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Source Code

Colter Stevens an American Army helicopter pilot whose last memory is flying in Afghanistan, wakes up on a commuter train. But he discovers he has assumed the identity of another man. 8 minutes later the train explodes and Stevens finds himself in some kind of pod. He then talks to someone named Goodwin who tells him he has to go back and find who the bomber is. He is sent back and is going through the whole thing again and tries to find who the bomber is but fails and the bomb goes off and he is back in the pod. He is sent back again and still can't find out anything. When he comes back he asks what is going on, Goodwin and Rutledge, the scientist in charge tells him he is part of a project that can put someone in another person's consciousness during the last 8 minutes of their life. Stevens says why doesn't he just stop the bomb, he is then told that he is not going back in time but placed in the moment so he can find out who the bomber is and if there are any other targets...

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright, Michael Arden.

Directed by Duncan Jones.

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Regardless, Source Code movie was no much more "original" than any other large-scale movie that has come out in the last 20 years (if you think Sixth Sense -- which I in fact thought was a decent film -- was "original" in its "twist" ending, then you truly want to read a lot more and/or, once again, watch a few episodes of Twilight Zone). I thought it was a good movie, just not fantastic. Online movie Source Code! A brilliantly eerie look at a lonely man's life in isolation on a moon base. Stolen story, terrible acting and an unbelievably stupid ending. The mission is mediated by Colleen Goodwin played by Vera Farmiga she has to interact with colter and get the job done. In personal computer science, source code is text written in a computer programming language. (Originally appeared at fourthdayuniverse. The film's influences are so obvious that they may well as well be in the credits. Watch Source Code film in high quality. Then there is this spectacular shot of a character tumbling out of a vehicle and you see every thud and bump against the ground that looks really, very actual. Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan ooze a certain likability that ups the ante and lets us step back from putting the plot's puzzle pieces together so that we may possibly adore the chemistry and other gooier moments free of guilt. Jones really just proved to the world that he can direct an action-thriller this good. So they want to know who did that so they track him down. Yes, I felt similar viz. And here I'm going to give a small spoiler: the idea that using the reconstruction of someone's memories to rebuild the scene on the train merely will not hold water, because the person's frame of reference is too tiny. Source Code the movie good quality. I can realize Denzel Washington attempting to save the stunning Paula Patton but why Michelle. The ending is unexpected and subtly potent. A nicely written script and plot keep the film well paced and intriguing throughout with enough space for observer interpretation. There was a excellent quantity of momentum, not a huge nail-biter, but certainly some suspense to keep 1 interested. Watch movie of Source Code. This was a really intriguing movie. It doesn't look like they tried extremely difficult, using chase scenes and explosions in place of character development. It's total fantasy, but really compelling and nicely done.

The adults will like this, and it is not for kids. Just do not try to analyze the scientific explanation for it all. Its internal logic is flawed, particularly in the way it works up to a "surprise" ending which, when you believe about it, isn't truly that significantly of a surprise. That's the issue. Good story, nice action, thought-provoking. Just do yourself a favor and go see something else. Even though not that nicely made Source Code HD is a reminder that audiences prefer complex story lines, even if they aren't completely coherent. By means of a project known as 'Source Code download' man can relive the last 8 minutes of a individual's life in a parallel universe, so a government project sends our hero into the last 8 minutes of the life of a man on the train who died to discover out "whodunnit. Source Code movies video. The "recall" scenes were various enough where you were able to tolerate all of the trips back in time. I thought the plot would be extremely good right after seeing the trailer but it was just "ok. No 1 thinks that the technical explanations must be 100% accurate and consistent with all known scientific facts this is still fantasy, after all. The only issue with the idea is that dead school teacher had no understanding of the bomb or that there was even a bomb on the train. There's nothing I love a lot more than a bit of feedback, excellent or poor. FULL Price (spill rating). Watch full length Source Code online! In the initial few minutes. Also, some of the supporting actors had been not the greatest actors, that is to say that they did not do badly, they just didn't stand out as intriguing or even all that fascinating, specifically when compared to Gyllenhaal. It was excellent at initial, but then began to get uncomfortable. The science is ridiculous. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright), tell him he can go back to last eight minutes of a person's live and that he has to discover who bombed the train before a dirty bomb goes off in Chicago.

