November Policy Newsletter

The PRI’s Responsible Investment Policy Briefing covers global and regulatory developments.

In November’s edition:


  • SEC roundtable on the proxy voting process
  • Update on US mid-term elections
  • Canadian Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance interim report
  • Technical Expert Group releases consultation plans
  • Amendments to EU directive on disclosures
  • Call for investor support for corporate financial reporting reform
  • ECB speech on climate change
  • Cross-government coordination on UK green finance
  • Prudential Regulation Authority consultation
  • NGFS progress report
  • Dutch Central Bank stress test on energy transition

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SEC roundtable on the proxy voting process


This month, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) held a staff roundtable on the proxy voting process to discuss topics including proposed changes to SEC policies on shareholder proposals and proxy advisory firms.


The PRI encourages signatories to submit comments following the roundtable (see the PRI’s here), and engage on our Collaboration Platform. Last month, the PRI published a policy briefing to support signatories in their submissions to the SEC.


Contact Colleen Orr for more information.


US mid-term elections 


The Democrats won control of the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections, resulting in a divided US government, with the House of Representatives controlled by Democrats and the Senate controlled by Republicans.


The House Financial Services Committee (HFSC) has jurisdiction over the financial markets in the House. It is almost certain that Maxine Waters will become Chair of HFSC next year. It is likely that the HFSC will focus on SEC oversight.