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Sucker Punch

A young girl (Baby Doll) is locked away in a mental asylum by her abusive stepfather where she will undergo a lobotomy in five days' time. Faced with unimaginable odds, she retreats to a fantastical world in her imagination where she and four other female inmates at the asylum, plot to escape the facility. The lines between reality and fantasy blur as Baby Doll and her four companions, as well as a mysterious guide, fight to retrieve the five items they need that will allow them to break free from their captors before it's too late...

Stars: Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung.

Directed by Zack Snyder.

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Sucker Punch movie.

It was excellent action packed stuff. What this movie does greatest is what is expected from the previews. The good: Five half-naked ladies with weapons and incredibly stylised, Snyder-esque action sequences. You may possibly not make it out alive, but all-that-is will benefit from your efforts. The plot was incredibly creative and even delivered a profound message about humanity and life. Even my husband admitted it was aweful. Note that I wouldn't make that complaint about 300, because the fights there had been not as repetitive as in Sucker Punch dvd. THIS IS GUY MOVIE ALL THE WAY. The plot develops on numerous levels, corresponding to different levels of psychological consciousness and/or insanity, and it is choke packed with symbols and archetypes, so significantly so that it is challenging to say what is the reality (in the terms of the story) behind the imaginary. How to watch Sucker Punch online. 5 out of 5 (1 - Rubbish, 2 - Average, 3 - Great, 4 - Excellent, 5 - Brilliant). I stayed only to discover I had wasted my money and time on something only slightly much better than an episode of Barney. Nonetheless the lack of everything else other than the effects that director Zack Snyder is nicely-identified for, other than the backstory of five girls in stripper get-up fighting off monsters and orcs in a land of make believe, makes it no much more than what appears to be a man's fantasy or an otaku's wet dream. The Sucker Punch movies. There's lots of fighting, and monsters and robots and other things generally saved for the video game. The graphics and fighting scences were entertaining but we didn't care for the plot. Sucker Punch high quality's plot exceeded my expectations. Take guns, swords, robots, steampunk, dragons, nazis, hot girls, and no limits and you only begin to scratch the surface of this film. An visuals nicely they had been painfull to watch at greatest. The movie was so-so since it was confusing at times. I liked the BabyDoll character alot, but wasn't thrilled with the ending. I actually adore this movie and when I watched it second time at the cinema I thought that I watched a distinct movie than the initial time. The second is her altered perception of reality. I want to watch the Sucker Punch film. This music propels Baby Doll into her various states of mind. Download Sucker Punch dvd. Have to say it was the ultimate mans movie. What an exciting movie. Sucker Punch. The sound track was totally spot on. Sucker Punch fil. That's like sitting in a boring meeting daydreaming about becoming in Another BORING MEETING. And please have somebody tell him that shots in slow motion makes things slow. It was surely raw, but managed to depict a violent, horrific experience of a young girl about to be subjected to the sadistic medical "fixing" of frontal lobotomy of the earlier to mid-20th century in not necessarily a lot much less violent but however imaginative dream/fantasy sequences. Decent beginning then rapidly became a nonsense of metaphors that you could only discover in an Anime. I know many folks are saying it wasn't really great, but i believe it was just really misunderstood. The film is directed by Zack Snyder, the man best identified for mediocre action films such as Watchmen and 300, he also co-wrote it with a friend of his named Steve Shibuya. If you wait for it on DVD, unless you have an awesome home theater setup and Blu-ray, some of its excellent visuals and impact might be lost. All the female roles are stunning. Confusing but convenient. Something new, exciting and fast. Overall the movie was alright. The appeal is there, the execution is not. I disagree with them. You won't get the very same result. If you are going to jump all over the location with it, make it within a usable and believable setting. I wont spoil it, but if you haven't seen this, please, do your self a favor and go see this as soon as achievable. Sucker Punch hd online The underlining theme of "Monarch Programming" was rampant all through the film. Its purely a visual experience and as such it delivers in spades.


Was forced to see this right after becoming late for the movie we intended to see. If you are high on Charlie Sheen, you will enjoy this. If you like eye candy, action, music.

