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An ex-con sets out to avenge his brother's death after they were double-crossed during a heist years ago. During his campaign, however, he's tracked by a veteran cop and an egocentric hit man.

Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Mauricio Lopez, Jim Gaines, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Tom Berenger.

Directed by George Tillman Jr..

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Here's for everybody looking for an action film where you see the most electrifying man (Statham wins that part of the title with Crank 2 and the full-on hardcore action in there) in sports entertainment relentlessly pursue his targets allowing zero obstacles block him and dish out damage like The Punisher – no mercy and no injury initial, straight for the kill. Faster movie download sites. Oh and the stupidest thing of the entire movie was The Rock's incredible stealth skills. Oliver Cohen andhis "wife" had been the major weak spots in this film. A classic Schwarzenegger type movie.

Inspired by the good ol' PSOne days of automobile-chasing in Driver (thenamesake. Not a lot of surprises, except for the techniques of killing. In conclusion, I can recommend Quicker as a extremely interesting action film with dynamic direction, excellent performances and a nicely written screenplay. Telecharger Faster. The Rock hardly even talks. Obviously, they made it for just the sort of folks who like this kind of action entertainment, not the typists. It's a strongly cast movie. Quick cuts, loud gun shots, the usual. Whilst perhaps not really up there with films the likes of Payback (still the best anti-hero film IMO) or Get Carter (the original), it does it's job quite admirably. The trailer makes the movie seem mindless but in reality the movie proves quite opposite indeed.

Can you anticipate that a person is hit by bullet twice from the back and he is alive. This movie was surprisingly good. I don't believe i saw him smile when thru out the movie.

99 movie bin atWalmart soon I'm positive. The Rock was, nicely, bearable. I recognize that the revenge movie is a genre of its own, but this one truly rips off the formula for Kill Bill, only this movie is not as enjoyable and does not have the fantastic dialogue. It has a great storyline avenge a. Obviously, they made it for just the sort of folks who likethis kind of action entertainment, not the typists.

The Rock shows he can play the protagonist and do it well in a quick paced revenge film.

Instead it's wasted on a movie, where there is no actual drama to any of the action. Yeah, that's a question, since therewas only one and it lasted roughly 15 seconds. Full movie. I felt that the movie did to a fairly good job of balancing those 3, with out half-assing the story, but not sacrificing action for character development.

This movie could've been far better, with a tighter plot and a far better cast (Billy Bob Thornton does not act to his full potential, which is really disappointing). We can all agree material like Tooth Fairy is lame, but he was surprisingly solid early on in The Rundown and Walking Tall. (I corrected him but I don't know if he got it) By the way, Ms. Watch online Faster. Cliche folllows cliche right to the last scene. After the job, his brother is murdered, when the group is doubled crossed. I just enjoy the impulse shooting really nice. The Killer spends his time conquering yoga, loving his lover (LOST's Maggie Grace), and taking hit jobs to fight the boredom that is life after being a young software billionaire. Download the movie the Faster. I don't know how they got to ⟺ster ipod', butseeing the movie's ending, the initial factor that came to mind wasɼlosure' since that is what all the key characters are searching for. I believe he showed promise but the story and flashbacks had been at times annoying. This film was nicely completed, much better than I expected. I really enjoyed watching this movie the killing was at first too much for me I kept away from the screen everytime they would shoot someone straight in their foreheads. Download film Faster full. Very boring in spots, lackluster villain, & a poorly written story.

Watch our review show 'MOVIE TALK' at:www. Well it's typically too much for this kind of movie to have this a lot primary characters, certainly only one will get proper development proper. The 1 that stood out was of course Billy Bob Thornton, who played the messy bad cop role fairly nicely, but the rest of the cast was pretty bad. This one dimensional character of here is the tangible evidence of this he appears to have gone downhill given that the vital and commercially successful, laugh-out-loud, featuring Everybody Loves Tony Cox, screwball black comedy, Bad Santa. The man who was trying to kill Dvyne had stupid intentions as his only purpose was to kill him for absolutely nothing and without having any clear motives. Can you see what the rock is cookin. This it is not yet another film about revenge - it is a film about vengeance, and that's an additional animal entirely. Watch Faster movie online! Got back to what he does best, Action/Adventure. As a side note my "visuals" rating is because my favorite visual is The Rock.

