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Blending state-of-the-art animation with live action, Hop tells the comic tale of Fred, an out-of-work slacker who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny and must take him in as he recovers. As Fred struggles with the world's worst house guest, both will learn what it takes to finally grow up.

Stars: James Marsden, Russell Brand, Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria, Gary Cole.

Directed by Tim Hill.

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And whoever pooped this movie out should be fired - or forced to watch it over and over until they apologize. Refreshing plot, funny puns, nice story. I liked it, thought it was effortless on eyes and brain, but it could've utilized a little less cliche. The truth is that even although ȭownload Hop online" may possibly be the greatest film in theaters for children to see, it has no excuse to totally disregard originality. Do they give Razzles to animation. How to watch the full film of Hop.

We took our 4 year old son to watch Hop download on opening weekend. Grandaughter loved EB and Carlos.

One last reason to stay away from this movie - the movie introduces an adopted asian daughter, 1 scene later it makes fun of China and later they upstage the daughter when she has the lead in the school play. Watch Hop movie online.

However, Hop did lose the attention of my 9 year old at times. This makes ,Hop, nothing a lot more than a kid-pleasing flick that will make you wonder if Christmas came early this year. Even the dad who was sitting next to us who fell asleep throughout the previews, woke up at the quarter way point and laughed as a lot as my children did the rest of the movie. Hop dvdrip download? Omg too freaking cute. May be finest for younger kids. That was a great show. Buy Hop film on dvd I discovered this movie to be boring and predictable. Film dvd. Carlo's is not jailed, neither are the other chicks, but they are back to working again. I'd be embarrassed to have this film on my resume. Together these to have to function together, and make positive each kid receives their Easter egg. Kids went residence saying lines from the movie. Cheapest Hop film? Even although you don't expect too significantly from a movie for small kids the plot still makes no sense. I most likely will by it when I comes out on Blu-Ray. Very suitable for kids and the season. I thought the principal actor was excellent, and made you really feel like the animated character was actually there. Will be a favorite for years to come. My 8 year old loved it. I did discover some delight in Phil's dance moves, but that is a very small part of the movie. My Little Sister Wants To Watch It So Badly.

My husband and I took my 4yr old daughter. This is a sweet, simple film with great graphics, lovable characters, and plenty of laugh out loud humor. Hd movie download. I would recommend it for a nice family outing. I love Easter movies and I absolutely loved this one. Full Hop download. Let's face it, most of this movie is "The Rabbit Who Came To Dinner" and the rest was accepting who you are. The three adults all wished we could have our funds back. The movie was not poor at all. I really feel poor rating this movie so low, simply because I suspect there was a lot of excellent intent. Just saw it yesterday two months right after it's release at a bargain theater for only three dollars and wished I could have observed it when it came out at a better theater it was funny, warm and touching and a fantastic Easter movie that's going to be a classic for years to come at each and every Easter. Buy movie. Actually cute for the entire family. My youngsters who are 3 & 4 actually enjoyed the movie. "Hop" movie. Doesn't want that life. Movie downloads. I saw it with three other parents and four kids (ranging from 4-12 years old). Doesn't spoil anything for the children. I did too, and I'm not effortlessly entertained at a kids' movie. Hop the movie download.


Russell Brand love his humor but he need to have "just kidded" the signing on this movie. On the other hand it was a small boring for me. I hate films that patronizes youngsters, and this is one of the most patronizing films to come out in a long time. 5 year old son sat by means of the whole movie without having any complaints. Is much more likeable than Paul. Oh, and I thought it was going to be excellent since it was from the creators of Despicable Me, which I liked. When I heard it was from the producers of Dispeciable Me I knew it would be a excellent movie. The youngsters were into it from beginning to end. Watch Hop online full movie. Based on the ads and trailers (and volumes of other promotion), I truly wanted to see this movie. There are no really over the top moments to spoil the charm of the film. Hop the movie to download. The Easter Bunny is to Easter what Santa Claus is to Christmas.

Really imaginative and fantastic movie. The whole family went and it was cute and funny and a good story. Skip this movie and take your kids to the park. I thought it was a small slow, but cute. He saw the commercial and want to go see the Easter bunny. Download Hop film in ipod quality. THIS WAS A Straightforward Kids MOVIE. I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Comwe accept PAYPAL/credit card payment and all the goods are the Totally free shipping. Cute movie but as my family likes to say, wait to redbox it. Watch Hop film. Undoubtedly worth the outrageous movie ticket cost of today. I was bored as a mofo. This was just a poorly carried out movie with a cutesy but ill-conceived principal plot.

Youngsters loved it and I thought it was truly cute. So he embarks on a journey to escape to be a drummer. Psp Hop download. My husband and I took our 10 year old son to see it. We couldnt wait until the end, so poor as it was. If you require a good laugh, go see it. My 4 year old liked the music and got up a few times to dance.