This was a extremely excellent movie. Have I checked it every minute for the whole 20 minutes I have been siting their till I finaly just walk out and thank god I only lost 20 minutes not a hour and a half of my life I will by no means get back, that never happend in this movie I did not check my watch not as soon as but it was still really bad. 2 stars for the hot outfits, YEAH. Iɽ give Sucker Punch an 8/10. IF ONLY we could have caught at least 1 scene of Baby Doll performing her alleged amazing dance - much more than her first step - a 20 millimeter, tentative sway IF ONLY there had been a logical reason for the selection Baby Doll made at the end. Psp Sucker Punch. The head of the facility, ȫlue," talks about how their reenactments are so real (hence a set up for the worlds we will enter). I stayed entirely interested until they got in the primary fantasy world, though I'll admit it's most likely a individual bias because I find the thought of individuals messing with your mind in an asylum far more terrifying than having to sleep with individuals in a bordello. What did the brothel nonsense have to do with anything. For 2 different recurring elements, he intentionally hides what's happening (the dance and later the face) and I discovered that rather clever and mysterious in a great way. It was a small bit too random for me, but I've certainly seen worse movies. After one of the greatest opening in movie history, buy Sucker Punch managed to draw me in. I wanted to leave within the very first ten minutes following the transition from real to fantasy left me scratching my head asking, "what the he. The most memorable quote of the movie: "Remember, if you don,™t stand for something, you,™ll fall for anything. I'm sorry but Sucker Punch full movie was BARELY tolerable. Nicely I'm not a teenage guy, so no thank you. The story failed to make the audience truly care for the characters, and the plot was very simple not enough to really support a movie. This director tried animated (for kids) genre and now action adventure for teens, both of them didn't worked out so i believe he need to concentrate a lot more on his adult feature movies as he do. I'm making a separate point here. So the acting was great and it's obvious, that the cast had a fantastic time together. Watch the whole Sucker Punch film! This PG-13 rated movie rarely grovels in blood, guts, and gore, and the crisply staged violence is nowhere as savage as "Saving Private Ryan. The pale color schemes of the Asylum in comparison to the vibrant ones of the alternate settings added a lot. Snyder has a excellent visual imagination and i m searching forward for what hes going to do with Superman. The operational brain cells needed to appreciate the chaotic spectacle going on in front of your eyes are virtually zero. Just thought it would be an orgy of beautiful images and action, but it had a message that I personally felt was amazing.

I truly liked this movie, I went in thinking that the greatest of the movie had been shown in the previews but the storyline was pretty good and a couple of unexpected thinks did take place. I wanted to walk out about 1 hour in, but I paid for IMAX so I had to finish. It felt like the stole themes from Inception, One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest, Burlesque & Moulin Rouge but the problem is they are all the gold standard of there particular genres & Sucker Punch divx is not. Also in the final moments where the doc says "look at her face, it's nearly like she WANTED this" and the former "master" becoming dragged off for being "mentally insane" can fundamentally be interpreted in the extreme sense that she produced the Option to live by the standards of her own inner world rather than by what her external world told her (Nobody WANTS death, but PHYSICAL death is INEVITABLE, so the only factor you truly have a true choice of freewill over is SPIRITUAL death or spiritual LIFE and she "physically" died generating the SPIRITUAL selection she WANTED =P) Then the former "master" gets dragged away "defeated" as he has "failed" to get her to submit to "spiritual death" and is exposed to the audience as becoming the true "insane" one. For those into photography or cinematography, the director has actually, really lost his color pallet since 300. The latter is set to a cover of the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows," in which John Lennon when sang, "Turn off your mind" and "Lay down all thought. Emily's Baby Doll bonds with the other girls. Watch full Sucker Punch movies. She seems like she hadn't taken a dump in although. Watch Sucker Punch movie dvd quality. I liked the costumes,and they're all gorgeous but the girls didnt get into character like they had been paid to do. Similarly, Sucker Punch high quality tries so tough to remain relevant whilst it is understandable that the plot is increasingly metaphorical, fantasy and poor-ass at the very same time. Individuals walked out of the theatre after the initial fight sequence since it was clear where the film was going at that point. The film got poor reviews but the critics failed to see it for what it really is - brash, nearly pornographic, nonsensical chaos that enlivens the senses and blows your mind. Order Sucker Punch film. All of these girls give solid performances, possibly the weakest being Vanessa Hudgens, or Jamie Chung. As for the characters and their designated nicknames, i. Not only did it have poor *** music, but the graphics had been insane. Most likely not at full price in the theatre but just for the remarkable visuals later on, yes. Film hd download! . Sucker Punch movie to watch.

