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TRON: Legacy

Sam Flynn, the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn, looks into his father's disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 20 years. Along with Kevin's loyal confidant, father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.

Stars: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, James Frain.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski.

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I'm certainly going to see it once again :). Scene right after scene you'll be amazed of what you see to the extent thatat sometime throughout the movie you'll understand your mouth has been wideopen. The actor playing Sam was okay (no Oscar buzz there) but managed to portray a convincing picture of an abandoned son, looking for answers. It could effortlessly be the main conflict of the plot instead of that between Clu and Flinn. As if that weren't enough, they spent most of the moviebasking in a cyberpunk neon glow. Filme TRON: Legacy online? The original 'Tron,' believe it or not, was not a Box Office smash when it was released although it did obtain a lot of crucial acclaim. But I didn't saw the old TRON Movie (1982) so I was kinda amused. Tron Legacy" is a massive improvement on the original in both visuals and style what the original lacked this absorbing sequel makes up for it with a high octane, bold adventure that is ripped right from the world of TRON, this film may lack compelling dialogue but it has just sufficient intelligence, style, charm and just sufficient well written dialogue to save this from becoming a disaster "Tron Legacy " is a magical in the sense of its wonder and excitement, in its visuals and its at times emotional father son tale at the heart of this film. This is a mega-budget blockbuster meant to be produced for generating a lotof revenue, so there has to be a story which will appeal to the massaudience, the story is what these folks pay their ticket-price for,but this guy is no Steven Spielberg, he is an architect and graphicsdesigner right after all, although the story is great, the plot is simple andminimal, even though rather well constructed.

The story lacks in dynamic telling,energetic play of actors and big points happening on the screen. Now the premise is in fact sort of similar to the first "Tron" movie but a lot has been updated greatly. Awsome , IMAX 3D, worth the additional $ to see it on the large screen , I LIKED IT, THE WIFE LIKED IT, MY 16 YR OLD AND MY 10 YR OLD SONS BOTH LIKED IT ! 2 THUMBS UP. The TRON: Legacy. But individuals will see this movie for the classic it will be one day. The bones of the film being the effects and visuals, and not let downby them at all. It offers an original (even although it's a sequel) movie-watching experience that does a great job of allowing the viewer to suspend disbelief.

The effects really comparable to the very first film but of course far better. I almost started to dance on my seat, it wasreally something. I suggest it to anybody to take their family to see this holiday season. Actionwise: it was good, but i missed some stuff like walking giants,an active firewall surrounding a beam, the creation of something fromthin air by a user, the tanks or even Bit the bit that hovered andsaid simply "yes" and "no". Youcouldn't tell whether he was happy, sad or confused as a person, onlythat he was confused as an actor. You actually really feel as if you are inside the personal computer. I have by no means been more disappointed in anything in my life. This movie was terrible. I was a large fan of the original and watched it hundreds of times. I could barely get via thi&# 46.. s when. Tron: Legacy sucks Full Review. It fails in every aspect the onlypositive of the movie are its special effects. Hd TRON: Legacy movies. The music was some of the best I've heard too-reallyaddicting. That's what so unique about 'TRON Legacy'. TRON: Legacy the film in hd. WHY WAS THE ENDING SO LAME. Hedlund isn't great but he's not too bad either. And the acting is fine. It was never going to bea gritty, daring or 'out-there' bit of film-generating. This a terrific action sci-fi adventure. It is about to leave theaters, so if you haven't gotten the chance, GO SEE TRON LEGACY. Powerful sounds & special effects, a dystopian computer world and a classic human vs. Great movie fantastic graphics 3G is a waste of funds though. Watch the whole TRON: Legacy movie After seeing this movie I'm starting to wonder what the 1985 movie was like. Along with Kosinski,the amazing art and production designers create the stunning universe of Tron. I can't envision myself in a couple of months purchasing the movieto watch in my sofa. That is not the point of this film that is not why it was made.

What I enjoyed most was the neon colors that really brought the digital world to life.

