Renewable news: Solar+storage helps Puerto Rico recovery

GE Announces Innovative Energy Storage Platform Called the Reservoir.

Integrating intermittent renewables into an aging grid requires flexible technologies that can ramp quickly and dynamically adjust to real-time signals. GE’s new modular energy storage solution optimizes battery usage to relieve congestion, reduce cost, and improve yield. Reservoir’s DC-coupled architecture can increase annual solar energy production by up to 50% per site.

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Norway’s Statoil Embraces Broader Energy Future with New Name

Jennifer Delony | March 15, 2018
Norwegian multinational oil and gas company Statoil said that it plans to change its name to Equinor to reflect its evolution into a “broad energy company” that will include renewables…

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World Bank Approves US$375 Million IDA Credit to Support Ethiopia 2025 Goal

Gregory B. Poindexter | March 14, 2018
The World Bank Group has approved a US$375 million International Development Association (IDA) credit to support Ethiopia’s goal of achieving universal electricity access by 2025…

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Australians Put About 1 GW of Solar on Their Roofs Last Year

Renewable Energy World Editors | March 7, 2018
Australian homeowners and businesses installed 1.1 GW of solar PV last year, mostly for rooftop solar, according to the Australian Clean Energy Regulator’s Small-Scale Renewable Energy…

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Could Solar Cells Produce Energy from the Rain?

Renewable Energy World Editors | March 8, 2018
Researchers from across several organizations have come together to find a simple way for solar plants to harness the power of both the sun and rain…

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India Has a New Secret Weapon for its 100-GW Solar Goal

Anindya Upadhyay | March 8, 2018
Rakshith Kunder is adding more solar panels to the roofs of his warehouses. He isn’t seeking to save the planet, it’s pure economics…

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Solar-plus-Storage Makes Tangible Difference in Puerto Rico Recovery Efforts

Jennifer Delony | March 9, 2018
With a reported 150,000 homes and businesses in Puerto Rico still waiting for electricity since it was lost six month ago during Hurricanes Irma and…

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International Solar Alliance Organizing $1Trillion in Funding for Solar Projects

Anindya Upadhyay and Iain Marlow | March 8, 2018
A global coalition aimed at supporting the use of solar power is expected to announce a slew of projects worth about $700 million during its inaugural…

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Opinion and Commentary

Opening the Electricity Market to Competition a Win for Renewables, and Ratepayers

Martin Stevenson | March 8, 2018
The price of electricity has been regulated for so long that price regulation is widely considered proper and necessary. The reality is that rate…

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Energy Efficiency News

A Global Game Changer for Energy Efficiency Investments

Victor Rojas, EDF with Commentary by Jennifer Runyon | March 14, 2018
A new underwriting and risk assessment standard could help scale up this $1 trillion global market.

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Efficiency Startup Gets Funding to Cut Energy Use by Buildings

Mark Chediak | March 14, 2018
Carbon Lighthouse, a San Francisco-based energy-efficiency company, raised $27 million to expand its engineering and marketing efforts…

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Abstract Deadline is Today!

Jennifer Runyon | March 12, 2018
Have a listen to this one-minute video that explains all of the new tracks and session types we’ve added to POWER-GEN 2018 and then submit an abstract to speak at the show today.

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Latest Podcast

Inside Renewable Energy: Cue the Smart Storage — What Artificial Intelligence Can Do for Our Energy Storage Future

Jennifer Delony | March 13, 2018
Artificial intelligence (AI) has a broad set of applications, and exactly how it could be applied in the renewables sector and what changes it might bring to the grid can seem elusive. But this future-like technology is already hard at work for our power system.

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