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When Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel, he takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with this bird of his dreams.

Stars: Karen Disher, Jason Fricchione, Sofia Scarpa Saldanha, Leslie Mann, Kelly Keaton.

Directed by Carlos Saldanha.

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So, a great animation, extremely epic and visually stunning, Rio psp will maintain every person mesmerized and captivated long right after the end, and personally for me is one of the best, if not the bast animation i've seen. The great component that earns the 4 stars is the animation of animals (not humans) Yes, they are cute, nicely drawn and animated, and all that jazz. Jesse Eisenberg goes from playing Mark Zuckerberg to a bird named Rio. Rio dowloand. Nothing more to say except I highly suggest Rio. Fun to watch and there had been parts that made me to laugh. Rio video download! Surely this movie is gonna set new standards in its segment. They don't look for star power and pop culture, like Dreamworks does all of the time in recent years. To mate with Jewel, the last female blue macaw. It is a simpler plot. And if download movie Rio had been released months ago, audiences worldwide would think that Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, missed his cage, mirror and little bell. Most of the jokes have been utilized numerous times prior to, but when some of the jokes seem new, they can be actually funny.

Hi all :) download Rio is really 1 of the most inspiring Animation movies I have seen for very a whilst. I thought this was one of those movies, but it wasn't. Animation was superb. So did my greatest friend who i went to see it with. Rio" is set in the exotic Brazil, amidst the world renowned carnival. Anne Hathaway previously voiced Haru on the English dub of The Cat Returns. OMG, I require to strategy to go see it once more. To begin with the positives of this movie let's start with the characters. Download the Rio online. Some of the romantic scenes will make you go Ȫwww. Everybody one has his or her own idea of what is acceptable content and what is not. For instance The Dark Knight, Inception and The King's Speech are my favorite films of this past decade but they are not for everyone. Never ever feed your parrot from your mouth a parrot can die from the bacteria in a human's mouth 3.

My opinion overall is really positive. That in mind, there is a lot more of 2011 I have however to see, hence the so far bit, but I totally loved this movie after seeing it when it came out today. But positive makes me want to go to Rio dvd. Rio download dvd. Regardless of the assistance, the two heroes are ultimately left to save themselves. The music was also pretty lively. Like Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg did for Rio. There's a lot of black voices in it too. The climax of the film nevertheless was incredibly touching, as Blu finally ⊾lieved he could fly" (thats an R Kelly nod) and swooped down to save an injured Jewel from impending death during the closing set piece. The finest scene was when the monkey's and the bird's fight, it was just to funny. If you loved Ice Age, you're gonna adore this more. That has excellent actors, beautiful presentation, and an adventurous story that makes this a need to have (or watch since it is not on Blu-ray however). This movie lacked the humour which ought to have been given the main focus. The film reminded me why I don't see most animated kids films they're a waste of time and funds (if you see them in the theater). Regardless there is also a malicious cockatoo that is reminiscent of Scar from the Lion King. Rhymer also saves some of the best lines of the movie for Nigel. Rio movie watch. The colors were brilliant and fun to look at, the story seemed cute (even though not very original.

Want to see this at rwm.

Fox and Horton Hears a Who, both films were adapted from novels. Rio hd movie.

It was not poor but it seemed to quick of a soultion to the end the movie. I suggest individuals of all age groups to watch it at least one necessarily in 3D to get the full excitement and enjoyable in an adventurous way. The only issue i have is the girl looking for her missing bird, "have you seen this bird. Chipping in are Leslie Mann as Blu's owner Linda, who goes into a parallel love story of her own as nicely with bird scientist Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro), Flight of the Conchords' Jermaine Clement as the villainous bully Nigel, and with others such as will. Anne Hatahway in certain does well and then there's Jemaine Clement stealing most of the show as the villainous cockatoo, Nigel and obtaining the greatest song of the movie. So when I saw a unique advanced screening of Rio dvd a couple of days ago, my expectations were low, sufficient for me to anticipate that the film will fail. 1 huge thing I loved about the Ice Age comedies was Sid's dumb nature and special techniques of saying issues that produced you laugh hysterically. Animated Rio in HD De JaneRio in HD is as pretty as the real thing-perhaps even more so. When RIO shines it really shows you all it can. When I watched download Rio online with my children, my son (18yrs) mentioned the high criminal rate in download Rio online, 1 of the highest in the world, and I whispered back that he will not see anything of this in the movie except in a polished way that doesn't exist in reality. The rest is forgettable fare. As years pass, Linda and Blu form a special friendship where they both trust,enjoy and care for the other. Much more power to Blu & Jewel. Rio online hd. Jewel is a lovely love interest, and her chemistry with Blu is ceaselessly entertaining and cute.

Once more the critics get it wrong. Watch Rio full film good quality.

Wife, son and myself loved this movie.

