Newsletter October 2017

Many of the REN21 network members met in September at MEXIREC. The 7th International Renewable Energy Conference was co-organised by SENER and REN21. MEXIREC and followed in the footsteps of Germany, China, India, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

MEXIREC was the first International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) in the Latin American and Caribbean region and comes at a time when an energy transition towards renewables is well underway in many parts of the world, with record new additions of installed renewable energy capacity, rapidly falling costs and the decoupling of economic growth and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.

The conference brought together leaders from government, private sector and civil society and served as a catalyst for renewables in the region and beyond and sends a strong signal to COP23 about the central role of a decarbonisation of the energy sector with renewables and energy efficiency.

In parallel REN21 held the 18th meeting of its Steering Committee where it chose the Republic of South Korea as next IREC host.  Korea’s recent decision to phase out nuclear and coal and massively phase-in renewables was a key reason for its selection. We look forward to closely collaborating with our Korean colleagues in the lead up to IREC 2019!

On a personal note, I announced to the REN21 Steering Committee that I will be stepping down from my current position as REN21 Executive Secretary, March 2018. I will ensure a smooth transition to my successor (check out the vacancy notice) and aim to continue to support the global energy transition from my home country Austria.

I look forward to seeing many of you at COP23 in Bonn/Germany!

Best regards,
Christine Lins
Executive Secretary of REN21

News from the REN21 Secretariat




The International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) was held for the first time in Latin America.  MEXIREC was co-hosted by the Mexican government and REN21 in Mexico City, 11-13 September, 2017.

It attracted more than 1,600 participants from 44 countries.  Over the 2 days there were 2 ministerial sessions, 25 parallel sessions involving over 180 speakers.  Every session had at least one female speaker, panellist or moderator. The 27 side events (held on the Monday) had an average of 60 people per session. Feedback included comments about the high quality of the speakers, the excellent level of moderation and the relevance of the discussion.

The Daily bulletin, agenda, conference Declaration, photos and more are available on the MEXIREC website. The final conference report (in both English and Spanish) will be available shortly.

Save the Date for IREC 2019


REN21 is pleased to announce that The Republic of Korea will be the host of the 2019 International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC).  Korea’s ambition to phase out nuclear and coal and to increase levels of renewable energy in its national energy mix were key determining factors in its selection.

The 2019 IREC is scheduled for 23-26 October, 2019 in Seoul so make sure to save the date now!  Updates on the development of the 2019 IREC will be communicated through this newsletter as they develop. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tenders and Community [Em]power[ment] 

REN21 released a new report on tenders and community participation. Renewable Energy Tenders and Community [Em]power[ment]: Latin America and the Caribbean  explores the status of both tenders and community energy projects in the Latin America region.  The region traditionally has been a policy innovator in the renewables sphere: it remains at the forefront in the use of competitive bidding for renewable energy project allocations, with tenders attracting record-setting participation.  However an unintended consequence of the RE tendering process has been the de facto exclusion of a range of actors.  This latest report examines both the rise of tendering and community power projects in the region and proposes an accession process to reconcile the tension between maximising economic returns and social impact. The report was launched at the Mexico International Renewable Energy Conference (MEXIREC), it is available in English and Spanish.

Be a Part of the Data Collection for the next Global Status Report

REN21 has a begun its data collection process for the Renewables 2018 Global Status Report. Be a part of the team that produces the industry standard on the status of renewables!

The 2018 report will include new chapters on enabling technologies and systems integration, and corporate renewable energy.  You can join this process by completing a short Expression of Interest  form. Data collection begins in October 2017.  See the EOI form for the complete timeline for data collection and peer review.

And, just in case you wondered how GSR data was used outside of the report, REN21 is pleased to announce the start of a Massive On-line Course (MOOC), “Off-grid Renewable Energy Systems”.  Developed by the Institute for Sustainable Energy, this course contains two modules about distributed renewable energy, which draws extensively on the distributed renewable energy content in the GSR2017.  The course begins 30 October,2017. For more information, click here.

GSR Highlights now in Vietnamese 

How is your Vietnamese?  Advancing the Global Renewable Energy Transition: Highlights of the REN21 Renewables 2017 Global Status Report in perspective is now available in Vietnamese.  The Highlights document can also be found in Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian and of course Vietnamese! If you are interested in translating the Highlights document into another language to improve uptake in your region, please contact us.

Looking for a New Executive Secretary!


Christine Lins, REN21’s Executive Secretary since July 2011, is stepping down from her current position. REN21 is therefore seeking an outstanding, experienced individual to head its Secretariat.  The post is based in Paris/France and involves a good deal of international travel. Interested candidates are invited to consult the vacancy notice.  Application deadline is 17 November, 2017.

Join us in Paris!

It’s that time of year again.  REN21 is looking for two interns to work in the Secretariat starting February 2018. Each internship starts 1 February  and runs six months; both positions are paid. A full description of the requirements and responsibilities, as well as instructions for applying, is available here. The application process closes 19 November. Spread the word!

Communication and Social Media Intern

  • Assist with communication and outreach activities
  • Support the update of REN21’s social media platforms, website and its Renewables Interactive Map

Community Management/Research Intern

  • Support REN21 in its community management activities
  • Carry out research and data analysis for the GSR