Newsletter March 2018

When I started working in the renewable energy sector in the 1990s, renewables were still in their infancy. More than two decades, I have been able to witness the rise of the renewable energy industry, first in Europe and then at the global level.

Riding on the momentum of the Paris Agreement, there is consensus that we have to radically re-consider how we produce and consume energy. Holding global average temperature rise well below 2°C, not to mention a much safer limit of 1.5°C, requires nothing short of a complete decarbonisation of the energy sector. There is no one way to achieve this; what works in one country doesn’t necessarily work in another. However, nowadays there is a common understanding of what is technologically feasible.

My professional journey of advancing the energy transition with renewables and energy efficiency has been exciting, intense and personally rewarding. I have met passionate people and have had the privilege of working with outstanding teams. I saw first-hand how the energy transition towards renewables can change people’s lives for the better and what a profound effect it has, and will continue to have, on how we produce and consume energy.

After 17 years abroad, I have decided to return to my home country Austria where I will continue to help advance the global energy transition. I leave the REN21 Secretariat in the capable hands of Rana Adib who I wish the best of luck in the future direction of the network.

A lot has happened over the past two decades; I am convinced, however, that the best is yet to come. I look forward to staying in touch with many of you and to seeing REN21 grow and prosper!

Best regards,
Christine Lins
Executive Secretary of REN21

News from the REN21 Secretariat

REN21’s New Executive Secretary

Rana Adib will be REN21’s new Executive Secretary starting as of April.  She brings more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing thematically innovative and cross-cutting projects in energy and climate-related fields. Previously she was REN21’s Research Coordinator developing the international expert community and leading the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report series to become an international reference in renewables. She is particularly passionate about collaborative approaches to problem solving, involving numerous stakeholder groups.  What motivates Rana? “I like developing systems approaches to manage the interface between stakeholder groups, sectors and cultures with the aim to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.”  Welcome Rana!

Make the Renewables 2018 Global Status Report  the Best It Can Be 

Round 2 Peer Review for GSR 2018 starts 3 April, 2018. This review will comprise the Global Overview and Market & Industry Trends chapters. Also included will be the Sidebars on Costs and Jobs and the Policy Table and Reference Tables. The review will run for ten days, 3-13 April. Please think about setting aside some time to contribute this flagship production.

In parallel we invite you to review the REN21-IRENA Distributed Renewables for Energy Access (DREA) dataset of new projects, installations and or sales over the last three years of solar, hydro and biogas energy. Access to both the GSR2018 and the dataset are availabe via REN21+. User instructions are available here.

The deadline for data submission for both publications are 13 April. Do not hesitate to contact REN21’s GSR team [email protected] if you have any questions.

Joint Policy Paper

IRENA, IEA and REN21 have joined forces to collaborate on a forthcoming joint policy paper, Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition. The paper will provide a new classification of renewable energy policies, jointly formulated by the three institutions, to illustrate the latest policy developments around the world. It will also provide background on renewable energy policies in the power, heating and cooling, and transport sectors, as well as system integration and sector coupling.

The paper has undergone peer-review via REN21+, receiving over 1,000 comments. The paper will be launched at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue.

2017 in Perspective 

REN21’s 2017 Annual Report is available for download.  All the year’s activities are documented, clearly demonstrating REN21’s unique place in the renewables arena. By working across key stakeholder groups, REN21 connects the dots between the private and public sector and maps out ways to drive the energy transition with renewables. You can download a copy here.  Hardcopies will be available at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue.  Look for our booth!

SEforALL Session on Transport 
Sick of being talked at in conference sessions? Want to have your say? Join us for a lively discussion on at the 3rd SEforALL Forum in Portugal. Co-hosted with the FIA Foundation, this session will let you share your thoughts on the real barriers to achieving a cleaner and more energy efficient transport future. You can find out more here.

Will You Be at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue? 

The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue runs 16-18 April. If you will at the event stop by, say hello and pick up a hard copy of our latest publications. Look for our booth in the stand area.

Be a Part of the REN21 Team

REN21 is accepting applications for its autumn internship starting July/August (exact date tbd) and running for six months. A full description of the requirements and responsibilities, as well as instructions for applying, are available on the REN21 homepage. The application process closes 13 April, 2018.  Spread the word!

  • Communication Intern: Support REN21 in its outreach work including developing social media presence, managing the website and tracking usage statistics.
  • Community Management & Research Intern: Help REN21 in its community management activities and carry out research and data analysis for the GSR.