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Drive Angry 3D

A vengeful father escapes from hell and chases after the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter.

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke, David Morse.

Directed by Patrick Lussier.

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Drive Angry 3D (2011). Online download.

Piranha 3D" is the finest example. Buy film Drive Angry 3D online? AVATAR was the breaking point, where the tide finally broke the barrier and gushed over. Drive Angry has no clear identity. Drive Angry 3D legal download. This film also highlights why 3D wants to stop. Even David Morse put in a great effort. This movie looks like its a grind house movie. Fundamentally she looks fantastic and makes small boys really feel funny in their pants. And even the leader of the satanic cult. And you got the ultimate film for the guys (though there's no reason why females can't take pleasure in this). It has all the garbage we Americans adore to adore. I just glanced at the previews and decided to take my son thought it'd be an additional Nicholas Cage automobile chase movie and the rated R stuff wouldn't be too bad. In my humble and possibly misguided opinion, every thing else he's done has been rubbish. The initial scene shows Nicolas Cage walking away from a automobile explosion in slow motion, wearing sunglasses and holding a gun, and that fairly much foreshadows the rest of the movie. Is a great character. Drive Angry 3D movie rating. Big guns, Loud explosions, naked females, automobile chases and lots of gore. Drive Angry is about a dead guy who is back to the earth for revenge. This is a horses ass. I don't remember. And we have Nicholas Cage in the film. Secondly this film is better than machete. Watch Drive Angry 3D dvd rip. Not far behind comes the accountant from hell (William Fichtner) to bring Mr Milton back. He's actually funny and I'm not sure why but weirdly classy. John Milton (Nicolas Cage) has broken out of hell to kill cult leader Jonah King (Billy Burke), who killed his daughter and plans to sacrifice her baby in the name of Satan. It's just a large con. Plus Amber Heard can act a bit far better than Megan Fox, even though she is pretty in other movies she is really gorgeous in this. Fichtner truly ruled in this film. V's like they did with HD, well I'm sorry but 3D will not work and if you don't think me go watch this film. (dont forget that great villain). I was embarassed so I walked out and told the movie location that I wanted a refund. He meets a tough but fairly woman, Piper, acted by the hot Amber Heard. The 3D is very successful, not only in terms of body parts coming at you, but also in terms of shots becoming framed for 3D usually, some thing live action 3D film makers have but to come to terms with.

May possibly not even be worth renting. I will rate it 8 out of 10. Jonah King wants to sacrifice the small girl so that he could be immortal. TO Maintain IT Easy, DRIVE CRAZY IS A Should SEE. Okay the plot is a little weak, but the action is cool. And one must include "Kick Ass" a lot more lately. I would suggest it to people who like movies like 'Machete' or 'Once upon a time in Mexico'. Nevertheless, I liked Drive Angry 3D dvd, primarily since I had an entertaining time although I was watching it. Download hd Drive Angry 3D.

So numerous moments in the film, such as the credits, had been meant to be seen in their original form. Added the 3D experience, a should see. The move was so great you it just didnt require to be employed that significantly. William Fichter is class too, he is total suave and stylish fun to watch. For me this is so difficult to notice i actually don't know why they bother. It's just like you act on a movie with no 1 is acting. Hd online. Also, although he's fun in his role, it would have been nice if we had gotten a bit a lot more of him. A mixture of wry brutality and spot on deadpan delivery he gets all the best lines and is often very funny, bringing the film the majority of its greatest scenes. Filme online Drive Angry 3D. Without a doubt, I drove "very angry" from the theater right after paying for this, and I imagined a "hit and run" on the writers with enough C4 to level seven consecutive city blocks. If you haven't observed Quicker (with Dwayne Johnsson) or Taken (with Liam Neeson) then go and do it. How terrible would Nicolas Cage be. What ever happened to the " Face off " and the " Rock " days. I loved the 3d in this movie and it could be the finest use of 3d in a lengthy time. If you enjoy action, fights, guns and Nicholos Cage. Females will for the most part hate it. Full of fire and bullets.