Yep, a lot of work in creating it, yep, some passable effects, but there are sooo several issues wrong with this hokey, whimpy badly directed piece of shloppy rubbish, it begs the question. Buy TRON: Legacy the movie? Thedisc war and the motorbike wipeout, to be exact. There is some great action with semblances of an engaging story that falls apart partway. Once they had the gay guy with the crown in the club i knew it was a Disney movie hahahahahah. With Sheen being the most well known "new" cast member who is a large fan of the first film,it is effortless to see the relish and huge amount of glee that Sheen puts into his performance. Cut to present day, Sam is 27 and a skilled personal computer hacker. Make no mistake about it, Disney has created atruly alien atmosphere - we definitely aren't in Kansas anymore. I was just ready to take them to yogi bear any time they commence troubling in the movie but I was surprised they watched all of it. Don't get me wrong, I don't object to a re-visitation if the story is good and well executed, but this was neither. Let's be honest: the original Tron produced totally no sense, had apretty stale and thin plot and only became a cult since of itsrevolutionary use of CGI and its impressive visual style. Go see it if for no other reason than the pc generated influence it will have on movies to come. As for the storyline, itwasn't too hard to follow and they do a fairly good job of explainingeverything. 1 more thing, this is one of those movies (like Avatar) where youHAVE to see it in a Real IMAX theater. It has excellent cast, in that sense a excellent selling point as it brings backJeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner from its original TRON, and Garrettto me is the best guy to play Sam. What precisely is anISO program. It had the ideal mix of action, suspense, and detailed story telling to be much more than comfortable. When the action dies down she reveals a softer and far a lot more innocent side, which is truly surprising thinking about the capacity she displays when the discs commence flying. Tron: Legacy is actually really great movie. Clearly if you do not like electronic music (with extremely obvious classical influences and basis), you may possibly not have a extremely excellent taste in music, but hey, who am I to judge. In this movie I found myself rooting for the exit sign. I've been waiting for this movie for about a year, and following reading some pre-release reports of reshoots, began to fret that possibly this wouldn't be so excellent after all. So, last night I watched Tron: Legacy at a new state of the art cinema in London. The very first one was bad, but at least it was enjoyable. TRON: Legacy in HD has a very good plot that compliments the original film but it has a universal appeal so that those who never saw the first film can enjoy just as nicely. Stream TRON: Legacy online. Whywas the genocide covered so lightly, while that last females was supposedto be a miracle. I undoubtedly hope the next sequel isn't 28 years in coming as I look forward to it with fantastic anticipation. My girl friendfell asleep :-)Thats all. Perhaps I'm stillstuck to my thoughts of the old Tron, perhaps I am not keen to acceptwhat my friends say about it, but I still feel it is not as great asmany other complex Sci-Fi plot. Dude, it is Tron man: folks trapped in a video game, and digital elements of that game manifested as people. TRON: Legacy full movie is no various. But for the generation of ➂ i think we miss stuff as described above. This movie was so boring. Download TRON: Legacy film in hd. It was a waste of additional money: I kept my glasses off during the intro and when they were in the digital world I didn't actually notice when it was 3D. All in all, TRON: Legacy film is not a very intelligent movie, but it's funand simply impressive. There is nodumbing down of things, and you wouldn't find the actors mouthing offall that is going on to spoon-feed the audience. And unluckily, this movie will most likely a bit of a disappointment on home video, for the very same reason that Blade Runner is a disappointing watch on home video - the movie is too dark to pick up the details well.

