News from NEF: net zero emissions, UBS evidence and a 4-day week

   Why ‘net zero emissions by 2050’ needs a Green New Deal
This week the Climate Change Committee has made its recommendations. David Powell asks: what now? Read more

A higher minimum wage and a four-day week means more productivity
The ‘productivity puzzle’ is one of the great enigmas of the UK’s post-crisis economy. Could radical demand-side policies be part of the solution? Read the research

Universal basic income: little evidence it can live up to its promise
New research with Public Services International has reviewed 16 projects across the globe. Anna Coote takes a look. Read more

Why the Green New Deal should include a four-day week
A four-day week should be a central part of reducing the environmental impact of how we work and consume. Aidan Harper writes for CityMetric. Read more

Workers and the world
On International Workers’ Day, Becki Winson writes for Tribune about what unions and the climate movement can learn from youth climate protesters. Read more

In the shadow of Kinder Scout
On the anniversary of the Kinder Scout trespass, Andrew Pendleton wrote for Tribune about the need to change how England’s land is owned and managed. Read moreWeekly Economics Podcast: A Beginner’s Guide to Neoliberalism
We’re rerunning our excellent guide to neoliberalism. The latest episode explains how neoliberalism took hold in the 1980s. ListenFour day week and higher minimum wage could solve UK’s productivity crisis
The Daily Mirror covered new research that showed reducing working hours while raising minimum wages could help solve the ongoing productivity crisis. 

Expert says we should get three-day weekends all the time
The research on tackling the productivity puzzle was also covered in LADbible and UNILAD

How could a 4-day week boost the economy?
Alfie Stirling discussed the modelling on a 4-day week and higher minimum wage with Toby Tarrant for the Chris Moyles Show.

With another strike planned, should industrial action on the Tube be banned?
Alice Martin said no in an article for CityAM because every worker in Britain deserves the right to take collective action and defend their rights.

Would you pay a higher rate of tax for every flight you take?
NEF’s proposal for a Frequent Flier Levy was included in the Greenpeace Climate Manifesto and an article by Simon Lambert for This is Money.

To “end austerity”, Britain must become more, not less, European
NEF’s findings that austerity has suppressed the economy by almost £100bn was mentioned in Harry Quilter-Pinner’s piece for New Statesman.