He appears perfectly comfy playing his character as the closest factor to the straight man, while every person else acts over-the-top. A fearful view of the world. Watch Drive Angry 3D movies online. If there is some thing worse than terrible, then this is it. QuotViolence(my body count stopped at 70+), and cars (69 charger, 454 Malibu, 57 Chevy). Good use of 3d effects. A fantastic movie doesn't come out really often but this was a great one. While this isn't saying significantly, ȭrive Angry 3D movie" may actually be the best out of your acquired taste. Just a fun ride as all the world collapses, pure entertainment is what we nedd hehe. Drive Angry 3D full dvd movie. To the individuals that made this movie. Why would they do such a stupid movie. I enjoyed it very a lot, but its not for youngsters. Story right from the 70's satanic cult craze, gratuitous nudity and of course lots of the ultra violence. Maybe someone tried to be Quentine Torantino but has failed miserably. Rated R and the kids were about 10 and the content is unacceptable for this age regardless of if the parents had been with them. There are unnecessary explosions,nude girls and nothing else in this movie. Liken her to Charlize Theron if you like and I do. Following seeing INGLORIOUS BASTERDS a few years back, I've been waiting for some fun R-rated movies once again because it's those films that truly make my day. A half-clad Cage in sunglasses, clutching a fifth of Jack Daniels in one fist and an automatic pistol in the other, mows down a mob of murderous miscreants as they storm his room. Milton is actually Cage's most entertaining role because Big Daddy.

Kinda corny story line. The rest of you suck. I don't know how significantly a lot more the huge screen can take from an increasingly timeworn, disheveled action star, whose movie roles are as hit-or-miss as his receding hairline although not all to blame. And they note "some graphic sexual content, nudity and pervasive language" aka porn.

Needing to save his only kin he returns with poor attitude as the avenger on fire looking for to kill each cult member who stands in his way, and then some. Yes, there is plenty of gratuitous sex and nudity. I highly suggest Netflixing it, but I am acquiring off topic… I require to start of by saying I have a deep dislike, nearly hatred, of 3D. Folks leave your college degree at the door. Did they really spend a fortune smashing all those cars. The only complaints were that sometimes when issues were in 3D, the shot was focusing on some thing else. Always nice from time to time. It will be loud, it will be dirty and it will be bloody. Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer (My Bloody Valentine 3D) aimed to maintain the integral vehicle sequences visceral and strayed away from CGI for a majority of the chases, although there is a lot of CGI elsewhere. One of the leading movies of this year. The supernatural aspect is fairly cool and makes it a lot more than just a revenge story but I was seeking for more of it. I didn't bother me but it may bother other individuals.

Really possibly the best is when he runs a Nitroglycerin tanker towards a wall of police cars and simply walks out of the vehicle and stands on a police automobile hood, as the tanker goes ȫoom". Drive me angry, undoubtedly a C-Class movie. Bullets and blood flying all over the location. Nearly the whole movie on the screen is the same: Nicolas Cage shoots, swearing, drinking, riding in a car. Books, movies, ideas, all seem to offsprings of other suggestions. Indeed, he throws it at a poor guy and it sinks half-way into the brute's forehead and kills him. With hot women naked, cartoon violence, and distinct type of stories. Possibly the acting then. Spread PLANET TERROR on one slice of toast, DEATH PROOF on the other, slap them together and the resulting sandwich is DRIVE ANGRY, an intentionally crazy, at times hilarious movie which entertained me from commence to finish. I comprehend the IRS is breathing down his neck and he wants to pay them back millions, but he's stopped caring about his fans and has turned into a really sad actor. Because it just doesn't work. Full Drive Angry 3D. After watching the preview I was not seeking forward to watching this and following seeing it, it was a lot worse then I expected. I miss the 90's badly. Worth the bag of popcorn I ate over it. 1/10 Stay away from THIS FILM AT ALL Costs, Don't WASTE YOUR Funds. Drive Angry 3D divx download. A LOT OF VIOLENCE AND ACTION. In the land of ludicrous trash there are fantastic and snow capped peaks of awesome, but all about their slopes are strung the green forests of idiocy. Nah--- it was great enjoyable. Cage ought to just stick to movies like this from now on. The reviewers missed that this movie is as enjoyable as Hell. Piranha is so effective simply because Alexandre Aja in no way lets its story lose focus. But it In no way committed to a particular style of originality, or camp. There is one good reason to watch this movie, and that is Bill Fichtner's extremely entertaining star performance as a marshal from hell. If a film ever called or needed a unique Cage portrayal, THIS 1 really did. Not in the very same league as the holocaust, but nevertheless, poor in its own right, "Drive Angry 3D" surrounds its extremely young child around devil worshipers, whose leader, Jonah King(Billy Burke), plans on sacrificing with a ceremonial knife, in the midst of fast cars, quickly women, and a entire lot of violence. Need to have been rated X and they wont be able to show this movie later on regular TV since 1 third of all the words utilized in this movie was the F-bomb. 1 caveat although, this is not the action movie you want your young adults and kids to see -I mean the guy drives around with an "I brake for pussy" bumper sticker on his vehicle. Drive Angry 3D the movie.

