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The Roommate

College student Sara finds that her new roommate Rebecca has an obsession with her, which quickly turns violent.

Stars: Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet, Alyson Michalka, Danneel Harris.

Directed by Christian E. Christiansen.

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Why do you believe so several females are in prison for essentially ⊺tteringtheir batterers" to death, despite the truth that although the Ladies werebeing battered, the police stood by and did nothing. Leighton Meester did a fine job. Location was packed but the movie was disturbing but also very funny at some parts. You ask yourselfquestions like, "Will my roommate be clean and neat. The Roommate films download. It is not really acceptable for children, but if they are a older than 15, it is a good movie. Rebecca of course doesn't like this and starts to become envious of every person that is taking the time of her so known as BFF. That was some great scripts proper there. The Roommate film was some thing of a disappointment since it accomplishes really small. What are we supposed to infer from this movie--any woman who appears tohave no buddies is a prospective murderer. Watch The Roommate online good quality. Unlike her otherclassmates she has style some thing that all the cash in the worldcan't acquire according to her Style 101 instructor. His character is boring but supportive. The film is extremely light on thrills and violence (for a thriller). It's notbecause her parents didn't love her. The Roommate the Roommate? Sara's ex-boyfriend Jason (Matt Lanter, "90210"). When you have a cheesy horror movie, you anticipate a laugh or two. Scarily, in Allison's case, that somebody Hedy wants to be, is her. Leighton Meester's performance of Rebecca was really excellent. I went to watch this movie with my roommate (Lool I know) anyway. Leighton Meester was successful as a stalker obsessed friend from hell, and would have even freaked out Jennifer Jason Leigh. It was the correct kind of jumpy and creepy, but the characters were all too nice. Where to download the Roommate movie? I went and seen this movie last week with my family and we absolutely loved it. It is a small creepy. It certainly reminded me of Single White Female. If you took any kid in school sat them downand told them to write a scary horror movie that is set on auniversity/college campus this is pretty significantly what they would come upwith exactly. The initial movie I've observed in theaters in a although,and I have to say that it was worth the 5 bucks,but no more than 5 bucks. Except not even that creepy, just weird that the girl does the works to be extraordinaire. That said, there were many elements of it, that may have worked truly w. The film The Roommate. I'm in fact gonna recommend The Roommate high quality. You realize that shes insanebut shes also sad and very lonely. The theatre was filled with middle school aged youngsters who continually clapped, screamed or laughed at inappropriate parts. Watch The Roommate dvd rip. She meets her roommate Rebecca (Leighton Meester), only to locate out that she is not as nice as she appears. The Roommate" represents just about every thing wrong with the way modern Hollywood approaches horror. Currently this moviedoesn't seem to have a good story. The Roommate hd movie download. I would not recommend this movie at all. Watch a movie The Roommate. But you can definitely wait for the DVD. Like it much better when it was called Single White Female. I'm sitting in the theater as I write this.

This is where the s*^# starts to hit the fan. Went and saw Sanctum last night and when I saw that buy The Roommate movie grossed a lot more than Sanctum I decided to see it tonight. For "The Roommate full movie" to function, Rebecca needs to be the underdog. I agree and I noticed that they even rip off the shower scene in Psycho as well. This is our villainess. The Roommate movie download.

One of the first changes that people deal with is having a roommate that they do not know and have no concept what to anticipate. Went and saw Sanctum last night and when I saw that The Roommate HD grossed a lot more than Sanctum I decided to see it tonight. Meester is somewhat excellent as the troubled student and Kelly looks gorgeous but for the most component the movie has no real acting to speak of. Did you honestly anticipate this movie to be any excellent. Full The Roommate download. The movie brings absolutely nothing to the table that hasn't been completed and stated dozens of times. It also plays on the psyche of female competition amongst 1 another in trying to go one up continuously, and the slightest of provocation indicates a smile on the outside and contempt on the inside. For the older crowd this is a definite remake of "Single White Female", but in my opinion not as excellent. Given that we know that Rebecca is crazy from the outset, we wonder why Sarah does not see it too. Download the Roommate dvd. But ended up actually disappointed, it had a terrible ending among other things. You could've even blackmailed her into taking them. Moving along, Sarah goes to a frat party with some of her new pals to get a feel of life away from residence with out a curfew.

