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Soul Surfer

A teenage surfer girl summons the courage to go back into the ocean after losing an arm in a shark attack.

Stars: Sonya Balmores, Chris Brochu, Christie Brooke, David Chokachi, Kelly Crean.

Directed by Sean McNamara.

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Soul Surfer.

If you have had a tragedy in your life, or know somebody who has, this movie is for you. Soul Surfer fim! Absolutly a movie to see. I am so thankful it was developed and produced for the purpose of helping us to be the best that we can be. The story of the movie was extremely great and uplifting. My daughter insisted so we went. Great cinematography and camera angles. Great film based on a accurate story. Soul Surfer download This movie brings a little glimpse of Heaven to the movie threater. Me and my mom watched it these days for her birthday it made us cry and laugh on a few scenes but most of it created us cry. So inspiring to go on after some thing horrible happens. Extremely inspirational and entertaining. Surfers are unselfish individuals. The trailer also had the song Firework by Katy Perry. It's been too long because I've seen some thing this superb.

Support high quality, family movies. Soul Surfer original movie download. Simply because I have to say the suspense for the scene truly helped to cover up the bad effect of the shark attack because as the scene went on the entire thought kind of faded away. I'm so glad she was able to make the movie and show all she went throw and overcame. I was on a father daughter date and yes, she truly wanted this one because she likes sharks. This movie was fantastic. It drags on what feels like forever. Hey there, I discover an amazingHey there, I discover an remarkable internet,please click the web ,you can discover large pleasantly surprised. The story to change lives is something we need to see much more of. Online movie Soul Surfer Great story of how to overcome adversity and how to persevere. I'm undoubtedly going to see it at least one a lot more time. It keeps it instering all the way by means of. Soul Surfer direct download. Go see it and support this type of movie in Hollywood. This movie has it all - action and drama, for positive. All the actors did a lovely job and the real life clips at the end were a treat. Seems like the joy and excellent enjoyable this family knows is too excellent to be true. Nice message, but really moving - bring tissues. That is coming to grips with your destiny, family, community and sharing. Both before and following the incident. Soul Surfer full vidio. The story is superb, the acting was excellent and you will fall in enjoy with Bethany Hamilton and her family, who this story is based on. My daughter and I went to go see Soul Surfer and loved it. There was 1 or two cheesy graphics that made the wave riding unrealistic but all together, the movie was amazing. So awesome I came out of the theatre feeling emotionally wrecked. I loved this movie it was actually moving and a great Christian movie. Soul Surfer film watch full film. Then when it occurs you become fully immersed in the story. I have a whole new perspective on life and the things that happens in our life and the great that will come out of the bad. I have to give 'Soul Surfer dvd' a B.

There was Zero realism in the film which I found to be a sickly sweet exercise with nothing new to provide at all. Some of the unique effects with the surf were awesome, wish there had been a lot more. Soul Surfer fil. And Marina want to see it. Buy Soul Surfer movie was excellent. Bethany's story is moving and enlightening.

A rare victory few films can achieve. Overall, this was a truly inspiring movie.

Would like 2 see she a strong gurl. What an inspirational, breath taking film. I extremely suggest it. She learned some of the most valuable lessons in life through this tragedy, and now her courage, her confidence, her smile, and her kindness has inspired countless individuals around the world who have disabilities, who have gone by means of equally traumatic tragedies, who have given up, and who have lost their faith. Some great film of surfing too - really cool. I personally believe that Bethany Hamilton is awesome and extremely, extremely remarkable. Soul Surfer online?

You can go with the whole family. Not to mention uncommon bravery which inspires others and gives them a reason to carry on. I have never left a movie prior to it was over prior to but I just could not sit there with this one any longer. Watch whole movie of Soul Surfer. (and she has saw very alot of movies) God ministered to me thru this movie. A legit movie, inspiring story, and an all star cast. My granddaughters also loved it. With the moral backbone of "The Blind Side" with the excitement of movie "three. The movie Soul Surfer.

The acting and cinematagraphy was excellent.

