OTHER NEWS :The Next Election’s Swingers / Why the majority keeps losing on guns

“Ethical Markets recommends these two articles to our global network.  We also expect a trend in global tourism away from the USA, due to fears of lawlessness, along with 300 million guns and politicians controlled by money from special interests, unregulated after the Supreme Court’s  disastrous 2010 “Citizens United” decision.  We think a proposal to require all gun owners to carry insurance on every gun they own, as required with car ownership, would be a good start.    ~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

The Next Election’s SwingersPosted on 10/5/2017

William Becker* – Huffingtonpost

In case it isn’t obvious, Congress’s mid-term election campaigns have already begun, with voters and potential challengers watching how incumbents handle several tough issues on the agenda including tax reform, infrastructure modernization, and tens of billions of dollars in unexpected federal spending due to weather disasters.

The nation’s energy and climate policies are important to each of these big issues. Tax reform can level the market’s playing field for renewable energy technologies. Infrastructure projects must be able to withstand extreme weather events. They can and should use low-carbon concrete, steel and other materials. Long-term federal spending on disaster relief and recovery will push the nation into irredeemable debt unless we transition as soon as possible to a low-carbon energy economy.

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Why the majority keeps losing on guns
E.J. Dionne Jr., Norman J. Ornstein and Thomas E. Mann  – The Washington Post

Why does our political system make it impossible even to consider solutions to gun violence? After the massacre in Las Vegas that has so far taken nearly 60?lives and left more than 500 injured, the first reaction of the many politicians who carry water for the gun lobby was to declare it “premature” to discuss measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

The “premature” word echoed from President Trump’s White House on down, and those who used it were really saying that Congress would never enact even modest efforts to prevent mass shootings. This is damning evidence of the stranglehold that far-right lobbies have on today’s Republicans, who extol law and order except when maintaining it requires confronting the National Rifle Association.

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