I have to disagree with the New York Every day News reviewer, Elizabeth Weitzman, who wrote:"If ever a thriller were to inspire a collective "eh," it is got to be buy The Roommate. Where to buy The Roommate dvd. Kass & Jess said it was an okay movie. The two leads are as good. My birthday is on the 4th. The one factor that I liked about "The Roommate psp" is that it's a horror movie rated PG. The Roommate to dvd.

I hated it simply because of a messed up girl who's jealous since she doesn't have any pals and she only has 1. I liked the concept of Sara's roommate ripping the belly piercing proper off. Nice, little bit freaky movie. But it still manages to maintain youon edge. When all is said and carried out regardless of Meesters solid performance the film was slapped together to impress early teen girls and for the most component its a film that can easily be avoided. Watch The Roommate dvd online. The acting, directing, casting, music, every thing, is not good. Though Rebecca sending Sara's fashion design professor, Professor Roberts, away (to jail. Watch The Roommate movie stream. There is 1 scary scene in the shower halfway the story, but that's the only hight-light.

Didn't they do this just before Single White Female. Watching the trailer, I had a feeling that this wouldn't contain any surprises at all, and unfortunately. Really, these characters could have truly aid to carry this movie to it's full possible. Omg this is the greatest movie ever scary but not to scary if you wanna see the best movie in your lifetime go and see this 1 it is full of suspense and thrill. But it still manages to keep youon edge. Do not waste your time or funds on this movie. Hi-def The Roommate movie. Just hot girls ad a psyco. Rebecca comes across innocent at initial with no actual reasonfor you to feel otherwise. Looks great and scary. It is pretty much identical. It was a girls movie. I can only count a number of incidents towards Rebecca's insanity and in performing so her actions are left unresolved. Download The Roommate film in ipod quality? The very first is the truth that even although Minka Kellydoes not do a really excellent time acting in the film, she is really fairly andis not portrayed as the stereotypical dumb, and slutty horror filmprotagonist. That by the way was brought up so remedial as if it was just saying, "make certain you guys buckle up, don't want a ticket. The film slowly builds up to reveal that a particular character is the 𢮭 guy", nicely, it builds up to reveal how bananas the character truly is because, you know from the beginning where each and every character stands, and then comes the action which is predictable and not very exciting. Leighton was terrible in this movie, her acting was terrible and did not develop the character. Firstly, I didn't realize, that the title "The Roommate" is a huge spoiler. If the story and characters can't impact us, at least let the visuals have a crack at it. Buy the film The Roommate.

An appealing young cast, merely pitched conceit and streamlined marketing and advertising efforts will turn out modest adolescent audiences for opening weekend, but poor word-of-mouth (the film did not screen in advance for critics) and limited demographic appeal will consign The Roommate movie online fairly quickly to justifiably anonymous life as cable TV filler. Overall, I would say The Roommate is passable filler. I Think MINKA DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB. BUT THE MOVIE WAS TOO PREDICTIBLE.. The acting is just there, so is the dialogue and plot. Download The Roommate movie Except not even that creepy, just weird that the girl does the works to be extraordinaire. The ending is so last minute thinking. New film The Roommate. What nonsense it is brilliant. Download The Roommate film score. This movie was actually pretty scary and the story line wasn't too bad. She has 1 excellent scenewith Meester terrorizing her in the showers (its not erotic in theleast) and she plays the role of the party animal sex fiend well enoughbut she's just vapid. Go in with low expectations and the fun crowd I was with and you will enjoy it. The lead actresses and other people created quite a lot of dramatic tension as did the filming/editing. I wanted to be thrilled and turn in my seat, but I hardly moved. This movie was so good, the action in it was insane, much better then black swan in my opinion. If the movie really connected and readdressed points, it may have been excellent. Cant wait for this to come out on Blu Ray. I'd rather shit in a bag and suffocate myself in my own deficate then see that movie once again. Oh god, that was so poor. This doesn't sit nicely with Rebecca who wants Sara all to herself. Very first off, let me say that the bestpart of this movie, hands-down. The Roommate dvdrip mu. I'm not ashamed to say it's extremely suspenseful and a thriller. The victim of Rebecca's high school years says this great line that Sara repeats correct just before she kills Rebecca. The commercial is a lot more hype then the entire movie not worth it blahhh not scary. Simply because of thetime characters were not shown properly. Rebecca's mom asks if Rebecca has been taking her medication. This encounter causes anxiety of anticipation for the new and scaryexperience, however, "The Roommate" fails to do either of these. Initial, I'll begin with the acting, NONE of the actors(if you can even call them that) even attempted to attempt in this film. Hq The Roommate movies. OMG THIS MOVIE LOOKS SSO Excellent AND A LIL SCARY. Somehow, the movie doesn't govery far beyond that. Watch The Roommate movie good quality. Firstly, I didn't realize, that the title "The Roommate download" is a large spoiler. Go in with low expectations and the enjoyable crowd I was with and you will appreciate it. Sara (Minka Kelly) is a college freshman going to live the dorm life. I would wait to see it when it comes out on video. Then of course a guy ( Cam Gigandet) get between them and dates Sara. I feel its the finest horror movie i have observed in a whilst. Rebecca comes across innocent at very first with no real reason for you to think otherwise. Download The Roommate film in hd quality! I was surprised that Leighton meester could act psychotic.