This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Dwayne Johnson plays an ex-con who just got out of prison, and is eager to get revenge on the men who killed his brother and left him for dead years ago, right after he and his brother pulled off a bank job, and where found out by an additional gang. Via his ex-girlfriend and a preacher on the radio, Driver hears that forgivenessto be the answer over and over again. Just Dropped In by Ke. Now that, was some goddam good news. Driver gets out of prison following 10 years, and he starts hunting down the criminals who had been responsible for killing his brother. The only thing that is of any high quality in this movie is the music Clint Mansell composed for this flick. Dwayne is a excellent actor. Jackson will be in it. Not a poor movie, but not really worth watching a second time. So that's myone beef, aside from a minor complaint about an unrealistic twist. It definitely has the prospective to be expanded into at least a sequel. Faster movie with good quality. It is a quickly paced action flick with plausible performances from all round. Faster full movie high quality. If you don't anticipate too much then you will be pleasantly surprised. Glad to see the Rock back to his action status. Filme online Faster. It is bad for business and it will not end well for anyone. Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thorton push through to the surprise ending. But then I saw the opening credits and there was no THE ROCK, there was only Dwayne Johnson. Im so use to watch the rock performing silly movies that i forgot what he is really about. Absolutely nothing too innovative on the action front. A solid no-nonsense quick-paced revenge thriller, in which Dwayne Johnson makes a welcome return to the action genre in full force, as a convicted bank robber named Driver who served 10 years in prison, and is now released and looking for deadly retribution on those responsible for selling him and his beloved large brother out, after a bank robbery in which they were ripped off for the cash, and then his brother is murdered correct in front of him, prior to he himself is shot in the head and left for dead. Fuckin suck my dick quicker. If Driver offed the man of God, then moviegoers would actually have something to talk about.

It's worth at least a watch, no doubt. Download Faster movie? Overall, really strong pacing with some nicely incorporated flashbacks and slow motion. THE ACTION IS NON-Quit & TO SOME, POSSIBLY TOO GRUESOME. THE Choice OF 64 - 66 MALIBU WAS Perfect. It was a nice alter of pace from some of the other holiday films that are out there now.

The art direction by Andrew Murdock (who also did the art direction to "My Bloody Valentine" (2009) is fantastic. Contrary to my expectations I actually rather liked the movie. Johnson isn't a robotic killingmachine, he's a man with a soul. On a scale of 1-10 i would rate this movie 8. This movie isaction packed from the opening scene but has two twist, 1 a whodunit,the other about a character's origin, not even hinted at in thepreviews. He was a most exciting character for me to watch. The twist, well it's predictable -as usual. Kalo ga ngikutin dari awal. Fantastic film the rock is remarkable. He has a stupid girl friend too who also was fond of killing and now had turned pious right after obtaining married to him. Generally I'll watch anything he's in, so I rented faster, not truly expecting a lot. We need actual actionheroes. Depressing scenary and costuming. If not for "Killer" and his "wife" the poor scripting and plot could have been overcome by Mr. Watch Faster full movie online

Good acting, great script (simple but efficient), good directing.

You gotta see this, ditch anything else I stated earlier'. It has a voice but will not beat you over the head. Furious over the sour loss of his brother, the only actual individual in his life, he will quit at absolutely nothing until justice is served. Take "Kill Bill," get rid of all wit, characterization, style, originality and anything else that created it entertaining. With a funny punchline to go with it. Descargar Faster dvd full!

This movie was the epiphany of all the stories I'm writing. I have not seen a lot of great acting come out of the rock, but. This movie could have been a verygreat revenge action thriller drama, it was on that track, it was thatkind of a movie but issues didn't worked out that well for this movie. Faster movie online is about a man identified as Driver, who gets put into prison for ten years following a bank robbery gone wrong. This becomes a matter of ego as Johnson keeps besting him. The casting sticks out. Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays 'killer' who's hired to kill off Driver so he won't discover who it that in fact was behind the heist that got his brother killed. Oh Yeah this is worth seeing. Where to buy Faster film.

The minutethat Driver exits the penitentiary, he starts running. Said driver is determined to avenge his brother's death following the pair were double crossed in a heist some years ago. Sadly, this revenge/thriller does not really reach a passing grade for me. Unless it was meant to mean that you wanted it to go quicker. This is bad news for those who had been responsible. Faster film online. So when I saw buy Faster, I came with really lowexpectations. Great supporting cast assists a lot. This is theintensity I've been begging from Dwayne Johnson because he lost the"Rock" in his name. On the bright side, at least hes not appearing in another Disney movie. Faster hd download.

This movie doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it is a nice cure for the sugar coated holiday releases flooding our cinemas. I will say this, the acting was truly great & the direction was equally so, as the director was able to pull of some actually cool shots in the film & I actually liked the ending, which was not only clever, but also pulled off some really neat twists.

He doesn't a decent job throughout the film but that can primarily be attributed to the fact that he says hardly anything the whole hour and 40 minutes. Johnson is a really charming and funny actor but we want to see him kick butt first and make kids go Disney a distant sixth. Mostly because of the cliche and cheesy lines. A man focused on his mission. The hunter is also thehunted. If you don't anticipate toomuch then you will be pleasantly surprised. Lots of action & a great cast. Faster movie Faster movie. I concede that the concept of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson systematically killing his brother's murderers is not a promising prospect and I can't defend Johnson's performance. I was entirely expecting Johnson toeither turn himself over to the authorities or take his own life to bewith his brother at the end of the film.