It usually bothers me when inspirational accurate stories like "Soul Surfer download" do not gain any attention out of movie-goers nowadays. Most girls would by no means recover having a tragedy take place in their lives and she not only recovers she conquers. He's become quite a versatile and talented actor. Bethany has inspired me and if she reads this, I would like to know that she is my total idol. I am so glad that I went and saw this movie, it was an uplifting and inspirational movie what an remarkable story. This is a fantastic movie - much better than I expected it to be. Best movie I have observed in a long although. I have to give 'download movie Soul Surfer' a B. A small slow at the beginning but turns into an incredible movie. She had to understand to do issues that before she lost her arm by no means even had to give a second thought like cutting a tomato or opening the bag of bread to make a sandwich. The movie was excellent. Individuals TAKE NOTICE WHAT SHE DOES WITH Much less THAN THE MAJORITY OF YOU HAVE AND SHE USES IT FOR GOD'S GLORY. The greatest movie ever can t believe i sayin this but much better than the blindside poeple keep saying its the new blindside. This is a fantastic movie. Soul Surfer download full film. I think my son will like it simply because of all the cool surfing scenes. A meteor could have plunged into the Earth in 1 of her scenes and her reaction would have been the exact same as if a light breeze blew gently by means of her hair. Watch the new Soul Surfer movie. The script is honest & true-to-life. But that was a truly a minor fault for the movie. This was a great movie made about a very inspiring girl and her story.

Like i said it brings you into the story and the ending credits are pretty cool also. I liked it since 1. Very inspiring, gorgeous picture, great story that anyone can relate to one form to an additional. The acting and cinematagraphy was fantastic. She even had her own song played during the movie and she was incredible in the course of the emotional parts. Soul Surfer? Script was easy to come up with since it just recently happened and was fairly a lot true to life. Such a great and inspiring story. THiS MOViE WAS Incredible. I am 15 and saw it with two of my pals.

My son said the greatest he'd seen in a long time. Music fit most of the time and flowed rather nicely. Soul Surfer films? Nicely it was a truly great movie, my new favorite (Sorry Tangled and Band Slam. The actors and actreses played their part tremendoulsly. Often tragedies drive families to split up. This is the story of surfer bethany hamilton and her comeback following a shark attack thatresulted in her losing her arm. This movie has gotten really little promotion I had in no way heard of it prior to, but what a pleasant surprise. Soul Surfer movie in high quality? This is a excellent story of a young woman and how she handled a extremely challenging situation in her life. She didn't let only having one arm let her quit. Wasn't expecting a lot but what an awesome film. Loved it, went with my grandaughter(8)and we both had a great time. I left this movie with my daughters and we discussed how absolutely nothing is too hard to fight for if you really want to do it. Instead the director kept showing us closeups of the surfing. That is what this movie is. The acting was outstanding and the unexpected twists produced this one of the greatest movies I've observed in a lengthy time.

If you enjoyed "The Blind Side" you will enjoy "Soul Surfer download. Bethany's story is definitely utilized for God's glory. Watch Soul Surfer ful film. The script and acting were completely realistic, and Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, and the girl that plays Bethanny were all fantastic. She didnt quit her dream of becoming a proffesional surfer following a SHARK ATTACK. I liked the movie it was excellent, clean, family movie entertaining for ages 10. Appropriate for all age groups. Or I thought that Hollywood would completely mess it up. Soul Surfer dvd rip download. Right after the movie was over, this small kid asked his father why did the shark bite off her arm, and the father said because he was hungry. My niece and I went to see it and we cried thewhole time. I was thrown offguard when she went to India after the Tsunami as a youth missionary with her church. Soul Surfer movie download. For this movie it had larger names in the movie and so it was advertised much more. Went to see this movie simply because I am a Carrie Underwood fan and became so engrossed in the story I nearly forgot she was there. It told of an incredible journey which followed a really tragic event without having dwelling on the event itself. Totally recommend seeing this movie. She didnt quit her dream of being a proffesional surfer right after a SHARK ATTACK. This was 1 of the greatest movies we have ever observed simply because they live out their faith, she is a true hero.