If you have observed 1 movie about a crazed individual, odds are that you have observed this one. With that stated, I thought it was an enjoyable movie. The acting was fine but I guess the directing and story required a lot of work. I dont know, nothing original. Quot By the way, our titular roommate is named Rebecca whereas small town girl is named Sara Matthews. I suggest this film, specifically to people who adore psychologicalthrillers.

Minka Kelly did fine with what she had to function with. Nevertheless "The Roommate movie online" is not cut from the same cloth. At initial I was extremely into it and was truly excited to go see it. Sara isn't supposed to be an intriguing character. Aburrida del comienzo al final. I believe this is actually true, there are psychos that look regular that you meet in life and turn on you but not exactly like this and not as cute as her. And for those who didn't like it tough, and quit continually comparing it with SWF, yes it has its similarity, the ending is entirely distinct, and awesome it kicks butt. The Roommate ipod. Sonny Mallhi is a hit and miss producer and this is his very first (please God, let it be his only) attempt at writing, and Christian Christiansen hasn't directed anything key prior to. I personally did not like the room mate.

Her character doesn'thave enough panache if that makes sense. This movie is an intriguing one makes you feel deeper, more in a psychological way. Download The Roommate full lenght. Here is a new version. Download film full version. About 25 minutes in I was thinking, "OK, I've got the message - Rebecca is weird, possessive, and increasingly trying to take over Sara's life - now get on with it, please. A prime example is a line of Sarah's near the end, which is meant to be a classic horror kiss-off line, but if the audience believes it, then the girl we've been rooting for all this time is no longer the savvy chick with a case of supremely poor luck, but the most trusting moron in the history of the universe. A film so laughably awful that I enjoyed it. Little screen starlets Meester and Kelly appear THISclose on the large screen. There are a number of "subplots" involving Sara's old and new buddies, nonetheless these are about as uneven, unnecessary and uninspired like the rest of the movie. Watch the entire movie of The Roommate And the script lets us know early on that Sarah is vulnerable due to having lost her beloved sister at an early age. Leighton Meester did a fine job. I was expecting a lot more violence, but thenni realized it was only rated pg13. The Roommate full movie is 1 of those films, that when you initial the trailer,you believe to yourself, "This is gonna suck". I personally really enjoyed this movie, most likely simply because I am a hugeAly Michalka fan (she does a fantastic job in the film for the parts shesin) and also a fan of Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester. The theatre was filled with middle school aged kids who continually clapped, screamed or laughed at inappropriate parts. Where to watch The Roommate full film. Overall the movie was good it wasn't to die for but it was excellent. Ipod The Roommate movie. A poorly directed and even much more inadequately imagined exercise in genre calisthenics, The Roommate in HD wanly goes via the motions of the psychological thriller playbook, but by no means manages to raise an eyebrow, let alone a pulse. Watch the whole The Roommate film. Wow, I was going to make a "Single White Female" comment, but it looks like a bunch of you guys beat. It was okay it was sad about the kitten although. Meester does a really great job ofbecoming the disturbed and twisted villain. I make pals simply, but I prefer to invest a great dealof time by myself. The Roommate film watch film. Not to mention that every thing was given away by the trailer -- the movie's greatest secret in fact appeared in the movie's trailer -- a line spoken by Rebecca's mom (Fisher) and an ending that's so anti-climactic and just plain ridiculous you will really cringe and maybe even yell at your TV. Well he liked alot and I liked it, predictable but enjoyable. She does a solid role in the lead but at the same time she isquiet and subtle and bordering a little boring. Very first of all her difficulties all through the movie appear to be pretty severe, so why is she not under regular psychological care. Watch The Roommate film download. You created me worried" parts were rather funny and just a small bit creepy, but mostly funny which was weird for a thriller. Could have been a lot more scary parts and no violence with kittens. Sarah Matthews (Minka Kelly, Autumn "500 Days of Summer") is an innocent freshman acquiring ready to experience the dorms of college for the very first time. Formulaic and forgettable. But no-the movie took itself far tooseriously. If I haven't yet convinced you that "The Roommate" is not worth your time, at least see it in a theater with opposable armrests.

