Op-Ed from US News & World Report by Claudine Schneider

“Ethical Markets Media agrees with our esteemed Advisory Council Member former Congress member Claudine Schneider ® Rhode Island.

We hope this tax bill goes back to the drawing board!   ~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

Forward from  U.S. News & World Report : my Op-Ed on the tax bill. (See Below) While a bill has passed both the House & Senate, I can only hope that it will get bogged down in the conference committee as a result of more of the contents and impacts being revealed, and citizens like yourselves, who care deeply about others and our country – will actively ‘hound’  your Congressional representatives to fight for fairness and equality.

Criteria of fairness, fiscal responsibility and assessment of impact have been supplanted by an ethic of “rewarding friends and punishing enemies” (blue states, Obamacare, etc.) Not a  responsible way to run a country. Nor is it responsible for us, as voters, to look only at our self interest or vote for the party. Too many republicans have supported a party because 1) they’ve been “a life-long republican and support smaller government, etc.” or 2)  they’re a businessman, and assume that republicans are good for business. Isn’t it time we, as voters, think of others and the “public interest”. If we don’t, our representatives surely won’t.

Traveling last week in some of the few remaining communist countries, I am reminded of my gratitude that we have a representational democracy……or do we? Are your values, interests and priorities being represented currently? If not…”you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution”..so it’s time that each of you resolve to do more than just vote and make a financial contribution to your representative. It’s time to get involved now in the 2018 elections for the House & Senate. If you would like to know specifics of what more you can do….call me.

If you are not already receiving notices of wwwIndivisible.org – please sign up. It is a progressive – EXTREMELY knowledgable group that has delineated various bills since the last election, but also ‘how-to’ effectively ‘lobby’.

When I was last in D.C., on the Hill, I was astounded at the number of ‘special interests’ – (no necessarily yours) lobbyist inundating the congressional offices. It’s time to ‘amp’ up your involvement in the 2018 elections now. Please don’t wait. Our democracy is at stake!

Also, there are many women who are running for Congress this year and winning their primaries. So if you’re content with your own congressman, there’s still more you can do beyond your district – by supporting with contributions, or getting the word out to friends/relatives …about certain new female challengers around the country.

In the Global Times, an editorial states: “The West is descending into Chaos”. The bottom line was – “Until its leaders rediscover their “political authority and moral compass” , the decline of the West will continue.

Moral compass? Let’s remember that the FIRST ACT of this Republican House was to eliminate the Ethics Committee!  – That should tell you something!!!

We have the power, at least for now….so please do your part

Claudine Schneider