First, I'm a woman, so seeing chicks prance around in thigh-highs fishnet stockings and slutty schoolgirl uniform (which I find rather creepy) doesn't do anything for me. Which brings me back nicely to 300 and Watchmen, my opinion is that if you give Synder an already established story he can delivery but when he starts from scratch it remains to be seen if he can pull it off. It may be right, part right, or totally wrong, but I guess Snyder wants us each and every to have our own Ȭorrect" personal interpretation of it, hence the ambiguity. Download film full version. This is an insult to those who try to put a excellent movie prior to the audience. The ending us unhappy. The fundamental foundation of the entire movie is, I really feel, a story about freedom. How Ms Hudgens had the audacity to defend the costume options in this movie is beyond me. Those who are not agreeing must not have just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I really enjoyed the several levels of this movie, and my wife enjoyed it even more than I did - she said empowering to women. Several are saying this movie is just for video game playing boys. Extra emphasis on Poor. I saw this on IMAX at 12:01am on Thursday night. Surprised vanessa hudgens is in it, but all in all it was a excellent movie and everyone should see it :). The story starts with Babydoll(Emily Browning) is sent to a Mental hospital trigger of a tragic event that happened in her life, in the course of that time she befriends Sweet Pea(Abbie Cornish), Rocket(Jena Malone), Amber(Jamie Chung),Blondie(Vanessa Hudgens). Look for a brief performance from Jon Hamm at the extremely end. Sucker Punch psp is the equivalence of visual static. Sucker Punch good quality.

Based on trailers I thought the entire movie would be action. That is, her body is no longer hers and soon, neither will be her mind. However, instead of the original songs (with Bjork becoming he exception) she prefers a cover, remix, or, in the case of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit", a orchestrated theme. Sucker Punch hd watch online! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. The acting wasn't poor but wasn't incredible either. It was real pain in the a** watching almost 2hrs of nothing but suffering for my ears, eyes and my whole body.

Dancing destructo-dreams. Snyder brilliantly translates the story of a victimized girl who has been wrongfully incarcerated in an insane asylum and uses her creative imagination not only to escape the ruins of her life in her mind, but to hatch and execute a creative strategy to escape the throngs of her captors in reality.

That is only a boy's sweet dream. When can i buy the Sucker Punch movie! The lame brained plot is a mere outline of a film without having a real script. Refreshing and glad to see some thing distinct for as soon as. But it seems, Snyder has only one direction - lots of slow motion sequences, let the choreographer mask the lack of story-telling, and give it loud blaring music. Sucker Punch dvd start. While there are weird directions going on its still fun to watch. Those are the items they are seeking for and that will help in their escape prior to it is too late. Its really rare i want to go and see a movie at the cinema twice but yes , i want suckerpunch heaven again. I love Zack Snyder's movies, but this film undoubtedly didn't live up to 300 or Watchmen. The Sucker Punch the Sucker Punch! That will either make it or break it for you. The story line was ridiculous. Concretely, the story is superb, the action sequences look reallygreat and the principal characters are all actresses who are keel over HEROIC GORGEOUS. It would do greatest as a rental but not a purchasable DVD until it hit the $2. Compare this with Hero, a fantastic movie, with stupendous actions sequences, a stunning visual (way much better - simply because poetical and plot-helping, instead of merely technological - than Zack can ever hope to achieve) and a wonderfully deep, complex and easy plot to boot. The film has more plotholes than can be counted on all your fingers and toes. After the visual style and story fail, the only life preserver in this sea of misery is character. It is very poor movie. The dark mood is pensive, the effects are enchanting, Music is to the mark the plot lacked a bit and had its jerk moments and that is why i take away one star from my voting but what i can say is that it can be simply compensated with the entertainment it provides.

