Solar weekend: SPI preview and the changing role of the EPC

Visit Delta Products at SPI booth # 2135

Delta, a leader in power and thermal management solutions, will be showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of renewable power conversion and storage technologies. In addition to new residential storage solutions, Delta will be launching a 125kW 1500V PV string inverter, and a three-phase energy storage system for commercial and utility applications. Booth: 2135Learn more »

Why Solar and Battery Gigafactories Will Not Drastically Reduce PV and Storage Costs

Dr. Andy Skumanich | September 6, 2017
It’s easy to think we can just “follow the yellow brick road” to low-cost PV and batteries, but the truth is it’s not that simple.

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The Shifting Role of the Solar EPC and How the Solar Trade Case Could Change Everything

Jennifer Runyon | September 6, 2017
One solar EPC provider reflects on how the industry has changed over the past few years and worries about what’s next.

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Alectris, Alencon Parnter to Repower Aging Solar PV Plants

Renewable Energy World Editors | September 7, 2017
Solar asset care firm Alectris and solar technology firm Alencon Systems have formed a strategic alliance to repower aging solar PV plants.

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Online Legal Marketplace Seeks to Transform How Clean Energy Companies Do Business

Renewable Energy World Editors | September 7, 2017
A new partnership between CleanTech Docs and Cleantech Law Partners (CLP) aims to improve the way legal services are provided…

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Live DC Microgrid Electrified at SPI

Renewable Energy World Editors | September 7, 2017
EnSync and DCfusion have designed and will manage the Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace on-site microgrid demonstration system during SPI.

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JLM Energy Launching Energy Storage Quoting Tool

Renewable Energy World Editors | September 7, 2017
JLM Energy said it plans to debut its Simple Quoting and Design tool (SQUAD) at SPI.

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This Is ‘Game Changing’ for Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage

Jennifer Delony | September 7, 2017
Renewable Energy World recently reported on a potential solar software update that was called “game changing” for energy storage. Now that update is here.

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Global Solar News and Commentary

Notes from The Market Research Underground: Do You Feel It? The Future of DG Solar Is at Hand

Paula Mints | September 5, 2017
The strongest and most trusted solar brand is actually a group of solar workers — the small to medium independent installers have always been…

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Australian Businesses Rush to Install Solar Systems to Combat High Power Prices

Stephanie Richards | September 6, 2017
Commercial-scale solar systems are being installed at an unprecedented rate in South Australia as companies attempt to combat some of the most expensive electricity prices in the world.

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Driven, Collaborative, Curious — Who Is the New Generation of Solar Talent?

Jennifer Delony | September 6, 2017
The growing support for the nonprofit Solar Head of State from a selection of high-profile people is a testament to the valuable vision that today’s young business men and women bring to the solar sector.

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