The cool factor about "Tron: Legacy" is that the visual FX team has made Bridges look like he did in the original for later scenes with his young son and then as a clone of himself in the Grid. Good god, it was like watching Program 9 From Outer Space, instead of a great studio giving you a NEW benchmark to feel about. If this movie had been 30 or (even far better) 60 minutes shorter it would have been simply excellent fun. It is not time to reboot, it is time tounplug. If CLU had access to contact it, couldn't he just have taken over the world without all the charades. The music is great and completes the visual experience brilliantly. TRON: Legacy full movie. The movie actually is a worthy sequel and reboot to the franchise It is a great movie with excellent visuals and sound and although it does have some minor issues they actually don't affect the encounter of what the movie tries to do. Cons: Not the greatest story. But what we get is some sort of a open source free OS diarrhea (bad business wanting to make cash vs the great boy wanting to give every thing for totally free) mixed with some awful acting and no attempt whatsoever to locate a parallel between the digital and the real world that can be a little believable. Fantastic music, excellent Olivia Wilde, and MICHAEL SHEEN. TRON: Legacy full hd. It produced really feel like an 11 year boy (which is an achievement as I'm a woman, so have never been one. The plots are basicallyidentical with a few extremely predictable twists, but it doesn't matterbecause nobody goes to Tron for intellectual stimulation. TRON: Legacy hd movie download. Quickly forward a couple of years and that little boy is Flynns son and he likesto hack his own organization now and once more, a lot to the ilk of CillianMurphy and that bloke from season 7 of ✤'. The highlights are the visual effects --the colors combination fits the virtual environment and takes you into it -- and the soundtrack. Especially the middle component just drags on and onand on. The character in the most recent Tron film is much more of a henchman and is barely seen. Daft Punk do/does the music and it figuratively drives the film. Yet another wonderful film from disney, TRON is, and will remain, one of the finest movies i have ever seen, the concept has been brought to life in a new way with twists to thrill even watchers of the 60's version will love. Nothing remarkable, but still a good way to spend a couple of hours. The movie was a spectacular show with regards to its unique effects. Strange as it may possibly seem, it is the sound that actually ties the filmtogether. Watch TRON: Legacy movie good quality. The unbelievable storyline played a part here. These are minor problems and actually don't impact the overall experience so don't take them to heart, I'm just saying it could have a much better narrative to tell with all the fantastic stuff in the film. Science,quantum mechanics, religion, everything. Ignore some of theobvious plot holes, like Kevin Flynn biologically ageing inside amachine, and sometimes annoying dialogue८. But they would get 50% of what is there. Watch TRON: Legacy online hq. The dialogue can be very cheesy, and the CG of Jeff Bridges' clone are a bit laughable. The plot is simply a story of FATHER & SON, of their worlds apart yet a journey together, a dream realized yet torn apart.

Regardless of thisit has had a tremendous following over the last couple of decades, whicheventually led to this very first of possibly two sequels. Really the film is two films. I'm not familiar with the original Tron, and basically went with zero expectations of anything resembling a plot and just wanted to appreciate the 3D effects. TRON: Legacy dvdrip download. Just watched this today and I have not been so pleasantly surprised in a lengthy time. And that's specifically what 'Tron:Legacy' is: a politically correct and linear movie interested a lot more ofbeing a visual reference to this generation than a really sci-fi epic. I'm not surprised that Tron wasn't a good movie.

TRON: Legacy blu-ray will only be enjoyed by men in their thirties and early forties looking for a Proustian moment. Why does Sam have to remind Kevin of the "Same team" rule. Whichinevitably created me wonder "what if.


Do not listen to folks who say the movie wan not great, they have no idea what they are talking about. I assure you that you will not miss anything. 1 much more plus is soundtrack, it is superb. Tron 2's storyline was Really barfacious (Tron 1's plot just qualifies as "lame"), but the visuals much more than created up for it. Garret Hedlund is a good choice as the sardonic Sam Flynn, and has great chemistry with everyone. Some parts that quit you dead in the tracks, and yanks you out of the excellent feeling the rest of the story has built up. Looks like a excellent continuation from the original :). You have to appreciate the idea of being trapped inside a virtual world, that's what makes a lot of folks not like it as a lot. Doesn't bore you a bit. Yea certain, what everybody says about the unique effects is accurate, it looked cool. The visual effects were fantastic and even although I had never observed the original it was very effortless to follow and was a excellent modern twist to an older classic.

If you want to go see a movie that will just make you feel great and completely entertain you, this is it. I wasn't disappointed, and the story was fairly decent in my opinion. Movie TRON: Legacy. For all the whistles and bells, cool French dance duo soundtrack, old Jeff Bridges, young Jeff Bridges, light cycles, architecture, colour coded costumes and of course three entire dimensions, Tron's biggest crime is that it's just boring. TRON: Legacy the movie good quality. Let me preface this review by stating that I am an unabashed fan of the80's.