The cast is oddly bland, but Snyder makes up for it with his impressive visuals. The action scenes are a bit cliche and the formula requirements to be a lot more varied for my taste, but the topics this movie brings up consists of women's rights, betrayal, and sacrifice.

I watched the movie in Thailand was embarrassed that it had been made in the USA. And the action is very good, filled with effects and coordinated combat. I came in waiting to see exactly what others here described in their 7-9 star reviews.

;If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. When back in the burlesque thing, she tells the other girls about the items, and whenever she does a dance for a guy, she imagines the epic world which sort of relates to whats happening in real life, while the other girls try to steal the item from the guy. So, what is "Sucker Punch dvd" in the end. Sucker Punch dvd full! It had everything I would want in a film like this - hot girls, dragons, robots, guns, and samurai. It looked like it would be aesthetically pleasing, and delightfully cheesy. The script played out like a video game during the action bits and as an avid gamer I was excited to watch and listen. I would Have to give this movie 2 stars and that is being very nice. If the point was to bring a metaphor, i can say that in my opinion it was a flop. Even though everyone sucked in this I still have to say Jena Malone was pretty good in it as always. I brought my better half with me, who is 7 and loves all kinds of movies, and she loved this movie. But the outfits kinda killed that part.

I really enjoyed how many facets of nerd culture (feudal Japan, dragons, sci-fi, steampunk, historical drama) were blended to create a fantasy realm in which the leading ladies many kinds of ass. Most are quick to dismiss this as stupid and also make a point of saying that the girls are never in any danger when they enter these worlds. I've been sucker punched. I'll give you a hint little sister then older sister. Girl loses Mom, Girl gets Abused by Step Father, Step Father ( Gerard Plunkett) pissed that the will was left to daughters, He goes crazy, making girl crazy. I don't see me hating this finally a movie that has women,guns,and fantasy land. Ok plot line but the only reason you would want to see it is because the actresses are hot. And the soundtrack is insanely amazing. Her character is tied to Rocket because they are sisters and the reason she's at the asylum may be the clue as to why the movie ended they way it did, although that in itself is open to argument. Make no mistake, this is a very dark movie. As I think about it now, I think that every time she dances, this is actually the time when she is being abused. She relies on her looks and her eyes more than anything else, and just stands there most of the time. He didn't have to think much himself to make those neat images. Enough, now gonna talk about this movie. Download Sucker Punch full lenght! Beyond that, she is undeveloped. Do you like any of the actresses. This movie has some good ideas, but it doesn't do a good job of conveying them until the end. Who finds freedom with Bill. It was stuck squarely in the middle. It brings all of the things we geeks who played Dungeons & Dragons, Warzone, and Warhammer 40,000 to another level of reality, and put it up on the big screen. In between there's some MacGuffin about a mental institution that's really a front for a strip club that's really a front for a bordello, but that's just filler until the next (admittedly, visually impressive) fight scene. Great action and not bad story with an unexpected ending. That's because it relies on Synder's ability to tell a story, write dialogue and the girls' acting abilities. Most people in the theatre walked out half-way through movie. The second time you will see things that you miss the first time. Hi-def quality Sucker Punch download Sucker Punch online is One Flew Over The Cukoos Nest, Inception, and lots of video game like elements all rolled up in one.

Sucker punch has its flaws no doubt, especially if you are expecting a standard jailbreak flick, but as long as it keeps me guessing and abbie cornish keeps looking that hot, its going to be applauded by me. It is needless to say how excited I was about this film. None of the action scenes made sense.

Scott Glen says absolutely nothing essential and almost anything inspiring that comes out of his mouth is that of a cheesy quote that Iɽ expect to see on my google homepage. Just bear in mind, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything".

