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Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?

  Ellen Brown http://EllenBrown.com October 7, 2013   Reports are that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is engaged in a massive, covert military buildup. An article in the Associated Press in February confirmed an open purchase order by DHS for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. According to an op-ed in Forbes, that’s enough to [...]

Market Forces: ANZ biggest gambler on dirty coal and gas exports

Market Forces: ANZ biggest gambler on dirty coal and gas exports

ANZ biggest gambler on dirty coal and gas exports Friday 31 May 2013 Press Release A new interactive map has been published that identifies ANZ as the commercial bank lending most heavily to coal and gas export projects along Australia’s Eastern seaboard, including in the Great Barrier Reef World [...]

Post-Election News by Ladislau Dowbor, Ethical Markets Advisory Board Member

NEWS FROM BRAZIL : We thank Professor Ladislau Dowbor, of our Advisory Board and our Brasilian Ambassador for Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil), for this report.  - Hazel Henderson, Editor An enormous relief down here, we feel like our Titanic avoided the iceberg. But the fact that so many supported such crazy policies as the Republicans [...]

CBRC working on evaluation criteria for Green Credit Policy

China Sustainable Finance newsletter #15 (English) Policy developments 1. CBRC working on evaluation criteria for Green Credit Policy The Ministry of Environmental Protection reported in May 2012 that “China is working on criteria with which to evaluate the implementation of its green credit policy by banks and [...]

3 New Loans, Moving Your Money, and America’s Best Brownies!

Inspiration from Bank Transfer Day November 5 was Bank Transfer Day, an initiative asking motivated individuals to move their funds from large commercial banks to community banks and credit unions. We’re excited to see a grassroots movement like this, reaching tens of thousands of people (over 70,000 people posted on Facebook that they are [...]

The Financial Road to Serfdom

The Financial Road to Serfdom by Michael Hudson Information Clearing House http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28319.htm June 13, 2011 How Bankers are using the Debt Crisis to Roll Back the Progressive Era Financial strategists do not intend to let today's debt crisis go to waste. Foreclosure time has arrived. That [...]

End The Fed

End The Fed

END THE FED by Ron Paul, Grand Central Publishing 2009 Review by Alan F. Kay Ron Paul, a darling of the Tea Party, is a medical doctor and the author of End the Fed, (Grand Central Publishing, 2009). He has served as a Republican Congressman (Texas) for 20 years, 1979-1985 and 1997-2011. As nominee of the Libertarian party, he ran for [...]

Fed Will Release Bank Loan Data as Top Court Rejects Appeal

An article from Bloomberg The Federal Reserve will disclose details of emergency loans it made to banks in 2008, after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an industry appeal that aimed to shield the records from public view. By Greg Stohr and Bob Ivry - Mar 21, 2011 12:22 PM ET Play VideoMarch 21 (Bloomberg) -- Matthew Winkler, [...]

Basel III: Tightening the Noose on Credit

Ellen Brown, Ethical Markets Media Advisory Board, www.webofdebt.com/articles, September 16, 2010 The stock market shot up on September 13, after new banking regulations were announced called Basel III. Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief. The megabanks, propped up by generous taxpayer bailouts, would have no trouble meeting the new capital [...]

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