*New Report* Two Lenses, One Vision: Investing for LGBTQI and Gender Equity

“Ethical Markets highly recommends this webinar for professional asset managers and individual investors.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

Two Lenses, One Vision: 
Investing for LGBTQI and Gender Equity

Bias and discrimination toward LGBTQI people are related, at least in part, to normative expectations of gender within the workplace. Recognizing the intersection between gender discrimination and LGBTQI equity results in a profound reorientation of how investors and advocates can approach companies and their attitudes toward full inclusion.   In our new report, we make the case for the thematic fusion of gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. We also discuss how investors and asset managers can consider LGBTQI alongside gender equity in their investment analysis, and highlight existing investment strategies that reflect this approach.

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We also invite you to register for our June 27 webinar to explore this theme in a discussion to be moderated Cornerstone’s CEO, Erika Karp. Cornerstone also plans to host future events to explore this topic; please contact Alison Smith for more information.