It also presented a real fear of terrorism that most Americans could connect with. Order Source Code movie. I had never heard about it but the person I saw it with really enjoyed the trailer. Whilst inside the body of an additional man.

The direction is fast and great, Gyllenhaal is especially fantastic. Jeffrey Wright, as always, is completely immersed in his character, and if you can't call to mind a bunch of his performances, that to me is a sign of how excellent he is at letting his characters by means of. He seems to be what we will soon be calling the sci fi director of the ages. Jones competently assembles a high idea plot that is intricate and twisty but not so a lot that it alienates it's audience (like "Inception" did). Jones' concern to details and accuracy has helped differentiate, campaigning of the capability of low spending budget to amazed sci fi fans like Spielberg's or Cameron's. The movie Source Code on dvd. Steven,™s mission is to use the new technologies accessible to the U. If you do I am sincerely happy for you. Watch the full movie of Source Code online. An enigmatic, "what came first, the chicken or the egg. After the train explores Stevens discovers that the train was blown up by a bomb and the folks who run the Source Code movie online project, Captain Collen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) and Dr. When can i buy Source Code film. Interesting story/idea, details come together fairly well, which makes it believable. He has presently produced two of fairly significantly the greatest examples of the genre, but more importantly, he's doing it in a way contrary to the way most contemporary directors are trying to shine within genre filmmaking: he is not subverting it, mixing it, attempting to rise above it--Duncan Jones is sticking to his premises and plying all the rules with a straight face.

The Poor The premise of the story is flawed. Not to mention, the end is really abrupt. Enjoyable with a twisty bit at the end. Source Code movie video. Director Duncan Jones, has crafted possibly not a classic, but a solid piece of entertainment, whilst also broadening the film into something a lot more than may be suggested or expected. A lot of the time you'll be asking yourself, why is this character performing this. Even though I am not a quantum physicist, I know that there had been some logical laws that had been being ignored in this movie.

Also, Gyllenhaal does a excellent job of bringing presence to the screen. Download Source Code movie! He had a lot more on screen time and a better relationship with the military girl. Source Code film watch film? A film that delivers an intentional purpose supposedly, but when mathematically weighed, and logic applied to the max, the only explanation is this is a gorgeously balanced equation that says only one factor. Just HOW optimistic will depend in part on how the audience interprets the final scene - which is one a lot more admirable aspect of the generally salubrious writing. A lot more 'realistic' science fiction, maybe. Extremely awesome intense action packed. Issues are not often as they seem. the roles is even a lot more small than what u did in EE. Megan has that girl next door top quality that makes for great chemistry. Michelle Monaghan plays Christina, Cotter's short-lived enjoy interest who keeps coming back for a lot more. This movie succeeds at being fresh in concept, as well as believable. Keeps your attention. I would recomend every person to go see this movie. As us, the audience, try to procedure all of this info in our mind, the train abruptly explodes into flames, killing everybody on board. Download full movie. Goodwin calms him down and sends him back in, explaining that it is extremely important that he finds the bomb and the bomber. I DON'T TRUST THIS Individual'S JUDGEMENT. It's sci-fi, romance, comedy, mystery, action all rolled into 1. Source Code download ipod. I couldn't assist but feel the ending was a bit of a cop out to appeal to the "happy ending" seeking movie audience. I thought the story was far out and remarkable how any person could have written it. It is so obvious, it shouldn't have been completed. Becoming a science fiction film it could well have gone down the path taken by most science-fiction films where great idea is traded off for action scenes and every thing that could have helped it grow to be a masterpiece is flushed down the drain. I saw this movie this past Friday. Source Code descargar. As a science fiction piece the film is much more of a jigsaw, with a couple of pieces missing.

