Sac Bee: Which will be the bigger Trump scandal: Russia or conflicts?


We must keep the conversation going and the media focused.
Our Executive Director, Noah Bookbinder, chatted with the Sacramento Bee to discuss all the work CREW is doing to shine the spotlight on the massive ethical crisis our nation is facing under the Trump administration.
As Foon Rhee wrote, “if Americans can’t be confident that their president is looking out for them and not his private business, all his major decisions will be suspect.”
Rhee argues “it’s understandable why these disclosures are flying below the radar for most Americans,” but it’s important CREW and our partners keep the pressure on Trump to be more transparent and forthcoming with his finances. He concludes, “I pay as much attention to these financial dealings as the growing evidence on Russia.”
What concerns you most about the ethical and potentially illegal actions of the Trump White House? We want to hear from you.
CREW is committed to continuing our pursuit of an honest and open government. We’ve taken meaningful legal actions against President Trump for his worldwide business interests and are pursuing an already too-long list of ethics and transparency complaints with the White House Counsel.
Together, we will fight for a responsible, ethical Washington.
-the CREW team
Read Foon Rhee’s column in full here.