My favorite here is William Fichtner. The story is merely absurd, but that is perfect, that is most proper, I mean actually there are few stories and by the end they get so mixed up that it almost feels like writers just threw in random ideas and put them together, but if you take a close look you will recognize that there is nothing random here, 'it's all component of the plan', to make the story as insanely absurd as possible so it won't get into the way of what this movie is really about, a spectacular 3D experience. The three D was far better then the last few I have seen. Lastly Billy Burke shows up as the cult leader who wants to sacrifice the baby in the name of Satan. Great action on the edge ofYour seat film. All this add up to a enjoyable and action-packed adventure. There are some excellent in-jokes about how deluded the cultists are in their "pact" with the dark lord, all delivered by his personal emissary, the Accountant, who is to collect Milton. THIS wild, bizarre, ultra violent seventies-style grindhouse action horror flick finds Nic Cage wearing possibly his most ridiculous on screen wig yet. Add him to a film by the guys who made My Bloody Valentine, which I loved, and you have to have a house run proper. I graded it a 8/10, since it is the most fun I've had in the cinema this year, so far, but this is entirely subjective and in the grand scheme of issues it's no Godfather or Citizen Kane, but it's obvious what this movie is going for from minute one, and the points it sets out to do it does so admirably. The Drive Angry 3D movies. This is a balls to the wall, automobile wreck of a revenge movie, that not only invites you to have a great look at the wreckage, it sits you down in a comfy chair, makes you a cup of tea and provides you its digital camera so you can take pictures. Dvd Drive Angry 3D online. Would not recommend to see this movie.

This seemed like an extreme caricature of Nick Cage. As for the name of the movie ȭrive Angry". Mucho rock a todo volumen. Drive Angry 3D movie full movie. Don't waste your time with this movie. No, we're still about a month away to the next Fast and Furious franchise, but while waiting for Vin Diesel and gang to zoom into cinemas, Patrick Lussier's Drive Angry powers into 3D cinemas here offering what would be as close to a B-grade exploitation/grindhouse film as feasible, with a lot of tongue-in-cheekiness that usually raises your eyebrow and let out a guffaw or two at the audacity of it all. He also needs help beating up abusive hillbillies.

The script left a lot to be desired. For perspective, I'll say I don't generally like Nic Cage, NOR horror flicks. In the Middle Ages morality plays superficially provided instruction in religion, but eventually became extravagant comedy/dramas based on religious themes. Nicolas Cage cannot act. Great fun, but I believe in the end this sort of factor isn't best carried out on this type of commercial level. If you do appreciate this kind of film (along the lines of Pulp Fiction and Zombieland) then you will Enjoy this movie. The 3D enhances the narration and story in some way, which other films haven't necessary up to now. I do have to admit there was some actually corny lines although.

Satan's henchman is not merciless. Beginning with a vehicle chase, then on to meeting a waitres who ends up hooking up with him. I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie, the guy I saw this with had to use the bathroom (too much cola) but couldnt leave his seat because he didnt want to miss nothing. Order Drive Angry 3D film? But unless you actually, Truly like Nicholas Cage, don't waste your time on this 1. Download Drive Angry 3D movie. Milton (Cage) has some history with the baddie and on his way to get to him he uses guns, big explosions and prefers travel by classic American muscle vehicle. Maybe the name Jonah King was inappropriate. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. This movie pulls a ton of punches, and you will just adore it. NC is better than this crap. Pure hardcore guy enjoyable. It does it is job as a grindhouse style movie with cool action and cheesy effects. See it in a actual theater in 3D with as many other individuals as possible. As soon as once more the trailer is misleading.

An additional cheap imitation. XA0 Silly, goofy, and incredibly over-the-top, Drive Angry is a fairly excellent Nick Cage flick, even if it's not going to be on numerous folks's greatest of 2011 lists. But movie feels boring and unbearable at several occasion. The way he looks behind the wheel in movies makes all dudes want to race cars on the streets. Nic is assisted by the lovely Amber Heard, playing the token female lead which need to always be present in a popcorn action flick like this, and delivers the eye-candy we all hoped for. He in fact plays the role really monotone, he isn't over the top at all. If you like cursing drinking sex and driving go and see it if not Don't it was the worst movie around I forced myself to fall asleep and let my husband watch it I could allow my brain to rot because of this movie. Go to My Blog on JONNY'S MOVEE: jonnyfendi. Meanwhile "The Accountant" played by William Fichtner is sent to bring Milton back to hell. Drive Angry 3D ipod. The standout nonetheless is Fitchner, the actor delivering his lines with a deliciously dry wit that simply steals almost each scene he is in. There are times throughout Drive Angry where they do place in the scene but these scenes are few and far between and are overshadowed by the usual gimmicks. I would have missed some thing, like so numerous did. The plot sees John Milton out to rescue his daughter from a rather committed bunch of satanists - it's all pretty cheesy - and the horror elements are very lightweight - the violence is fairly significantly comic book style - limbs fly etc but absolutely nothing à la Sin City.

