Solar Newsletter | SEIA Insists It’s ‘Foolish’ to Think Tariffs Will Spur Domestic Solar Manufacturing


Nicolas Rinaldi

Watch the Live Broadcast From US Energy Storage Summit 2017 ?

GTM Squared will live-stream more than 9 hours of panels from the event in San Francisco on December 12 and 13.

Katherine Tweed

 Why Mergers and Acquisitions Will Define the Distributed Energy Boom ?

Utilities are eager to expand their cleantech portfolios, and new companies are offering a bounty of investment opportunities.

Benjamin Attia and Rebekah Shirley

Living Under the Grid: 110 Million of Africa’s Unconnected Customers Represent a Massive Opportunity ?

More than one in every six African people without electricity access sits directly under it.

Julian Spector

The Key Trends Shaping Energy Storage in 2018 ?

New markets are opening up, novel alliances beckon and industry acquisitions are about to bear fruit.

Hannah Hess and Trevor Houser

What the Tax Legislation Conference Committee Means for Clean Energy ?

Rhodium Group breaks down how pending tax reforms could affect solar, wind, EVs and more.

Jason Deign

Bitcoin Mining Operations Now Use More Energy Than Ireland ?

The cryptocurrency needs to consider more efficient mining practices—fast.

Lacey Johnson

US Trade Panel Shows Interest in Solar Tariff Alternative ?

But Trump’s most important trade representative did not attend the final public hearing in the Section 201 case. UPCOMING WEBINAR

Why Flexibility is Critical in Residential Energy Storage

Thursday, December 14, 2:00 PM ET

With or without PV, the widespread adoption of residential energy storage is a foregone conclusion. However, successfully achieving this revolutionary energy transition depends on the deployment of storage systems that are both flexible and future-proof. Homeowners must obtain storage solutions that address the unique aspects of their utility rates and policies while optimizing the payback period on their investment. Likewise, solar professionals need to offer systems that are simple and flexible in order to maximize their bottom line. In this webinar, we’ll discuss residential storage solutions that address the needs of all parties including distributors, installers and homeowners.

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