Leaving the theater, it felt like not too much had actually happened because there is nothing that is revealed until nicely into the movie. If you do not purchase into the paradox of time travel, then you won't take pleasure in any time travel movies, and the very same applies here if you aren't a big fan of alternate realities - there's the world that every person exists in the principal narrative, and a recreated digital 1 that is employed for investigations purposes, defined to exist only within the specified limits of an event centered around 8 minutes worth, and no direct line exists between the actual world and the recreated one, except possibly to send one into, and retrieve 1 out of. I'm not sure his appearance is necessary. Where can i watch Source Code online.

Source Code movie is roughly about some guy who goes back and forth between some events that supposedly had already taken location and a chamber which serves as the principal character's connection to the real world. This is not a mind tapping movie, this is a time travel movie, even if they did lie at the beginning. If any person complains of the unreality of the plot, they need to give up their pretentions of being cinema fans. Gylenhaal and Monaghan, having various classes as Monaghan is plainly a mediocre actress but unintentionally their chemistry actually reacting well. Source Code movie download link. In reality you won't want to drop your guard as soon as – you'll be that intent on finding out what's going on in the increasing baffling narrative. Watch Source Code movie on computer! Excellent writing, excellent direction and a excellent performance by Jake Gyllenhaal elivate Source Code HD to more than a second rate sci-fi thriller. Even for me, how they displayed Captain Colter Stevens in the end was disturbing. Movies Source Code online. The answer is completely irrelevant. Certainly a enjoyable thriller. Hd movie download. Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) and Dr. So this time he goes with heart he was successful in locating the bomber and bomb, bomber happens to be Derek Frost played by Michael Arden he has kept in bomb washroom controlled by his mobile he moves out during the station stop. On the whole Source Code full movie is pure entertainment at its greatest. After that, sit back and enjoy the ride. Apparently download Source Code movie enables a particular somebody to be plugged into the consciousness of yet another particular somebody and live out an alternate reality, something involving string theory and such. Ipod Source Code video. Witty and unexpectedly great. This was a fantastic movie. Source Code film keeps you guessing throughout, anticipating who the bomber could be. Even much more confusion sweeps over Stevens as he tries to figure out just what has happened to him. I'm keeping my fifteen dollars and generating a trip to Redbox to rent some Actual classics. Source Code the movie download? From the start, you are immersed in the world of secret ops, a soldier subjected to experiments in the hopes of gaining some advantage over the enemy.

A bit of a slow starter for this film but when lastly gets going it's a fairly great enjoyable movie.

Whatever its source, it is lame and unconvincing. Every person ought to watch it and discuss about it trigger its a fantastic concept. All that becoming stated, it was an fascinating sufficient movie that if you follow any of the stars or take pleasure in sci-fi suspense without having lasers and spaceships, it may be a decent date movie and make for interesting conversation, just do not anticipate too much. Download divx Source Code full lenght!

It's especial, distinctive, with a highlight. Watch the Source Code online. Also, it's in color. Source Code whole movie? And this movie went even beyond the sands of time. Right after a few minutes of becoming confused as hell BOOM. Watch whole movie of Source Code This film has everything that I love in a film, and take you on 1 hell of a time trotting adventure. Source Code movie hd download But he repeatedly fails.

It's true that the enjoy story isn't the most genius creation but it serves a larger and a lot a lot more intriguing purpose.

Duncan Jones must truly have some daddy issues, to disregard his father's words like that. Source Code film divx. Jake Gyllenhaal is not your typical action hero, given that but he actually pulls every little thing off truly well. The way a movie turns out depends as significantly on the actors natural personalities as it does on the script, which is frequently not followed. Imagination, enjoyable, adore, happiness, entertainment--that's what is important, not intelligence and reason, except that reason can be trigger for controversy which can be amusing and fascinating. It was in fact a bit depressing. Why the fools couldn't turn the frackin' points off for an hour and a half to watch this intriguing thriller that required attention to follow- I dunno. One of the finest movies Iv seen this year. Source Code 1080. This gem from Duncan Jones serves as a nice follow-up to his previous sci-fi endeavor Moon. Source Code donwload. I'll have to watch it again to get a better explanation but truly it would have been better if they ended it after Colleen did what she had promised. I liked the ending, me and my husband still fight about what we feel really happend. Source Code' is a fresh and extremely original thriller that exceeds from a visual view, as well as a visceral one. It's a fresh thriller and I liked the way the story gradually plays out.

