New index analyses ESG risks of meat, fish and dairy sector | Investors support halt of deforestation in the Cerrado

“Ethical Markets highly recommends the analysis and initiative of FAIRR and we also agree on the need for our global food supply to go beyond raising livestock for meat, since this is ecologically destructive and unsustainable while also negatively affecting human health .

Now that here are so many alternative plant-based protein foods, as well as barely used indigenous crops (such as jackfruit) and thousands of nutritious salt-loving plant foods (such as quinoa), as well as so many new companies we cite in our annual Green Transition Scoreboard ® 2018: “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition & Health “(now a free download at,) where our companion TV show “Investing in Saltwater Agriculture: The next Big Thing“, with NASA Chief Scientist Bushnell is also playing.  These plant-based protein foods also grow well on degraded and desert land without fertilizers, pesticides and their deep roots capture CO2  efficiently!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

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Ground-breaking new Index analyses ESG risks of meat, fish and dairy sector 


The launch of the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index in May provided investors with the world’s first tool to assess how some of the largest suppliers of meat, fish and dairy to global markets are managing critical ESG risks. The Index, available free to investors, analyses 60 global listed animal protein companies across nine ESG criteria – from GHG emissions, deforestation and biodiversity to working conditions and animal welfare. The launch was covered by media outlets including the Financial TimesCNBC and Impact Alpha.

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Investors managing $5.6 trillion support halt of deforestation in the Cerrado 


The FAIRR Initiative is delighted to partner with Tesco, Marks & Spencer, McDonald’s, Ahold Delhaize, Unilever, Walmart and the Consumer Goods Forum to build investor support for the Cerrado Manifesto. We are calling on investors to join companies and send a clear market signal that there is widespread industry support to halt deforestation in the Cerrado, adopt sustainable land management practices and mitigate financial risks associated with deforestation and climate change. The statement is supporting discussions between key regional stakeholders to draft an action plan for eradicating deforestation in Brazil’s Cerrado biome. In under two months, 44 investment institutions managing $5.6 trillion have signed the Statement.

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Call for investor interviews on the aquaculture industry


Aquaculture, or fish farming, has overtaken wild fishing as the predominant method of seafood production worldwide. Building on our previous research into livestock production, we are now researching investment risks and opportunities in the global aquaculture sector. As part of this project, we are interviewing investors with experience of this industry. If you have engaged with aquaculture companies on ESG issues, we would love to hear from you. Please contact [email protected] to discuss this further.Respond to the Paul Polman challenge


“We are long on words but short on action.”

Many of us heard Unilever CEO Paul Polman’s inspiring speech at PRI in Person. Here’s your chance to act on Mr. Polman’s challenge to the investor community. In his response to our protein diversification engagement, Mr. Polman asked the FAIRR network to demonstrate how investors are considering ESG factors in their investment decision-making, active ownership processes and in dialogues with stakeholders regarding the alignment of broader incentive structures with investment returns. We look forward to sending our response to Mr. Polman and are reaching out to the FAIRR network for their insights.

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Responses will be kept confidential and results will be anonymised.

FAIRR at PRI in Person


The FAIRR team exhibited at PRI in Person in San Francisco in September, inviting leading global investors to experience intensive farming methods through virtual reality, sample plant-based burgers from Impossible Foods and access the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index. Sustained interest from the conference’s 1,200 delegates shows investors are realising the urgency of addressing the sustainability of the food system and starting to develop strategies to address it.FAIRR welcomes new team members

In 2018, FAIRR launched its world-first Index, expanded its antibiotics overuse and sustainable protein engagements and welcomed 65 new members with $4.5 trillion in combined assets to the network. As we grow, we are delighted to have 2 new colleagues join the team. Iman Effendi joins FAIRR as a Corporate Engagement and Research Manager. Her extensive background in ESG and sustainability analysis will enhance our research outputs, particularly with regard to the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index. Sara Carvalho is undertaking a graduate internship, building on her previous experience as a researcher at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.