new article – Democratizing the Grid

“Ethical Markets highly recommends this article by Daryl Roberts, which takes a deep dive into the politics of electricity delivery and how best to reconfigure current centralized utilities and grids to accommodate all the new renewable electricity sources and the rise of microgrids. This article also appeared in Alternative Energy Stocks and we are happy to post it since we hope to introduce the author to a wider audience.

Daryl Roberts has been following renewable energy technology & policy for 20 years, most recently engaged following EV charging infrastructure, net metering policy, utility scale solar development and project financing, and renewable energy asset management. He has participated in Sierra Club electric vehicle policy initiatives, and offered consulting for grant applications to install municipal EV charging stations. He has consulted on business plan development for commercial projects in diverse technologies, for ethanol, MSW waste-to-energy gasification, BIPV fabrication, and LENR research.