Spark: Accelerating the Electrification of Buildings

ACCELERATING THE ELECTRIFICATION OF BUILDINGS AT ELAB ACCELERATOR 2019 One of the most exciting developments in the energy system is the role that beneficial electrification—using renewable energy and efficient electric technologies to heat and cool homes and businesses—is playing in supporting the transition to a cleaner energy system. LEARN MORE
ELEVATING UTILITY BUSINESS MODEL REFORM AT ELAB ACCELERATOR 2019 To build a modern grid suited to the next century’s needs, the utility business model needs to evolve and, in some circumstances, may need to transform. RMI’s Electricity Innovation Lab is helping utilities constructively and proactively do this. LEARN MORE
RETHINKING MINIGRID DESIGNCAPTURING SAVINGS THROUGH CAPACITY UTILIZATION Distributed minigrids are an increasingly attractive approach across sub-Saharan Africa for providing power to rural and underserved communities, yet matching minigrid capacity with customer load can be a major challenge. Our recent Minigrids in the Money report discusses six levers to rapidly lower minigrid costs by 60 percent—enhancing capacity utilization is a key component of this approach. LEARN MORE
YOUR GAS STOVE IS BAD FOR YOU AND THE PLANETIn this New York Times piece, RMI’s Bruce Nilles and former New York Times environmental reporter Justin Gillis explain why, to help solve the climate crisis, we need to electrify everything.LEARN MORE
CHARTING A COURSE TOWARD SUSTAINABLE SHIPPING Shipping accounts for 3 percent of total global carbon emissions and is set to rise to 15 percent by 2050 if left unchecked. In fact, if shipping were a country, it would be the sixth largest emitter. GreenBiz interviewed RMI’s James Mitchell to get a better understanding of just what it will take to get zero-carbon vessels on the water by 2030. LEARN MORE
2019 SPRING WEBCAST CITIES: THE NEW VANGUARD OF US CLIMATE LEADERSHIPJoin RMI’s Carla Frisch and Rushad Nanavatty, along with RMI Trustee and Vice Admiral Dennis V. McGinn, United States Navy (Retired), on May 7 as they discuss exciting new ways that US cities are stepping up to mitigate climate change, improve their communities, and collectively put the country on track to meet Paris Agreement targets.LEARN MORE
RMI ON THE ROADEvery week, RMI staff are working with industry and governments to accelerate the clean energy revolution. Meet us at the following events:o   GreenTech Media Solar Summit
May 14–15 | New York Cityo   Mission Innovation Ministerial Summit
May 27–29 | Scottsdale, AZo   Innovate4Climate
June 4–7 | Singapore