Source Code movie" focuses on Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal), a helicopter pilot in the air force who finds himself inside the titular program, which zaps him into the body of a random passenger aboard a Chicago-bound commuter train that will explode in specifically eight minutes. The job for Colter is simple he need to keep leaping back into the schoolteacher's body on the train until he finds the bomber. Source Code move He is seeking for a bomber he discovers his bomber and, in the process, discovers himself, developing in the process a new life beyond death.

Deep, makes you think. It is a gross injustice to the teacher horrible. In the course of his mission he should locate the bomber that destroyed all the passengers on a fated train.

I feel I was glad to see a movie with a excellent original thought. Source Code hq. Perhaps it may have been a more plausible story if the movie didn't go down that path. You can also notice the various areas of the train explosion. Source Code full dvd movie. Would have been better if the director just let the movie END, with out throwing in an un-necessary curve, just to stir up issues. As soon as you accept the premise, the plot itself is rather straightforward and not too tough to follow. I am so glad we took his advice. After eight minutes the train blows up and Stevens then comes to in a capsule communicating with another military officer named Carol Goodwin (Farmiga). Full Source Code film high quality! It has a fascinating plot the explanation of download Source Code movie can be made more straightforward for general audience. It was romantic, full of action, lots of twists and turns, and had excellent science fiction elements. Source Code was certainly not what I had expected.

Our protagonists technique for catching the bomber is nothing more sophisticated than accosting and accusing them and attempting to wrestle away their bags. Films Source Code. But I enjoy how this movie did it. Well-carried out transition from the train to the 'pitch-black' hole is shown. He balances the arks of the characters, the action sequences, and the ever present desire to solve mystery in erect, orderly structure, and provides proper opportunities for the cast, specifically that of Gylenhaal, as well as Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, and Jeffrey Wright, to really shine and showcase their talent. I liked this movie and I suggest it. The other characters were nicely filled in too, and the story played well enough that even although I felt I knew who the terrorist was correct away, there was sufficient going on that had me wondering proper up until the point he was discovered if indeed he was really the one. There are so numerous great twists and truns in this movie that will maintain u on your toes wondering what will happen next. The slightly higher spending budget has been put to excellent use, though Jones is a director who proves that huge explosions and extraordinary CGI effects are nothing without having a brain, and that good filmmaking is much more fundamental than those points even in nowadays's hi-tech, quickly-moving world, a film still requirements to do a lot more than look fairly. 8 minutes later he is face to face with Captain Goodwin's face (Vera Farmiga) on a monitor and her voice telling him to calm down. It certainly wasn't as clever, the high concept runs dry, and quick. These are issues visualised with intensity and originality. Great movie overall, but no surprise ending. Over the course of his multiple reenactments Stevens narrows down the bomber and develops a relationship with Ms. It was a really enjoyable movie and was extremely thought-provoking (we came out of the theater saying "What did we just see. While the geniuses in the world will have a field day with alternate realities, as far as the movie is concerned, it works excellent enough for the typical movie goer. This is a film that takes many twists and turns, none of them contrived, and all of them function towards building a fantastic and complex film. Frenetic and engrossing sci-fi thriller mash-up of a "GROUNDHOG DAY" meets "THE TWILIGHT ZONE" via "SPEED": stoic soldier Gyllenhaal (a career high giving a complex turn) finds himself hurtling back in time to an 8 minute pocket in a governmental/military experiment to unravel a terrorist plot marking Chicago for nuclear annihilation via a commuter train bombing set upon its path and the time ticking away. The scenario - his continued return to a woman on a commuter train to identify a murderer and his bomb - itself becomes tense as we locate out he is dead, sort of. I try to ignore all the haters of this film (you most likely ought to too) because a lot of them lack any type of taste and don't seem to know what makes a great movie to begin with. Source Code full video download! I went into the theater with no expectations, especially because I had by no means heard of the movie. Watch the whole Source Code film. If he is not considered 1 by the movie industry, well, he should be. Source Code movie now!

