Snow shocks Cairo for first time in 100 years


Snow shocks Cairo for first time in 100 years

Cruel snow and ice storms battered the middle east over the last week. Cairo saw snow for the first time in 100 years! 

Read all about Cairo’s surprise snow HERE 

The Copenhagen Wheel makes electric bikes rock and roll!!!

With more people buying bikes in cities, and more going electric, here’s a little wheel that can give biking a big push. 

Read and watch video about the Copenhagen Wheel HERE

Untold animal cruelty at this veterinary college in Cairo [videos]

The footage is pretty shocking, so shocking that we turned off the imagery and just listened to the cruelty. Here dogs get beaten to death as men laugh on. In another video a donkey is electrocuted. Who is protecting animals in Cairo’s vet school? Sign a petition to make it stop.  

Watch graphic videos of animal abuse in Cairo HERE


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