Visually this is a really entertaining movie. Movie the TRON: Legacy. A mad character gone wild and it's up to the great guys to stop him. The characters had been cliché and flat. A better example is the fourth 'Indiana Jones' adventure, which might not be loved by all, but it produced a heap of cash at the Box Office. I rated Tron 8 out of 10, criteria wise, but that need to not matter much to you. I have to say, although,that Olivia Wilde fairly a lot stole every scene she was in. The visuals are fantastic, and I saw it in 3D and it was one of the far better films to use that strategy, but I found myself looking at my watch at least three times hoping it would end. The concept is possibly that the digital world is so significantly moreadvanced than our own that they had to emphasize this by only showingthis world in 3D. Tron was a fun movie to watch. Dvd TRON: Legacy online. To them I say "Kudos Sirs , you by no means cease to amaze me".

I love Avatar too, moreso than Tron since it's effects are even moreso masterful. 1 night, Adam (from the original. It looks fantastic – faithful to the original creation but by no means feels dated by an old view of computing, it is a vibrant location and even some forced "places" (like a nightclub that makes it feel a small Cool World) don't hurt it beyond the bigger concept and feel. line, surely the most unintentionally humorous line of dialogue in asci-fi movie since the Star Wars prequels. The music is awesome, i even downloaded the Daft punk album. Movie TRON: Legacy download. The movie is entertaining and merely a feast for the eyes. TRON Legacy' is 1 of those science fictions which stand tall among others and will give you solid reasons to remember a year by its name. That wasn't the issue with the movie, and if you read the reviews, you'd see the principal complaint is the same as mine - this movie wasn't fun enough. The story and setting are so nuanced and quirky it keeps things fresh regardless of the many action scenes. TRON has developed a never-before-experienced combination of sound and imagery. Watch TRON: Legacy online good quality. Not anything new but just well placed reminders of the human condition. The fights are thus as anticlimactic as those in Matrix Reloaded.

Svelte, attractive ornaments in platform heels and tight get-ups, the better for the male eye to feast upon. Reminded me a bit of matrix and when Jeff Bridges opened his mouth later on in the movie, a bit too much of the dude. Jeff Bridges channeled some of his "Huge Lebowski" character, which was highly amusing and the visual graphics had been stunning. Several cool and unforgettable sequences. Sorry bean counting-obsessed feminists, you're not likely to cotton well to this movie, for with the exception of the Quorra character, women figure really little in this movie, and when they do appear, they do so primarily as ornaments. 1 day Sam managesto hop inside this virtual world too and they are reunited. Zeus OMG that dude sucked the last LED ofhope from my mind. Sam is forced to play games and "survive" on the Grid as he looks for his father. 1989 Kevin Flynn (CEO of Encom), was reported missing. Following years of waiting, Disney has produced a sequel to the 1983 hit inwhich Jeff Bridges produced the arcades enjoyable for the kid in us. I guess I truly don't see what the critics see since I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this film. But the film's greatest asset is an amazing score by Daft Punk. TRON:Legacy isn't a best movie although, then once more neither was the original movie. Two grandsons (ages 11 & 14) thought it was OK but described it as "weird" and "confusing. The viewer is put inside the difficult mind of Sam Flynn, and that's what makes download TRON: Legacy online brilliant. TRON: Legacy movie in english to download. I remember leaving the cinema following watching avatar depressed at howsad our world looks compared with pandora. Watch entire TRON: Legacy film. It has been a long time since I have been dazzled by a movie like this. If you can overlook writing and a plot that any amateur could have carried out, the unique effects are worth seeing, but I wouldn't waste my time on it understanding what I know now. And guess what, the director ofthis movie is a professional architect specializing in 3D modeling. I would give it a 12 out of 10 if I could since it was just that awesome of a spectacle and story of estrangement, betrayal, political symbolism, and self-sacrifice. TRON: Legacy full lenght movie in pda format? Solid performances from the actors and a wonderful soundtrack inject meaning into a world crafted via Disney's heavy-handed application of CGI animation. Herehe does nearly nothing extraordinary until the end, which is reallyvery predictable. Luckily, the father and son in this sci-fi sequel don't share a penchant for mythological characters – only binary based ones. The story hasn't got the 'oempf' that Tron 1 did, but it will do. 1 of the most exciting, entertaining and visually pleasing movies I've ever observed. Goin and just let yourself experience the new age of movie making at itsbest. So it's off to the old arcade for Sam, where he boots up and old pc and as quickly as you can say Ctrl-Alt-Del he's on the "grid", a computerised universe built by his Dad. Now this movie is tough for a critic like myself since the story is pretty poor. I was expecting this movie to be better than it was. If your looking to get out reality for two hours of your life and watch an emotional story of a bond between a father and son, mixed with the complications of a really (now dark, deceptive) computerized world, I suggest you take a view of this masterpiece in modern day film making. Right after a lot more than a decade, an additional TRON movie was released. TronLegacy" is a sad example of dumbed down generic PG-13 stuff for themasses. Certainly I've had to turn my brain off at the cinema before but this took it to whole new level. As a fan of component 1 I hoped Legacywould bring me much more in a 3D way. TRON: Legacy HD puts on a excellent show. The unique effects had been excellent. The only reason I went to see the film was since I had seen the initial one. TRON: Legacy online movie.

