Solar weekend: Utility 2.0 strategic planning

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The Section 201 Trade Case: Suniva’s Tangled Web

Tony Clifford | August 3, 2017
Late this fall President Trump is going to decide how to implement any recommendation made by the International Trade Commission in the Suniva/SolarWorld trade case.

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[email protected] on Solar PV: Trade Case, GMP, Smart Inverters

Jennifer Runyon and Paula Mints | August 3, 2017
Today’s topics an update on 201, aka the fast-tracked trade case against China, Green Mountain Power’s innovative off-grid program and how smart inverters could change the game for residential and commercial solar + battery owners.

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Copenhagen’s Four-Fold Path to Carbon Neutrality

John J. Berger | August 3, 2017
How does a major European capital wean itself from fossil fuels and reinvent itself as a sustainable city? Copenhagen is in the process of finding out.

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A Simplified and Cost-Effective Approach to Utility 2.0 Strategic Planning

Neil Placer | August 3, 2017
The electric utility industry is currently in the middle of a major paradigm shift. This paradigm shift is sometimes referred to as Utility 2.0.

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Solar: Choice, Competition, and Clean Air

John Farrell | August 3, 2017
It’s simple to promote solar power as a money saver and clean alternative to fossil fuel generation.

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Achieving 100 Percent Residential Renewables in Hawaii with Solar+Multi-Storage

John Borland, Takahiro Tanaka, Harumi McClure, Jay Moore and Corpuz Poncho | August 2, 2017
Future growth in the residential solar market for customer self-supply in a post-NEM world will be driven by shortest ROI economics requiring lower price packaging of properly sized solar PV systems integrated with multiple energy storage options.

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Hurdles to Reaching 100 Percent Renewable Energy in California and Beyond

Dan Holloway | August 1, 2017
A lot of press has been written lately related to California’s aggressive new policy to promote a 100 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by 2045

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