Certainly an inspirational movie. Not only did the audience weep moment by moment as we all relived the daunting account of this horrific shark attack, but we wept as we fervently cheered her on through each and every of her numerous victories that she so brazenly took head-on 1 by one. I extremely recommend this movie. Not only did she survive the attack, she got back in the water within weeks, and continued competing as a surfer. I intend to suggest it to my granddaughter who has cerebral palsy. What actually surprised me watching this movie was Helen Hunt's appearance.

Overall, this was a truly inspiring movie. The title alone should express that. But do not forget the tissues. I also liked the aspect of youth helping right after disasters, and the way World Vision is employed. First let me say this is not my type of movie. I dont surf, but felt as though I was inside a few of those waves. Fantastic flick if your into faith movies. I feel incredibly motivated after seeing this movie and am in awe of the stunning story this film displayed and the extraordinary bravery, strength, and perseverance of Bethany Hamilton. It was a extremely inspiring and emotional film. Not only was it well carried out, but it left us extremely encouraged. Download film full version. I have 4 children all under 12, they all loved this movie, but most likely not as a lot as I did. Watch Soul Surfer online hq. It was a delight to see Dennis Quaid back on screen and he and Helen Hunt had a believable chemistry not only between them, but with their on-screen family. There was not a dry eye in the theater this past Saturday evening during opening weekend. Real Soul Surfer movie download. An affirming message to young ladies to have faith and confidence in their special talents, looks, and personality, and not to compare themselves with others. The movie will bring tears of sadness, as well of tears of joy. Whether you're Christian or not, the themes of the film are some thing we can all relate to. SNever Underestimate The Spirit. Watch the full movie of Soul Surfer online. What can you say about this Family but amazing, a story of courage and a family untied to stand powerful inspite of what happen. Bethany Hamilton overcame a massive obstacle to accomplish her dream. I would recommend it for all. (Strokes song)"She has a bright future of surfing and having two arms ahead of her. The actors did a fantastic job capturing the emotions that were such a massive part of this story. The movie Soul Surfer on dvd Make certain to remain for the actual life footage they showed at the end credits. I believe Carrie Underwood did a excellent job on her initial acting job. This is a fantastic movie for the family. Are you going to do anything about this. So moving, and also, so significantly enjoyable to watch all the surfing. The acting was excellent, the story line was amazing. Thus my ȩ" rating instead of a ∐". I highly suggest this film. I appreciated this movie due to the fact that it was based on a accurate story of a girl who overcame many obstacles. Instead, the focus is on survival and courage, and it avoids the kind of super-heroics that would sacrifice reality in favor of a superficial "perfect ending. She was supposed to be in competition but subsequent tries made her temporarily give up her dreams.

The story itself was very inspiring.

I feel they delivered on both counts. Online watching Soul Surfer movies. She is the best example that we can make it through anything. Definitely carries a powerful Christian message without being the least bit "preachy. WE WATCHED THE MOVIE TRAILER ON FANDANGO AND IT LOOKED Fantastic. Cheapest Soul Surfer film. But the movie itself is so fantastic. The actors who played the family and buddies, did very well. Loved it, went with my grandaughter(8)and we both had a wonderful time. It was extremely excellent and truly inspirational. The great: A true story told about as well as Hollywood can tell it. My 7 year old son was bored, but my 10 year old daughter loved it. Took my 8 and 11 year old daughters, we all loved it. All of the actors did a fantastic job of creating this a story of different folks coming into play as Bethany dealt with and subsequently overcoming an expected insurmountable difficulty but turned it into a purpose,Philippians 4:13. You will leave the movie feeling very excellent and upbeat.

This film touched my heart in a way couple of ever have it was nicely completed in each and every aspect. It gives people with disabilities or tragedies hope.

It had it all suspense, action, heart and inspiration. Down to the way the actress portraying Bethany, looked as if she truly was missing an arm.