Meanwhile, on Easter Island, the Easter Bunny (voiced by Hugh Laurie, "House") is the proud papa of E. This Moive was not bad. Hop film download high quality! But although EB is the next in line to obtain the official title, he couldn't care much less about becoming the official bearer of chocolate eggs and jellybeans. Trouble is, EB wants to be a drummer instead of taking up his duties. Where to download the Hop movie.

It was a cute movie for children, but even for kids it was pretty lame. This was a cute movie and funny for the most part. Cannot wait to own it on DVD. I like a lot of them (like lately, "Rio") and the kids usually give enthusiastic reviews even when I don't like them. I thought it was a cute movie, it put me in the mind set of the Santus Klaus movie. Fantastic MESSAGE IN THE DOUBLE STORY LINE. Hop movie download full movie. IT WAS JUST THAT Fantastic I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT ON DVD. The story line was neat. Download Hop online. The Easter Bunny concept and animation are possibly sufficient to maintain them interested.

So we tried to sit and watch the rest of the movie Hop HDing it would pick up and get much better and it only got worse. 6) Spoilt the magic of all future Easters7) Like the He-Man film, this is too based on Earth/reality instead of the significantly much more fascinating/fantastical hero's homeland8) Youngsters get shown being given humongous baskets laden with not only chocolate eggs but cakes, jelly-beans, chocolate rabbits, marshmallows and other assorted candy. The story line was neat. Such films are often really jolly therefor I want to see him. Animation was excellent, but there was a lot that could've been carried out better with this film in all other aspects. I thought it was a cute mix of the cartoon characters. When I heard it was from the producers of Dispeciable Me I knew it would be a good movie. I thought it was excellent. Watch full version of the Hop online. There were a few points at which I genuinely guffawed. Watch the entire film of Hop online. The kids in the room were quiet via most of it. Hop move! This movie kept us laughing and help our attention through the whole thing. Online film. Screw you film makers, I'm staying house. It was cute for kids and some parts were funny, some boring. I as an adult enjoyed the interaction of all the character both animated and human together. Hop the movie good quality? Why are Hugh Heffner and Chelsea Handler in a kids' movie. The best part is that I enjoyed it too. I would just have to say that in this movie there was points for all ages. Don't be fooled, if you still believe that every kids movie, Like Shrek, or The Incredibles, has something for each and every one of us, well this will prove you wrong. Like I mentioned, the story itself is not intriguing if that is what you are seeking for. Unfortunately, I went into this movie expecting an Easter movie, not Ȫliens" with the Peter Rabbit crew. It was not above my daughters head where she didn't comprehend those parts of the movie. Funny when Eb was attempting to get into the play boy mansion. I would suggest it for a nice family outing. Extremely appropriate for kids and the season. Hop online watch? Very cute Easter movie the entire family will appreciate. Bookmark this page >>www. Target age is 3 years and up. I would recommend save cash and use redbox later. She liked it but didn't adore it. There were some funny jokes. We enjoyed the acting and visuals. Critics ratings are the funniest. Watch Hop the film right now. Cute and utter fun but it's fluff for positive. Just testing Just testing Just testing Just testing Just testing Just testing Just testing Just testing Just testing Just testing Just testing Just testing.

This movie was ideal after a stressful week. But, still, it is enjoyable and should discover its way into many personal movie collections. It was not above my daughters head where she didn't comprehend those parts of the movie. In generating this movie as they did, they tell the movie-goer - "You have no brain, and no taste. Children require to learn with humor, patience, unconditional adore, understanding, an open mind, and they want to be taught the truth about the world. It is proper up there with the finest like the Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland. I mean would the creators of the hit ⋞spicable Me" truly lead you wrong. Overall an enjoyable, cute and touching movie. Film Hop full. Hop video.

I took 7 of my grandkids, ranging age from 6 1/2 to 1 to this and they got restless and bored. My youngsters age 11 & 5 and I loved this movie very cute and age friendly. AND AS AN ADULT IT Produced ME Feel LIKE A KID Once more. Download Hop films. It almost qualifies as an in-joke I was certainly amused by it, but it didn't actually do anything to advance the story.

