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For Immediate Release: Best Organics Inc. Achieves B Corporation Status

For Immediate Release: Best Organics Inc. Achieves B Corporation Status

  For Immediate Release   Contact: Seleyn DeYarus, Best Organics Inc., 303.499.6742 Steve Hoffman, Compass Natural Marketing, 303.807.1042   Best Organics Inc. is Now Recognized as a Certified B Corporation by B Lab   Best Organics Inc. is now a Certified Benefit Corporation, joining the ranks of more than 700 [...]

ASBC Weekly Update

Weekly Policy Update: March 7th 2012 Policy Updates & Actions Taxes The ASBC tax working group has developed a sign-on letter in support of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's Paying a Fair Share Act (S.2059). The legislation would establish a 30% minimum "Buffett Rule" tax for households with more than $1 million in income. We would like to have [...]

Small Businesses Split on Obama Budget

Weekly Policy Update: February 14th, 2012 Policy Updates Energy & Environment ASBC re-affirmed its opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline project in a statement sent to Congress. The letter opposes any efforts by Congress to usurp the President's authority to make the final decision on the project. Three pieces of legislation have been [...]

Citizens United & Money in Politics

ASBC Newsletter January 2o12 Dear ASBC Community, As we take a running jump into 2012, we already see that there are a growing number of indicators illustrating the growing importance of the different business voice that ASBC, its member organizations and many businesses bring to the national dialogue about the direction of economy and the [...]

B Lab Update: V3 Public Beta – Help Shape the V3 of the B Impact Ratings System

B Corp Update B Corporations are a new type of company which use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. May 10, 2011 Dear B Corp Community, Today we are launching the Public Beta period for Version 3.0 of the B Impact Assessment. This is a 30-day period for you to review and provide feedback on the revised [...]

Broadening Fiduciary Duty – Flexible Corp And Benefit Corp Explained

Editor's note: The New York Times is finally catching up with this story. See "A Scorecard for Companies with a Conscience" and "Ethical Businesses with a Better Bottom Line". BROADENING FIDUCIARY DUTY IN CALIFORNIA One proposal unleashes capital for impact investing and the other creates more accountability for corporate social [...]

Social Enterprise Associates – Newsletter – April 2011

ENTERPRISE IN ACTION NEWSLETTER April 2011 - Issue #: 22 Latest News We're fresh back from the William James Foundation's 8th Annual Gathering! Included in the excitement was the naming of the 2011 Entrant Recruitment Award after Drew Tulchin of Social Enterprise Associates, which went to The Social Venture Network. Drew himself received [...]

Conference on Certification Consumption and Change

Ethical Markets Media correspondent and director of communications Melanie Feliciano will be covering the D.C. CERTIFICATION CONSUMPTION AND CHANGE conference in Washington, DC, May 24, 2011. This is an international convening of thought-leaders and practitioners working on ethical certification, bringing together 150 thought leaders from [...]

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