy [...]

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