Registration Open until July 3rd at 11AM Eastern Time for the 1-Year Online Compassion Course with Thom Bond based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

The Compassion Course Online 2019
“For anyone who is inspired to have more compassion, understanding and harmony in their lives and in our world”  
Presented By

  The New York Center For Nonviolent Communication
Changing Lives for 8 Years, in over 110 Countries
More than 18,000 Participants in 4 Languages
with Thom Bond

Founder and Director of Education, NYCNVC
Certified Trainer, CNVC
This One Year Course Begins June 19, 2019
and runs through June 2020
  Tuition (For one year)*
$52 (Standard – $1 per week)
$26 (Partial Scholarship) $0 (Full Scholarship) or
$104 (Sponsor a person in need) *You choose   To Register CLICK HERE   When asked “How did you find out about
The Compassion Course?” please indicate 
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