Solar weekend: Solar prices nosedive

Solar Prices Nosedive After China Pullback Floods Global Market

Christopher Martin | June 21, 2018
Solar panels were already getting cheaper this year, and then China pulled the plug this month on about 20 gigawatts of domestic installations. The result was a glut of global inventories…

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BBOXX, DC Go Form Partnership for Pay-Go Solar in Southern Africa

Renewable Energy World Editors | June 20, 2018
Two off-grid solar providers are teaming up to deliver energy services to the estimated 4.6 million people without access to reliable electricity in Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland…

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Virginia Tech Students Use 100-ton Crane for World’s Smartest Solar Home

Patricia Martellotti, comment by Jennifer Delony | June 20, 2018
BLACKSBURG, Va. – With the help of a 100-ton crane, a dozen students at Virginia Tech are making progress on what they hope to be the smartest solar home in the world. The research…

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Exelon, First Solar Bankroll Campaign to Push a Carbon Tax

Jennifer A. Dlouhy | June 20, 2018
Major energy companies, including the largest U.S. nuclear power generator, are putting millions of dollars into a new political campaign to push for a tax on carbon dioxide emissions…

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Double-Sided Solar Panels Are Taking Off in China

Christopher Martin | June 20, 2018
China is expected to jump-start the market for panels that can absorb light on both sides with plans to install 2.7 GW this year, according to research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance…

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Exemplary State Programs Continue Progress in Clean Energy with New Technologies and Markets

Maria Blais Costello | June 20, 2018
The winners of CESA’s 2018 State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards continue a tradition of innovation and practical solutions. The six winning programs have shown vision…

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Inside Renewable Energy: The Sustainable Corporation — Risks and Rewards of an Environmental Business Strategy

Jennifer Delony | June 19, 2018
In this episode, Scott Tew discusses Ingersoll Rand’s work toward achieving its sustainability goals and what other companies can learn from that experience…

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