NEW VIDEO! Public banking made simple | #YesOnB crunch time

Public Banking Institute News: Nov 1, 2018

Video How a public bank can help your community

NEW VIDEO: Public banking made simple

The Public Banking Institute is often asked to explain the concept of public banking in a nutshell. The challenge is to do it in a way that reaches a broad demographic. People learning about public banking have very different backgrounds, and banking isn’t what most people talk about over dinner with friends. At its core, however, the idea is simple — a concept even a child can understand. We’ve written and produced this video — Public Banking Made Simple — to communicate the core concept in simple terms, showing how public banks can give towns and states more resources to apply to their community needs.

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Can Los Angeles quit Wall Street? Local TV features YesOnB as election day approaches

Coverage of the YesOnB ballot measure has expanded greatly as election day approaches. Local ABC7 in Los Angeles covered the YesOnB ballot measure with a positive story featuring City Council President Herb Wesson and Public Bank LA’s Trinity Tran. Josh Haskell reports:

The city of Los Angeles pays $1.1 billion each year to Wall Street banks. In a public bank, supporters say that money would go toward getting the homeless off the streets, addressing the housing crisis and rebuilding the city’s infrastructure.”

Watch live stream of the YesOnB press conference here (Facebook). See photos of the recent “Defundraiser” event here (Facebook). Contribute to their powerful grassroots campaign here.

Click here for LA Magazine’s election guide, with positive notes about Measure B. Click here for more recent press.

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Trinity Tran PBLA video series

New short video series from Public Bank LA

To help everyone understand more about public banking, Public Bank LA has put together a series of short interview-style videos which we’ve added to our YouTube channel.

They’re grouped into two playlists: Why public banks instead of Wall Street, and Bring on the power of public banks. They’ve added a few fun “ads” for the series too. Check them out here.

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Amara Enyia

Chicago candidate for mayor Amara Enyia speaks up about public banking

Matt Stannard of Solidarity House and Commonomics USA talks at length with Amara Enyia, Chicago mayoral candidate, about the possibilities of cooperative economies in Chicago after Rahm Emmanuel leaves office as well as and the structural causes of violence and inequity in the city.

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It's Our Money with Ellen Brown

It’s Our Money podcast: Regenerating Nature and the Economy

The latest episode of It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown examines the intersection of the environment and our monetary system. Co-host Walt McRee introduces the podcast: