Steering Trump Presidency to do Good

Many of us, from all over the world, have been deeply concerned that 2016 has been a year-full of so many unthinkable events, with potentially unpredictable impact on the near-term future of global economy,  geopolitical alignments, and indeed humanity’s future.

Analysts have been having a field-day, deciphering why these things happened. Even I also put down my humble thoughts, in the link below:
Behind and Beyond Brexit: A Wake-up Call for the Global Elite: BY RAVI CHAUDHRY ON 12/08/2016

I am sharing this because I feel that most of the comments therein are equally relevant for the recent outcomes in the United States.

2016 is behind us. I feel we should now focus on the future. In the context of the trailing mails, I believe the starting point is to dispassionately explore how we can help “steer Trump Presidency to do Good”. Let us start with America First – no problem. But let us make a strong case that isolationism is dead, and that the focus must be not merely on America First for the short-term – but America First for the long term – a sustainable, equitable and inclusive society, living in sync with nature.

There is more that unites the world, than divides the world. There is more that unites Americans than what divides them. Let us give President Trump an opportunity to radically change himself from what we saw in Candidate Trump.

Trump Presidency is a done deal. If we have fears and concerns, we need to work harder and try harder. Let us give him a chance, and let us give ourselves a chance to steer him to DO GOOD.

So help us GOD.