FERC shuts down Perry’s NOPR

“Ethical Markets applauds the FERC’s decision which recognizes that renewable electricity is cheaper and healthier for consumers than subsidizing costly obsolete coal plants and nukes.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

Jennifer Delony | January 9, 2018
In an order issued on Monday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission determined that Secretary Rick Perry’s Sep. 29 notice of proposed rulemaking on grid resilience does not meet the statutory requirements of the Federal Power Act…Read more »

Lewis Milford | January 4, 2018
Any investigation into the massive power outage at Atlanta’s international airport last month should not only look back to see what went wrong. Rather, it should look forward to how the…Read more »

Jennifer Delony | January 3, 2018
As part of New York’s 2018 State of the State proposal, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that New York will procure at least 800 MW of offshore wind power between two solicitations to be…Read more »

Bob Berwyn with comment from Jennifer Runyon | January 8, 2018
When winter sets in, “polar vortex” becomes one of the most dreaded phrases in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s enough to send shivers even before the first blast of bitter cold…Read more »

[email protected] on Solar PV: Predictions, Predictions, Predictions!

Jennifer Runyon and Paula Mints | January 8, 2018
Today’s topics include predictions about what will happen with the U.S. solar trade case – will there be tariffs? If there are tariffs, how will they affect the solar market?…Read more »

2017 Clean Energy States Honor Roll

Larry Sherwood | January 9, 2018
It’s that time of year when the “Best of” lists appear all around us. As we reflect on a year of hard work and a dizzying volume of energy policy…

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Will 2018 Be Another Good Year for U.S. Offshore Wind?

Val Stori | January 8, 2018
2017 was a banner year for offshore wind in the U.S. Boosted by the start of commercial operations at the Block Island Wind Farm…

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3 Decentralizing Trends: Empowering State Capitals, Consumers and the Capital Markets

Ali A. Zaidi | January 4, 2018
Even as uncertainties loom, the outlook for clean energy technologies and business models is bright. We can pin this optimism in the concrete…

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Of Venomous Toads and Precious Jewels — Farewell 2017!

Andrew Steer | January 3, 2018
The adversity of 2017 appears to have inspired a game-changing response. Two years on from the Paris deal, there is stronger evidence of action…

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Top Seven Clean Energy Actions in 2017 — Ringing Out the Old Year and into 2018

Scott Sklar | January 3, 2018
2017 was a whirlwind of energy market records, policies, and reports. And here’s my list of the big seven areas of note.

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