If anybody out there for whatever reason is in a sad or angry mood, seeing this for an hour and a half ought to undoubtedly lift your spirits. Rio' was enjoyable sufficient that I wished it could never end. My children, my wife, and I enjoyed it. And excellent for the kids but whatever. Maybe it's because I'm 39 and prefer action and comedy movies. Little kids will be unfazed but adults will locate Rio high quality's screenplay, credited to four individuals no less, to be fairly mechanical. This movie is so terrible because no 1 likes bird, especially non-flying birds. Download divx Rio movie. And I haven't observed it in 3D. Really cute and also funny. Com and , Wikipedia: "List of macaws". Rio is a hodgepodge of collage, impromptu tips that at times hit, and at others miss the mark. I hope they will produce a lot more movies like "Rio". Apart from that 1 negative point, the movie is really great, and I would suggest watching it. Buy the film Rio! The movie was speeding down on the incline I already had it set upon. Anne Hathaway has stunning voice and Jesse Eisenberg is perfect for the role of Blu. Understanding the infamy of Tracy Morgan's mouth, I could have carried out with out his contribution. I would leave correct when Will.

Saldanha pays homage to the city where he was born, and does it by showing us the beauty of its locations, its individuals, and its music, throughout one of the most fun and colorful events that take place every year: Carnival. Blu is my favorite character, he makes the movie what it is. The character animation was really nicely done and it created out of some scenes some thing really unforgettable and very enjoyable. The Rio movie. Quiet nights of quiet stars,Quiet chords from my guitar,Floating on the silence that surronds us,Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams,Quiet walks by quiet streams,And the window that searching so to Corcovado,Oh. Let your children to the movies if they like it. Becoming realistic animation, how could the illustrators make the parrots 3 toes, instead illustrated with parrot's amazing hand-functioning, two-toes-forward, two-toes-back. There is 1 character that succeeds admirably, and that is the villain, an evil bird named Nigel. It thankfully isn't chock full of fart jokes and individuals falling down (a common cliché in kids films) and it was really pretty funny.

It's well written, really funny, extremely well animated and nicely performed by the voice talents of some nicely identified Hollywood stars, like Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, George Lopez and so numerous others. Cheech Marin in the very same role would have been 10 times better. Of course this would be expected in a children movie, but what are you going to do. The story begins with Blu, a Brazilian blue macaw which is captured by illegal bird dealers and goes straight to the freezin' Minnesota, U. All the best ingredients. For me - the greatest downside is, that whilst other animated movies frequently feature cute animals, are colorful, there are songs in them, and so on - small children enjoy that. So overall i would strongly recommend this movie for families. This was laugh out loud funny and cute. Watch Rio movie high quality. If you want a movie that has a great story and fantastic visuals and you genuinely want to lol, then go see this movie. Like how numerous complain about Bollywood movies padding their run time with its musical numbers, Rio in HD is also guilty of the very same, making it seem overly longer than its 96 minute runtime. It got a massive promotion arround the world and the result is as you all know such a massive opening not just in US but all through the world a huge appreciation. What I loved most about download Rio online was its energy. Long might the film's infectious joy and spirit last.

Throughout the adventures, there are buddies who aid in returning Blu to his owner, such as a funny bulldog named Luis (voiced by comedian Tracy Morgan), a wisecracking toucan named Rafael (voiced by comedian George Lopez), and two rapping birds played by Will I Am and Jamie Foxx. On top of this, I began rooting for something that I usually fight against in movies. Seeing a TV spot right now, i remember that it was all those things, but significantly much more as well. There are a couple of legitimately impressive performances, which includes Jemaine Clement of ȯlight of the Conchords" fame as a conniving cockatoo, and Tracy Morgan from ∰ Rock" as an oversensitive bulldog. Who knows, But all I know is that I enjoyed it a lot the first time.

It all came together so nicely , that I found just impossible not to like this movie. Iɽ just add that Carnaval doesn't happen only in the Sambodromo or in the slums. Overall, this movie has superb visuals and actors. I have tremendous complaints about the Spanish dubbing, seRio full movieusly if you want a movie to be in Spanish for Mexico it has to be in universal Mexican Spanish like the Disney movies, not using horrible and terrible slang's and wording from just Mexico city slumps. Watch Rio the film full version. It got annoying that he couldn't fly and unbelievable. These genre is just getting far better and truly performing justice to the 3D. Rio watch I can't give it a 10/10 rate simply because of two issues that goes against the movie, one is not so poor but the second is truly annoying. Pretty lame, although funny at times, uninteresting characters, random uncomfortable dance nunmbers that had absolutely nothing to do with anything. Just let it out and take pleasure in. In fact I found myself checking my phone a couple of times. Youngsters are looking foward to this movie. There are a couple of musical numbers, and their not poor, but don't anticipate the next 'Lion King'. She even wanted to remain via the credits. Jordan six generations, storewww. Rio movie online is a enjoyable movie for kids. The soundtrack, overseen by Sergio Mendes, has a couple of lively bossa nova moments, but not nearly sufficient. I personally feel birds are best for this because they have nice smooth movements. Watch Rio hd. The character animation was spectacular and the characters themselves were all brilliantly voiced and varied. Can't stand george lopez , this is a far cry from ice age movies. Both birds end up on a journey trying to totally free themselves whilst escaping from Nigel and the poachers and along the way they befriend Rafael (George Lopez) the toucan, Pedro (Will. A splash of colors incorporating into 1 grand picture, yeah, like Sidney Pollack. The plot itself might not seem very interesting. Blu is captured by poachers and smuggled to Minnesota.