Tron: Legacy is a great follow up to the 1982 Disney ground breaking film. Add to that, a excellent performance from the sexy OliviaWilde, who manages to mesmerize the viewer with not just herattractiveness but her actual classy attitude and motivated performance. Hidden secrets will be revealed and expect some surprising twists in this otherworldly digital domain of peril and adventure. I fell in adore with the music and the atmosphere. Iunderstand Disney's logic in hiring him (much less famous = a lot more control byDinsey) but he may not actually have been ready for this huge leap.

Whats wrong with these critics. TRON: Legacy online TRON: Legacy online. But I decided to go to a matinee movie one day and this was the only one. The film TRON: Legacy? From the initial moment inside this world the initial thing that comes to your mind is WOW. Movie downloads. J Abrams,with Horowitz and Kitsis having written quite a couple of great episodes (such as some mythology ones ) of the mind-bending, hit show Lost),seem to mostly shy away from trying to develop a mythology for the "Tron Universe" and to instead keep the movie self contained. It may not work too nicely. Keep in mind this is the sequel that broke so much new ground in the world of computers and movie-creating it's still becoming talked about. As for the cast for ȭownload TRON: Legacy", well they had managed a excellent ensemble of people here. This one, sadly, does not do that. In keeping with the theme of sly subversion in this movie is the manner in which ladies are portrayed. TRON: Legacy movies? The older Kevin Flynn dresses like Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi when he rescues his son Sam and they attempt to reach the portal prior to Flynn's alter-ego CLU tries to quit them. What's the large deal with the identity - Doesn't Matter.

Hedlund isn't great but he's not toobad either. Going in with that mindset I forced myself through the first 10 minutes of in-comprehensive story to get to the actual plot. Possibly if they kept the action flowing, with small dialog,this movie would have been far better, but attempting to add depth to such apoor script ends up boring the audience. In the initial movie the whole goal was for him to reachthe I/O tower and he was crucial for the resolution of the plot. In the end a lot of confusing ideas came together and you really get what the movie was all about. It is so clean the whole movie you by no means truly notice the glasses. Bridges, the actual 1, turns in a prettygood performance but at the exact same time I can't help but think thismaterial is pretty far below him. Additionally, I was annoyed that so small was done with the TRON character. Whereas the light cycles and neon frisbee death match correlates nicely to the graphics in a coin-operated machine, its newfangled re-imaginings are too elaborate, not looking at all like some thing "God"(circa the 80s: the time period that Flynn was supposed to have invented this "new frontier") could have developed. Writing, direction, acting, fundamentally every thing else: Awful. But when I saw it again. The movie holds very true to the original. I enjoyed this movie, the 3D truly made the distinction, even thou im not a actual fan of tron i enjoyed this movie, the actors are excellent at greatest, the storyline to me could"ve been far better but still a great movie. It begins withKevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) telling his son, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund)about the Grid and he looks forward to taking him there someday. When can i buy TRON: Legacy film. TRON is some thing to truly behold. I keep in mind the 70s sci-fi stories. Nothing in this film caught my interest other than my concern for Sam's adorable small dog and my unanswered wonder as to who is feeding him whilst Sam is in Tronland following the yellow brick road. Don't Be concerned , Tron makes a cameo appearance as well. Watch TRON: Legacy dvd rip. The effects had been "okay" and there is some action, but all in all it was so-so. What would pc info look like through the very first person perspective past the main board and CPU. Overall I thought the movie was really great.

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