I have to admit ever given that having kids and watching almost 10yrs of children's films, I have been a sucker for the actually cutesy ones for example The Chipmunk films. I AM SURPRISED NO One EVER THOUGHT TO DO A MOVIE ABOUT THE EASTER BUNNY Just before. At times it is very funny whilst at others it is nearly annoying. She would get up and commence dancing. It was an adorable movie. This movie was a lot much better than I was expecting. This is a great movie for families. My daughter loved it and would see it once more. Hop ipod was a dissapointment. The music options had been pretty great my daughter seemed to appreciate it every time she heard the drums. I dont even know what mentality this is meant for. However, these jokes had been still funny to everybody, given that the youngsters in the audience laughed as nicely. Hop download movie! I BOUGHT "Despicable Me" on DVD (loved it. Ipod Hop movie. The story was okay and I have to admit I dozed off a little towards the end but was awakened by youngsters dancing and clapping. A lot of the humor was too desperate. Yes the acting could have been a small much better but hey its a kid movie they dont truly care about the actors just the bunny :) I thought it was cute and worth the cost of the tickets. There had been some funny jokes. Colors are bright and vibrant. My 7 yr old boy is still raving about it. James Marsden is so likable, it's difficult not to like anything he's in, including Hop HD. Hop. THIS Component OF THE REVIEW May possibly CONTAIN SPOILERS*** There was a few specific issues I didn't like about it, along with some things I liked about it. I had an emotional tear jerk when the young man pulled out the easter bunny from his child hood and validated his belief in the easter bunny. Of this Holiday time, with his. Hop the film high quality? They enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, even usually unthrilled Grandpa enjoyed it. Hd dvd Hop online! I know the four sitting around me did not. Buy Hop. Even the children in the theater around me seemed restless and bored. I can't wait to see it once more. Russell Brand as the voice of the rabbit was fantastic. It was a kids movie, but pushing too a lot for adult humor (which was weak) but not enough stuff for the kids to be engaged. The Hop movie. Characters are cute and the plot is simple to follow, however the writing is a bit unimaginative. Hop ipod was a excellent movie for children.

My daughter can't quit talking about it. Very enjoyable for both kids and adults. Quality the Hop full movie. Not too many youngsters (or adults) remember Night Rider. The movie was not very funny and just seemed to drag on and on. I'm not typically into this kind of animated film - it certainly beats Alvin & The Chipmunks though. Overall it was a fantastic movie and enjoyed it on a rainy afternoon. I took my 7 year old to see this movie.

Oh, and my children liked it too. In reality, because Fred is going to house sit at a large mansion in Beverly Hills, thanks to his nicely-connected sister, EB thinks it is the start of a beautiful friendship between slacker and rabbit. I was rather disappointed. Yes, I should have missed that 1 as a kid. Hop movies download? My kids couldnt stop quoting scenes the moment we got in the car. I can't keep in mind anything inappropriate for young kids. Regardless, youngsters will enjoy it since they can't pick up on these hints. He does a excellent job and has his moments with funny lines and phrases. This was a great movie for Easter weekend. Hugh Laurie, of course, voices the character of E. The story should have taken a whole hour to come up with and even less time to write. Psp Hop movie download. I may have to see it once more to catch all of the small lines that I may well have missed simply because I was laughing so tough. I had low expectations going in but my virtually 9 yo was quite excited to see it. OK, so both my kids stated they enjoyed it, but I think I can put that down to the popcorn and chocolate they had. I took my 6 yr old grandson. It was fun, creative and the Easter Bunny's factory is just so stunning.

This was a movie to delight both the smallest children to the most sophisticated adult. In a couple of words, I found the story to be boring, the humor to be excessively easy and trite and the performances (with 1 exception) to be lacking of any life or energy. Watch Hop online watch Hop online. I feel the entire theatre laughed possibly five times max. I took my small brother, and sisters and my mom so we ranged from 6 to 50 years old and I tell you every person of us had the same thought this movie was awesome and cute. Hop movies video. But I totally loved it. The plot is good sufficient, but too significantly time is spent on James Marsden's failed attempts at life and the humorous scenes seem contrived. I read the reviews and tried to convince the ȫoys" to do something else.

It is a partially animated movie and for that, what much more do you expect. LIKED this film a lot more than other kids movies out at the time. Order Hop film. This was a movie to delight both the smallest youngsters to the most sophisticated adult. I must say that I loved this movie. I'd be embarrassed to have this film on my resume. Hop filme.

A nice, safe movie for children of a mature 6 or older, I would suggest. Keep in mind, you should have seen the previews on TV which prompted you into wanting to see this movie. Full Hop film hd! B's absence- but this is played for little a lot more than to allow for an frenetic action-packed finale at the end.

Two of my teenage girls saw it and liked it.

I thought it was funny) who is failing at locating a job. But there's a issue in this holiday worksHop in HD -- E B would rather be a rock drummer than the bringer of joy in the form of sweets to children 'round significantly of the world. Also, while the pace in general is quick and brisk, there is the odd occasion in the film where it could have slowed down a small to give the audience a little more room to breathe. Overall, I would have given this movie a "NO," just since it truly wasn't excellent, and my eight-year old thought it was "boring. So dumb why would an individual make that movie. I'm glad I saw it. Its a cute family movie for people not attempting to shield their kids from the word "sexy" come on folks. They would have been 13 and 17 when he was born. Hop high quality. I would have stated "No" except that my 7 year-old daughter liked it. There wasn't anything offensive persay, just not an attention grabber for the younger set. Download full movie.

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