Rovinksy, Bethany's attending physician. We will definitely be purchasing this BluRay when it comes out, and watching it several more times. I in no way cry but the family bonding and enjoy in this film was awesome and it hits residence. So much suspense, so significantly talent. Great movie to see with your kids. We enjoyed it immensely. Movies Soul Surfer. My children want to take surfing lessons after seeing this movie. Some of the reviews I have read outside of Yahoo should have been by persons who confused the coming attraction reels with the story. Quot I really much enjoyed this film, and some of us in the theater cheered out loud throughout the championship surfer competition. The Soul Surfer. The story telling was strengthened by the cinematography, unique effects and editing And the director utilized visual symbolism and metaphor very effectively. I thought the movie would be a lot more for girls, but as soon as I saw christian references, I knew it was gonna be great. Just got by means of watching SOUL SURFER and it was excellent. It was fantastic that she was a Christian, but yet it revealed she struggled emotionally following the accident, however she looked to God for her strength. Soul Surfer movie dvd. There had been definitely some dialogue problems in some of the scenes especially at the beginning. Soul Surfer online movie. I think it was the finest I've ever seen.

The only issue, nevertheless, that I had with her becoming casted was that she didn't fit the role of Bethany Hamilton. However, I Can not believe that Yahoo doesn't list her in the full cast and credits. Hd Soul Surfer movies. Hope this does well at the box office so that Hollywood will make much more of these uplifting movies. Too usually we forget how blessed we are and take things for granted. I have in no way seen such a sad catastrophe and somebody moves on so eagerly. Watch the entire movie of Soul Surfer. Fantastic story, excellent acting, amazing scenery & filming. Seeing God performing the issues He promises to do in a young ladies life in a time of tragedy and sadness was overwhelming. Outstanding surfing photography, the underwater shots were cool.

It was nice to see Helen Hunt again given that I dont see her a lot in movies anymore. Soul Surfer video. I believe it is a excellent movie for all ages, but possibly a bit scary for young children. Full Soul Surfer movie to watch. The issues I had with the movie are minimal: 1) Story-related: The subplot with Malina as Bethany's nemesis seemed contrived and added in order to supply extra conflict. This is certainly go see movie. Fantastic movie for the whole family about bringing out the greatest in ourselves. Bet it makes a lot of individuals think about what foundation Bethany Hamilton had to be such an example. Soul Surfer to buy I think her name is.

This is a really great family film. (My Comments) Soul Surfer is an inspirational film for the entire family and an amazing story about a young girl who overcomes overwhelming obstacles and turns a traumatic tragedy into an achievement and triumph. This film was way much better than I though it would be, I took my son for additional credit at school and I am so glad I went. Soul Surfer descargar. When the DVD comes out I'm going to acquire 1 too. Excellent message, great for all ages. The movie sends a extremely excellent message to anybody, male of female. It had a great storyline and was very true to the Biography by Bethany Hamilton. Not only did she survive the attack, she got back in the water within weeks, and continued competing as a surfer. Dvd movie Soul Surfer. Fantastic for the entire family. It was an awesome movie. Everyone was often calm and Bethany reflected an inner peace and tranquility at the age of 13, that most individuals can't even achieve by the age of 40. My buddies and I took our 13 year old daughters on opening night. Most are focused on large surf. Each and every moment is fully captivating. Proof of what God can do when we let him. I do wish there had been much more wholesome movies like this. Haven't observed it but I'm super excited. Really inspiring movie. But it was a excellent family movie. About time Hollywood pumped out a excellent movie with substance that is fantastic for anybody. Suitable for ages 10 and over, younger kids may possibly discover her disfigurement unsettling. Movie was to choppy and the story line was bland and did not depict the true story or live up to the promos. Showed kids if u don't think u can't do something u don't have it has poor has u think u might. This was a great movie, based on a accurate story, our whole family saw and enjoyed. It is great to watch a movie that inspires the heart and mind while becoming family friendly too. At least that is the direction I'd thought the film was going to go in during that scene. High quality Soul Surfer movie. Outstanding story line, beautifully portrayed and excellent surfing action sequences in the movie that only add to a fantastic movie. The Soul Surfer download full film. She's an amazing girl and her story makes for one compelling movie. Certain, there are a lot of points about this movie that are not going to appeal to some individuals--there's no sex, drugs, violence or cussing and God IS mentioned a lot--if you are facing any kind of challenge in your life proper now (and who isn't. A small intense and touches the heart. No purile potty humor. I think it is a great film for a family to go to and talk about following. Even Carrie Underwood.


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