It starts off quite amazingly, and switches to a couple of minutes of bore. Zack Snyder, you are 3 for three in my book. It is a shame it came to turn out to be a box office bomb, but with all the talk on the boards these days, it looks like buy Sucker Punch movie will have the last laugh with DVD sales, but won't have the exact same effect for another sucker. The non action parts are dull, confusing and frequently headache producing, filled with poor acting, horrible dialogue and small or no sense or thought to anything. Leave the realm of living life by default, and start working towards freedom. She meets Rocket (Jena Malone), Rocket's sister, Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Amber (Jamie Chung) and they band together to escape their prison, and along with it the evil Blue (Oscar Isaac) and Madam Gorski (Carla Gugino), before the High Roller (Jon Hamm) comes for Baby Doll. I discovered nothing uplifting or of value in this movie and wished I hadn't seen it and Particularly wish we hadn't subjected a yound girl to this content. I would have expected an R-rating, although, for brutal violent scenes and some themes (a bordello), even though it is mostly kids under 12 I would have been concerned about (which there was a number of in the IMAX theater where I happened to catch this showing). I agree you truly had to pay attention to this one when it comes to the plot, which I usually like in a movie. And you can't go wrong when they attempt to say some thing with out attempting to force it on you. But the question is will it. Where can i watch Sucker Punch online. I couldn't fully take pleasure in the action scenes. Reminiscent of a mix of Sin City and 300, but replaced with an all female cast. Short version:If you are a huge fan of the great effects that a film like the 300 had and a huge Final Fantasy/Anime lover, you will also get what you expected. If you have to see this movie make positive you go in the course of a matinee. Full film download. What he fails at nevertheless is getting the actresses to show their prospective, to give us a compelling and original story, and to live up to films such as 300 and Watchmen. Those who have lived extreme abuse do live primarily in their head. Movie down load! Top in this movie: - Dramatic music movie begin - Very beautiful Girls - Fantastic Reality/Fantasy mixes - Extremely good action fights - Numerous fantastic effects - Unexpected Scenes and film ending In Cinema i saw it 17 times in the last weeks and I can not wait for the DVD. So if you're searching for mindless violence delivered by scantily clad young females beating up Orcs, dragons and giant samurai then get the new video game referred to as oh no sorry go and see this movie. But if it wasn't for that you wouldn't have the most visually remarkable and intense action sequences you have ever seen. Sometimes I feel individuals beleive we want constant action to keep us interested. Also, I cant stand the principal actress (babydoll). Oscar Isaac does a great job as the villian, Blue. They by no means show her dancing. All in all, sadly this movie will be remembered by its visuals just like 300. Story not making sense. This time with Sucker Punch dvd, the very first film he has written (along with Steve Shibuya) and directed based on an entirely original concept. However, that is not all that is required in an actress. The other actors and actresses had been amazing as well. This is his vision, wonderfully realized. If you're going to use eye candy as a main selling point, wouldn't it pay to use actresses with at least medium sized breasts if not huge. Sucker Punch movie video.

This sounds poor im sorry but a film about freedom,mental well being and child abuse and retribution are adult themes and therefore ought to be made for adults. But you can't really call it a poor movie. When Baby Doll is asked to dance, she transitions to world in her mind (Sweet Pea is still the puppeteer of all this) where she finds "Wise Man" When asked what Baby Doll wants, she says, ȯreedom. The Direction was Alright, i truly enjoyed the visuals and the whole anime "Feel" to the movie, but thats just me. There is no disputing the entertaining nature of Zack Snyder's new action-hit, Sucker Punch, but of course becoming enjoyable to watch doesn't mean it was even nearly excellent. Watch full version of Sucker Punch movie. Initial of all, the opening scene is in fact quite good. Throughout the movie you have ot maintain track of what they are doing. A hint for Zack Snyder good movies do not pick random hits, they typically develop their own orchestral track. The special effects are just phenomenal, the story fantastic, the action is crazy and the girls are hot. But I was thoroughly disappointed. Watch Sucker Punch online divx.

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