My favorite characters are that tiny bird and that fat red bird- which names escape me now. Rio full dvd movie.

Enjoyable, but very forgettable. Video Rio. The overall plot is predictable, but there are smaller twists to maintain you entertained. I enjoy the depiction of illegal bird trade in Brazil which is a bit comparable in my country. I am 38 years old and was so excited when I discovered out this movie was coming out. Then male bird returns to its owner, and marries the female, producing their own birds. This film is a step forward in the technologies and style of personal computer animations. Domesticated male blue macaw goes to buy Rio to mate with wild female blue macaw but they both get pinched by bird traffickers. So if you haven't observed it yet, I highly recommend it, you'll walk away, laughing, and wishing the encounter had in no way ended. Rio movie online watch. There are scenes similar to Ice Age, like the two birds that get in love falling in the air, as employed in the Ice Age film. With the assist of street smart Jewel, and a group of wise-cracking and smooth- talking city birds, Blu escapes. Now, for the movie itself… Location, location, location. Just the character and voice appear off. Watch Rio high quality. The movie's villain was fairly dull but was still decently acted and originally plotted. Went to see it at Harkins and it was half full. There is a adore interest thrust upon us, with the only other surviving Blue Macaw Jewel (voiced by Cat-females elect Anne Hathaway, a really clichຝ love story in sadly an underwritten component. There is no hope for a story line from the rich bastards that designing the movies now. Is there anything else I require to know. Divx online. I actually enjoyed this movie. Rio blu-ray is set in a carnival-like atmosphere, orchestrated by vivacious, Broadway-themed routines and sizzling, animally-carnal and sizzling dance sequences. I had gone to watch this movie this weekend with 2 kids (6 year old and 10 year old) and both of them loved the movie - surprisingly, so did I. Connected nicely with the over 16 crowd, the music was very excellent, not a massive fan of rap but all the Split Eyed Peas stuff is catchy, and the rapping that Will I Am did was "off the chain" as my older youngsters used to say. The story is good, and tight - there are extremely few times when you may well really feel it drag, the art is outstanding and the 3D effects are great with out being overpowering. I want to watch the full film of Rio online? The screenplay structure was rather common and applied in most of the kids's films i've observed. Rio movie dvd release? Blu, a precocious, protected young Macaw has been living given that his babyhood with Linda, a nerdy, caring librarian and has several tricks under his sleeve, none of them involving flying (because he can't). Austin, Leslie Mann, Tracy Morgan, Rodrigo Santoro, Wanda Sykes (cameo), Jane Lynch (cameo), Will. The negatives: The poor guys are stupid, the monkeys was unessecary, and the entire subplots with the kid and romance between the 2 principal humans was just weak and uninteresting. Rio film downloads. Very first of all, don't be scared off by the film critics reviews(I believe most of them have a perpetual stick up their rumps). Shows the worst of RJ and unreal facts. Even although the finale is fairly mediocre by recent year standards, at its finest Rio truly will have you grooving and taking in the sights and sounds, which is an accomplishment worth noting. Rio movie", albeit a children's movie, still is awfully disingenuous to anticipate Fernando(whose R-rated self would be dealing drugs, or worse, selling his body in an analogous film) to act against his own economic interests by helping his former victims track down the missing birds. This movie was not as good as I thought it was going to be, but it was still an enjoyable movie that the entire family can enjoy. I mean although blue talked it felt like Jesse is talking, it is so weird but i thought he was looking like jesse too, lol.

I would safely say, this is by far, 1 of this year's finest animation movie. I highly recommend that you see this in 3D because it adds a lot to the animation. I saw it on a Saturday matinee, filled with children and parents, and every person seemed to love it. Colorful and entertaining all through the entire movie. I found my mind drifting a lot following witnessing repeated silly jokes and a totally uninvolving string of events (which is the movie's excuse for a story). A ideal movie for the entire family. It had some funny parts but I lost interest for the most component. Rio online movie! There is no doubt this one will grab tons of money in the marketplace and further set up a great mouth-of-praise for Blue-sky Studio and shows the world beside ICE AGE franchise, they are truly capable of becoming a prospective competitor of Pixar.

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