So I was seeking forward to this one, as I also like TheRock. Buy Faster film on dvd? This movie was merely superb. Excellent acting, excellent script (simple but efficient), good directing. The man who was attempting to kill Dvyne had stupidintentions as his only purpose was to kill him for absolutely nothing and withoutany clear motives. The Rock has been in some pretty terrible Disney films in the past, every person thought he had sold out.

Conveying along his 1970 Chevelle, Driver begin to track down those involved for Gary's murder evicting 1 by one from the list given earlier in the film.

Driver rallying his past, Cop to reinstate the honor formerly he has, and Killer to appreciate his ultimate end of assassin career, these 3 embarked every along their ambition conveying themselves to a massive danger. Faster full! In conclusion, I can suggest Quicker as a very fascinating action film with dynamic direction, excellent performances and a well written screenplay. The Rock wants a far better agent. And he is dead set on revenge, and he will quit at nothing. Gradually, we understand that Driver had no prior criminal record just before he drove the getaway vehicle for his brother in a Bakersfield, California, robbery. But with two men on his trail-a veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) just days from retirement, and a young egocentric hitman (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) with a flair for the art of killing and a newfound worthy opponent. Download Faster dvd. Good raw story line, action in my opinion could have been far better.

(economy these days). It's merely a misguided film that does not know what it wants to be. First of all you got three primary characters in this movie. ("Notorious") can make this preposterous tale, live up to its title. But how can youwrite 10 lines about a film like that. All actual stunts and action. Everyone is sorry about his/her actions, everybody cries, preaches an begs. Maggie Grace (the daughter from Taken) is stunning. Not kiddie disney films. Its not pretentious, its honest, itsnot attempting to be some thing else, but a balls to the wall action moviewhere your routing for the poor guy. A relentlessly exciting, heart-pounding and tremendously entertaining movie that delivers and will maintain ypu guessing all the way to the end. Watch the entire movie of Faster?

I am usually willing it seems to give Johnson another chance to kick ass and this of course will be coming up once more soon in the new Quickly And The Furious so hopefully that too is not a letdow. DwayneJohnson, with only a few various expressions, commands the viewer toactually root for him even without having significantly redeeming value beingexhibited. Were can i download Faster the movie.

Straightforward and effective, the film is quickly paced and no nonsense. Huh, last time a checked this was not a mystery, drama movie. Dvd Faster. Ve been a decent film, but principal role lacked depth, intelligence, & innate regular survival mode, generating him unemotional, detached, & robotic. The Rock returns in style. Dwayne Johnson leaves his lovable self behind in the violent but bland Faster. Just know what you are paying for a simple action movie nothing much more absolutely nothing much less. You will have a great time. Excellent revenge storyline that is well played by Dwayne Johnson, I was surprised by how a lot I liked him in this. The acting is decent but the direction does not exist and the production values equal public access.

Now I know that dwayne Johnson is much a lot more capable then handling the tiny amount of lines he did, but he took that small script and beat the living crap out of it. Hot on his trail is Cop (Billy BobThornton). How to download Faster the movie.

It was highly predictable around each and every turn. Enable me to save you 90 minutes of your life by summarizing the whole movie in 4 sentences. I also felt that the Billy Bob Thorton parts had been not necessary to draw component way out. The movie is fundamentally a decent and straightforward revenge flick that is fairly narrow for the most part. Driver served his ten-year stretch and staredat a photograph of his brother throughout those years. It is ridiculous that any of the issues that happen in this film occur in the way that they do, but I was on board with Driver's quest for revenge. I did like the cars and guns. Faster full lenght movie in hd format. But on the over all i truly did take pleasure in the movie. I loved this movie, new story, unique way of telling it, and new effects, but questioning, is it really accurate that a shot in the head from the left point wont killa person. We may have some magic. Good story line fantastic acting and every thing was just excellent. Acquiring really sick of clueless 'professional' critics. It is refreshing to view a man in the ministry on screen who is really performing Godâ™s great function and not a child molester or thief or serial killer.

Catch it when it hits OnDemand or Red Box simply because its absolutely nothing to pay a ticket-price for. This blatant attack piques the interest of a reckless cop (Billy Bob Thornton) and his new partner (Carla Gugino). We're shown flashbacks to when the characters of Driver and his brother are kneeling down in front of the assailants and the face of Driver shows absolute fear of the one's who are in control. Where is a great action film like Commando, Raw Deal or payback. Do yourself a favor pass on this one. This movie was dumb, boring and overall lame. This movie is depressing at greatest - everybody is a villian out for themselves. Billy Bob plays a great part and. You had Driver (Dwayne Johnson), our antihero kickin' ass and takin' names and serving revenge cold. It felt like buy Faster movie was left open ended fornothing much more than sequel purposes alone, which is the weakest form of acop out for a movie ending. Website to watch Faster the movie. Nicely written dialogue flows forth from the speaker's mouth as does great poetry, not assault our ears like the whines of an annoying child at the local supermarket. This movie is for adults. Now I can't really call "Faster in HD" the finest movie I've ever observed BUT I should say that it is extremely entertaining. Hd Faster! .

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