News from the Grantham Research Institute, LSE – March 2019

March 2019

This month’s update from the Grantham Research Institute includes Bob Ward on the echo chamber of climate change denial and Josh Burke on what the UK is doing to prepare for the last days of coal and the eventual phase-out of oil and gas. We also feature new analysis on what the global airline industry is doing in the face of climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy.

News and comment

Another example of the echo chamber of climate change denial

Bob Ward

Bob Ward considers the role of Matt Ridley within the British echo chamber of climate change denial that has spread misinformation about extreme weather events in the past few weeks. Read more

Is the UK doing enough to prepare for the last days of coal and the eventual phase-out of oil and gas?

Josh Burke

The UK’s coal phase-out may be proceeding apace but there remains a gap where ‘just transition’ plans should sit – for coal and for other fossil fuel industries – argues Josh Burke. Read more

Young Americans will no longer be silent on climate change

Bob Ward

In this commentary for ‘The Hill’ Bob Ward looks at how young people in the US are taking action on climate change through student strikes and legal cases. Read more

A personal and professional perspective on the school ‘climate strike’

Michal Nachmany

Michal Nachmany argues that the young people, including her own children, who took part in the recent UK school strike are old enough to understand the issues at stake and young enough to speak truth to power with no fear. Read more

Brexit will not dent London’s green finance ambitions

Sir Roger Gifford

The structural shifts underway to tackle climate change and other environmental issues mean there is huge potential for further growth in green finance despite challenges ahead, writes Sir Roger Gifford for the Sustainable Finance Leadership Series. Read more

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