Another great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal, this is a ride and you'll be on the edge of your seat the entire way. Following seeing this turkey, I sure hope it was. Full Source Code. LL, if you saw the movie, intestines hanging out of the upper torso, with no lower body left would indicate the individual is clearly dead. The story is about going back in time to locate out what caused an explosion on board a train in downtown chicago, And Jake has to go back and locate out all the details. Stevens was a very, really likable character who I wanted to succeed. Which raises too many questions about the point of it all and saps the film of much of its enjoyable possible.

If I can imagine some thing, that does not develop a parallel universe. The movie then adds a thriller plot, compelling characters, actors that make us care about those characters, romance and a resolution that is emotionally gratifying. Its film maker understands the well-known conventions of cinema and knows how to exploit them to appropriate effect whilst still telling a great story. Like only some of Hollywood's hunks, he is valued both as a significant actor and as a bit of eye candy. The HP in the title is "high power" as I have to admit that this is 1 hell of a ride. On the acting front,I think this is a landmark movie for Jake Gyllenhaal,and he will be popularly identified the world over as the "Source Code HD" star. Welcome to "Groundhog Day", "The Matrix", and other homages that enables us to appreciate this film even a lot more from being cut from the exact same cloth but telling a new story. Greetings once again from the darkness. Pacing wasnt usually correct but this is genuinely a movie with couple of flaws. The guy gets the girl and deserves her following trying so mony times. As an action movie, this film gets a ideal grade. To make points even more complicated, Stevens' begins to fall for 1 of the passengers, played by Michelle Monaghan (Eagle Eye, Gone Baby Gone). Amazing idea and direction, acing, music 80 percent of movie is shot in train remaining in download movie Source Code lab and few scenes in railway track. Hd quality Source Code watch! Even accepting the premise the movie is based on the denouement becomes catastrophically unravelled. Source Codemovie. I'm not 1 for sappy movies and I don't actually get teary eyed right after watching the movie. Fun sci-fi, but i feel the ending should have been distinct. But we're not talking about that film. Really liked this movie. There had been some original twists and original suggestions that made this film fascinating to watch. Sharply scripted by Ben Ripley (Species III) and efficiently directed by Duncan Jones (Moon), Source Code dvd is better than it should be thanks to the combined efforts of the believable cast and the tension of a lowering timeframe in order to identify the terrorist. All through the film, he didn't even show any accurate care for the girl, anticipate for one moment. Were can i download Source Code the movie! Movie was great, slightly reminiscent of inception. Source Code full movie divx.

An additional distinct movie could have been written where the mad scientist recovered the other guy's brain after the explosion and hooked up sensory perceptors to "recreate" from brain memory what the dead man experienced. I've been watching Jake grow up as an actor since October Sky. Hey there, I find an amazingHey there, I discover an amazing internet,please click the web ,you can discover large pleasantly surprised. The acting was great too with some powerful chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. It is this year's Inception for me. A huge plot twist leaves you feeling as if the film has given its greatest too soon. So I guess what I'm saying is that in the end, the writing for Source Code download is mediocre. As with Christopher Nolan, he appears to have particular themes and traits that he's evidently extremely interested in. Kept you wondering what's going to happen next. Watch film. He realizes too late that the train he is on has been set to explode in 8 minutes, which happens. Overall, Source Code dvd is an enjoyable thriller, a decent action movie,and mediocre science fiction. A great little sci-fi thriller with a lot more than a few nods to Hitchcock. A Real THRILLER LOOKS EXCITING. A excellent movie - worth seeing, but also a little disappointing as I think the story had a lot more possible that it failed to realize. In the movie, the soldier has no idea of what is happening, but he must total the same mission over and over once again. Source Code dvd rip online. David Bowie's son directs a film that's a cross between Ground Hog Day and the Matrix. Or does he use various dead people. There is a point where it slows down near the end and there's an emotional scene where the guy talks to his dad. I just didn't get it or understand and I know that I wasn't the only 1 either. Was kinda like ground hog day. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat from the begin and keeps us on edge until the really end.

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