DRIVE ANGRY': Four Stars (Out of Five) Nicolas Cage stars as a revenge crazed mad man who breaks out of Hell to avenge the death of his daughter and rescue his granddaughter. The only final factor I can say is that I often feel it really odd that American films will show the most extremely graphic violence while being reluctant to show nudity and sex. Stupid movie with a couple of entertaining sequences. Amber Heard gives an okay performance (it isn't that great), but for this sort of film it will do, plus she gets through the film just fine on her looks.

What I really enjoyed besides William Fichtner performance is the 3D effect, this is a movie that is nicely worth the additional money to see it in 3D.

And of course, Amber Heard looks excellent in 3D. Lots of gore but no a lot more than grindhouse. I hope a bunch of moms come following you in a actual court of law and actually put you in jail. It is a movie based on fiction but the action scenes are really entertaining. I referred to as it "Silly flick with $$$D. This movie was two hours of Crap. She isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with any person and she usually comes out on leading. Drive Angry 3D film with good quality Didn't I mention that Milton escaped from Hell. He drives angry and loves it. My partner and I were just chilling and I decided to check out a movie. It is a must see movie in the theaters, I just wouldn't see it in three-D once more. Also, I thought the film could've pushed the envelope a bit much more. And I feel perhaps you should give it a try, you may enjoy it. Save your self the trouble and rent a great movie at home. She would have walked out following the very first 30 minutes. The 3-D effects are much more prominent and successful (though still not authentically realistic yet) and put to good use than most three-D movies. You used to be on top of my best actors list. The premise (what small there was) wasn't bad. He has 1 liner right after 1 liner and you will remember and laugh at each and every single one of them. Explosions, LOTS of Explosions. Amber Heard you got my attention. Drive Angry 3D hd movie.


The Accountant likes to toss around a magical coin that can either change into the credentials of an FBI agent or a deadly weapon. If I may possibly suggest go and watch The Adjustment Bureau or Unknown. The acting is cheesy. I loved the cars and I like the kick butt scenes. Over all Drive Angry is not for most an A plus. He makes his character function, just as Heard pulls off her no-nonsense character with gumption and gusto. Wholly predictable as nicely as pedestrian from commence to finish, this contrived road rage with Cage serves up drivel for dialogue and muscle car stunts that pale by comparison with the ⋺st & Furious" franchise. This movie has absolutely no reason to exist. Nick Cage rides once more. Drive Angry 3D in hd.

Entertaining movie, good acting, hot chicks, and super unique effects. Though I swore in no way to go see yet another Nick Cage flick once more (WAY too significantly exposure) I decided to sneek away from function early yesterday and this was the only factor remotely intriguing to me. There's a definite market for this sort of fare. Let's hope Nick Cage paid off his debts now so he can begin generating some real "decent" movies. Correct about then would have been a good time for a close-up of the baby in an effort to aid transform this human prop into flesh and blood, who is referred to("Your daughter's death will pale to what happens to the baby," said Jonah), but by no means spoken to. Every little thing is just interbred and interrelated. I want to watch the full film of Drive Angry 3D. The movie has some average visual effects. Ok, to the 1 movie-goer that stated this movie was offensive and not a movie for youngsters.

It's in fact some of the finest 3D seen all year. Senseless storyline and over-the-top action (reminds me of Machete). If this sort of trailer trash movies is what awaits poor Nicolas Cage his time as 1 of the most entertaining actors in Hollywood is over. It was way distinct than I was expecting, the plot was amazing. Drive Angry 3D dvd was unfairly trampled by critics when it was released just under a month ago, and it is a real shame it by no means was able to discover a true audience. Some good visual effects, mixed with comedy. Drive Angry 3D dvdrip download. Action packed but it wasn't sufficient 3D to have glasses on. In the vein of a Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino type of Death Proof meets Ghost Rider meets Blade. And that's the great component. Where do you feel The Accountant came from. Dvd quality Drive Angry 3D ipod. I loved it and it took me awhile to finally know he was alredy dead. Excellent actions and plot. Cage is a fantastic actor so 1 would expect far better movies. Take away the 3d (such as it is and you have absolutely nothing. Film download? I hate the way the movie is darkened down with the glasses. The movie had most of what youɽ expect - a lot of action, blood, and violence. The CGI personal computer effects var, some are OK while other's are just terrible. There is next to nothing to take seriously in Drive Angry 3D download. A Grandfather everybody thought was dead is out to save his baby granddaughter from the clutches of a gang of devil worshippers. Meanwhile, the Accountant from Hell chases them. The music was great too except for one song that had too many f-bombs in it. Plus, the 3D effects are rather good.

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