Statement by the Club of Rome in support for global student climate protests

“Ethical Markets recommends this statement of support for the world’s young people by my colleagues at the Club of Rome.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“


Winterthur, Switzerland, 06th March, 2019

Hundreds of thousands of students in multiple cities across the globe have followed the brave step of Greta Thunberg by staging climate demonstrations. Their call to leaders across the globe is simple yet true “it is time for less talk and more action on climate”.

As Members of the Club of Rome*, a global network of renowned independent thinkers dedicated to addressing the challenges facing humanity,representing a variety of scientific and professional backgrounds,we recognize these concerns as utterly justified and are ready to accept our responsibility for ensuring ambitious climate action.

These brave young leaders point to challenges for the planet and humanity that have been recognized by the Club of Rome for the last 50yrs. About half a century ago the first report to the Club of Rome, “The Limits to Growth” alerted the world to the environmental and demographic challenges ahead. Today, we see that decades of exponential growth in both population and consumption are now colliding with the limits of Earth’s biosphere. Emergency action is more necessary than ever. As pointed to by the Extinction Rebellion and the student protestors we cannot turn a blind eye to the dual tipping points of species extinction and climate change. We no longer have 50years to wait.

Yet, global action is lagging, stymied by political meandering. The recent IPCC report emphasises that climate-related risks are significantly more dangerous to human life and to the systems that sustain us at 2°C warming compared with 1.5°C. To avoid the worst outcomes, global carbon emissions must be cut by half by 2030 and to zero by 2050 – an unprecedented task which requires bold and compelling action. This is why the Club of Rome has presented an ambitious and concrete Climate Emergency Plan, proposing ten actions and calling upon all governments actors, business leaders and citizens young and old across the globe to ensure Paris compliance by 2050!

Recognition of the existential threat from climate change creates the basis for a societal renaissance of unprecedented proportions. This is the vision the Club of Rome would like to promote – a vision of the future, which ensures well-being for the many and harmony between man and the planetary boundaries that protect us. A vision which speaks to the calls from young people marching in the streets.

Enlightened citizens of all ages demanding action by their politicians on climate change is of paramount importance to hold us all accountable for delivering our climate goals and ensure we seize this opportunity to transform our economies.

Let us find the vision, the leadership and the creativity to collaborate in developing constructive solutions for a decent future to present and succeeding generations. We have the capabilities: we must now find the will and listen to the brave young leaders who have taken to the streets to be heard.