Why was she acting like this, was she lonely or gay.

I WUnnAA Se ItTT LoLLZZ ). Fortunately a solid lead performance makes it interesting enough and shows that maybe a teen CW actor may possibly have a potential career ahead of them in the very same vein as say.

IT WAS SUUCH A Great MOVIE. Download The Roommate full! Pleasesave your funds and go see anything else that is in theaters correct nowbecause "The Roommate ipod" even fails to be the pointless horror flick thatyou go to with your pals to make fun of. There's one scene in a shower, and then there's the final showdown. The Roommate movies dvd. It's almost as ifMallhi underwrote every person else in order to make his bi-polarantagonist appear further off her rocker. It was lacking alittle however it was still a truly excellent movie. Agreed with me that a certain movie was completely awful. Like several movies with apparently shallow storylines and w/out a key cast, THE ROOMMATE held no high expectations for me. The Roommate fim. The casting director need to of been in charge of the whole movie and it might have been a little far better. The suspenseful parts weren't what they had been produced out to be, and there truly wasn't a good plot to the whole story. I want to download The Roommate the film. The Roommate high quality is simply an A list movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Super predictable teen movie. The Roommate film dvd The Roommate is absolutely nothing unique. It is one of my favorite thrillers I have observed. That ruined the entire movie for me. It's a role of the dice that doesn't appear too disappointing for most. Mix feelings on regardless of whether i wanna see it i mean i know its going to be bad. Download divx The Roommate full lenght. Let's forget that 90% of the females imprisoned for murder have killed abusive spouses. I think folks ought to see it just to keep in mind to watch out for the crazies out there. Aside from becoming able to leave. I just got one from my pals and she didnt tell me how to play m. When in a fantastic although I will be impressed by a film or atleast not be furious I spent ten bucks on it. Sarah is starting to develop relationships with otherhousemates, but they appear paper-thin. I wont regret watchin this movie only simply because i heard some truly nice tracks. There is not oneunique thing this movie has to offer. I'm not going to sugar-coat it-"The Roommate movie online" is irredeemably awful, and not just simply because character motivation is out the window from Jump Street, or because it couldn't scare a six year old, but because it isn't even enjoyable. Obvious comparisons can be created to Single White Female but this isn't a film for adults. Very first off, let me say that the bestpart of this movie, hands-down. Need to have been rated R not PG-13. We had been by no means buddies. The Roommate dowland. If youhave seen one movie about a crazed individual, odds are that you haveseen this one. Loved Leighton Meesters performance. This back-story, had there been one, could have beena serious opportunity to push the story forward and would have provideda much more anticipated climax. I need to of waited for it to hit BlockBuster. If you are seeking for high quality thriller this may possibly not be your cup of tea but if you are just seeking for some psycho girl drama this is your flick. Film movie download! Overall not that fantastic of a movie. Download movie The Roommate-This is just not a extremely great movie.

It doeshave its scares and jump scenes and is filled to the brim with chillingmoments although. The Roommate hq.

It is almost as if Mallhi underwrote everyone else in order to make his bi-polar antagonist appear further off her rocker. Acirc¦&hellip Expand. The Roommate whole movie? At the AMC River East in Chicago - usually a quiet location to see a movie - the whole audience was having fun 'hating' on download The Roommate movie, especially the character played by Leighton Meester. The movie fails at acquiring me to see the girl as the antagonist and root against her, instead I pitied her and was concerned about her. And is completely oblivious to noticing some thing is up whether it's from her roomie or friends who clearly show some fear but she just shrugs it off and is like "Okay.


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