Renewable Newsletter March 2018

Time flies: Almost 100 days in my new job as REN21 Executive Secretary. How to describe them in one word? Excitement!

I am excited about the power of collaboration that has allowed us to produce another outstanding edition of the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report which is already being used in many regions of the world. I would like to thank my team at the REN21 Secretariat, the GSR research direction and authoring team as well as the many hundreds of contributors in the REN21 network for their work, engagement, passion and continuous support. Personally, this gives me huge hope for the future: that, collectively, we can make the energy transition happen. Thank you!

I am also excited about the many opportunities to learn and contribute to change. Launching the GSR in my new role as Executive Secretary has shown me how important it is to use and present good data and information to tell an optimistic story while remaining realistic. And the reality is that the uptake of renewable energy in the power sector is exciting and shows that a transition is possible, but it is not enough.  We need to look at those areas that are not advancing. We also need to leave our comfort zones and engage with relevant decision makers outside the (renewable) energy sphere.

And I am particularly excited about the future! ‘There is nothing permanent except change’.  I am excited to navigate REN21 in this dynamic environment and to ensure that REN21 continues to evolve to support the renewable energy transition.

And finally, I am very excited to continue to develop further our multi-stakeholder network. I invite you to continue to engage with us and one and another, to use REN21 as a platform to collaborate to collectively make the renewable energy transition happen.

I look forward to our continuous collaboration.

Best regards,
Rana Adib
Executive Secretary of REN21


News from the REN21 Secretariat

 What Happened in 2017: Status of renewables

Transformation is picking up speed in the power sector, but urgent action is required in heating, cooling and transport. This year’s Renewables 2018 Global Status Report (GSR2018) reveals two realities: one in which a revolution in the power sector is driving rapid change towards a renewable energy future, and another in which the overall transition is not advancing with the speed needed.

The report was launched 4 June at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA.  Once more GSR2018 is paired with Advancing the Global Renewable Energy Transition: Highlights of the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report (Highlights 2018) which helps readers understand the broad trends that defined the renewables sector in 2018.

The online presence of GSR2018 is built around the GSR microsite. Here you can find the full GSR2018 report by chapter along with its colourful infographics. References are easily accessible – hover your mouse over a reference and see all the sources, including hyperlinks. Use the GOOGLE translate function to read it in your native tongue. Usage of the microsite was up 30% already over 2017 numbers, illustrating the site’s popularity and ease of use.

In parallel the report’s findings have been presented at series of events 4-8 June in Brussels, Paris, Manilla, Moscow and Washington, D.C.   REN21 community member Fundación Bariloche promoted the report at the G20 Energy Ministers Meeting in Argentina at the main side event hosted by CACME. Three webinars looked the central themes of GSR2018:  Moving from electricity transition to energy transition; Renewables in heating, cooling and transport; and, Getting investment where it’s needed.  The webinars were held in cooperation with another REN21 member, the Clean Energy Solutions Center.  Recordings of these are available on the REN21 website (scroll down the page).

Join us for “Building and Bridging: How to deliver at scale?” 12 July

Join us in New York 12 July for a lively exchange on what can, should, and should not be done to ensure that renewables are at the scale necessary to meet 2030 objectives. The event will be held 10:00-13:00 on 12 July at the German Permanent Mission, 5 mins from the UN.  The event is co-hosted with the German and Dutch governments.  You can see a copy of the agenda here. Registration is a must – so please click here if you plan to join us.  Copies of Highlights 2018 will be distributed; lunch is also offered.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars 11 September for “Be a Superhero for Sustainable Energy: Global strategies for mobilizing and building a clean and healthy future”. REN21 is partnering with other like-minded organisations to host an all-day event 11 September at the Global Climate Action Summit. The aim: to demonstrate the central role of renewables in meeting the 2030 agenda.  The event will be held at the California College of the Arts, Nave Alcove in  San Francisco. We will send out more information about this event via Twitter; Facebook and LinkedIn.  If you would prefer to be kept updated via email, click here.

New Report Needs Your Input

The SADC Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency along with REN21 have joined efforts to produce an SADC Regional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report. This report builds on the highly successful 2015 Status Report.  A draft of this report will be ready for peer review 12 July on REN21+. 

REN21+ is an online platform that allows you to insert comments and text, quickly and easily.  You can also see the comments of other reviewers.  This open review process is the same one that is used for the Renewables Global Status Report series.

If you are interested in being a reviewer please let us know by clicking here.  We will make sure that you receive a copy of the report and instructions for how to review it.  All reviewers are acknowledge in the final report. To see what a final regional report report looks like, click here. Please help us make the report stronger!

We’re Growing!

Vibhushree Hamirwasia (Vhibu for short) joined the REN21 Secretariat in April to help us strengthen the REN21 community.  She comes to us from Business Sweden in India where she was responsible for developing and managing community platforms in energy, education, and healthcare. Vhibu is currently developing a community strategy for REN21 which we will start to implement in the second half of 2018. You can contact her through a new REN21 community email address.