Our Biggest Year Yet: Building a More Just Marketplace in 2018

“Ethical Markets is happy to post these results of  our friends at JUST Capital, particularly their Rankings on Corporate Tax Reform, and their latest news picked up by major financial media!  They also report that companies returned 56% of the 2018 tax cut to their shareholders and only 18% to job-creation and 6% to employees and only 3% to communities.

Hazel Henderson, Editor“.

2018: Our Year in Review

From our groundbreaking Rankings on Corporate Tax Reform to the record-breaking JUST ETF launch and the release of this year’s Rankings of America’s Most JUST Companies, 2018 was without a doubt the year our mission sprang to life, as we forged ahead in our work to build a more just economy that better reflects the priorities of all people.

Explore our Year in Review to see just how far we’ve come in 2018, as well as what the future holds for 2019.

In The News

Americas Most JUST Companies

Our 2018 Rankings and related research continue to make headlines, including features in Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, as well two investor-focused stories in Fortune showcasing how ESG stocks can protect investors in a bear market, and how companies that treat workers well have exceptional investor return.

In related news, Microsoft – our #1 company in 2018 – made big waves this week with its announcement that it would invest $500 million in affordable housing in the Seattle area. You can read our take on it here.

Modernizing Capitalism

For the first time in half a century, corporate America is rethinking the long-held consensus that companies must prioritize shareholders above all else. Calls to modernize capitalism are mounting from a diverse set of voices, most recently Larry Fink. Our ongoing work to create a more just marketplace that works for all Americans was featured in Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson’s robust challenge in the Financial Times, and two great bylines by Kathy Bloomgarden and Susan McPherson in Fortune and Forbes respectively.

Corporate Tax Reform

One year later, our Rankings on Corporate Tax Reform continue to be utilized by reporters analyzing the ongoing effects of the tax cut, including recent coverage in Vox, Bloomberg, CBS News, and more.

*above graph from Bloomberg news