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Black Swan

Nina (Portman) is a ballerina in a New York City ballet company whose life, like all those in her profession, is completely consumed with dance. She lives with her obsessive former ballerina mother Erica (Hershey) who exerts a suffocating control over her. When artistic director Thomas Leroy (Cassel) decides to replace prima ballerina Beth MacIntyre (Ryder) for the opening production of their new season, Swan Lake, Nina is his first choice. But Nina has competition: a new dancer, Lily (Kunis), who impresses Leroy as well. Swan Lake requires a dancer who can play both the White Swan with innocence and grace, and the Black Swan, who represents guile and sensuality. Nina fits the White Swan role perfectly but Lily is the personification of the Black Swan. As the two young dancers expand their rivalry into a twisted friendship, Nina begins to get more in touch with her dark side - a recklessness that threatens to destroy her.

Stars: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Barbara Hershey, Winona Ryder.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky.

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In no way have I been so uncomfortable watching a movie but so amazed by it. I viewed Black Swan high quality with females only, all of whom did not like it. A new arrival, Lily (Mila Kunis), understudies her and becomes not only her friend and night scene companion, but also her principal competitor and threat. The puzzle that this film becomes has no answers simply because the film is told by an unreliable narrator. You don't have to like Ballet to go see this film. Positive, an artist's sexuality is part of the deal - but it's not the whole enchilada. Black Swan movie divx. I heard that her performance was great in this film, but I was unprepared for how excellent she was. Upon seeing ȫlack Swan" the first time by means of, I found myself rathernumb the film is so vivid, I knew what I had observed was excellent, but it washard for me to discern whether or not I had in fact enjoyed it. Her whole emotional stabilityseems to depend on becoming selected for the main role for the upcomingballet production. Undoubtedly Natalie Portman was not in my mind worthy of Oscar nomination. The story follows that of Swan Lake, and some individuals think about this to be predictable or cliche, nonetheless I feel it to be genius. Im a pycho-thriller freak. If you get a blanket for the youngest this is a movie for the whole family.

This movie is genuinely unsettling t. I've just returned from the cinema and had to write here, because I read so several misleading reviews that referred to this movie as a "masterpiece".

When again, Darren Aronofsky astounds the senses with tricky shots and surreal imagery. This movie is equivalent to Portman as Raging Bull is to DeNiro, it will possibly be the movie she is most recognized for in the future. Don't get me wrong - I do understand the characters in the movie haveto be developed - but this was just all too obvious. That's why the shot of the mom on top of Nina is 1 of the mom smiling before she continues oral sex with Nina. Managing a strange and ultimately hollow combination of being bot.

Aronofksy camera work did not leave a moment without tension. If you'resqueamish,this may not be the best movie for you. Behind the really predictable storyline lies some fairly good scenes and amazingly good acting from our primary character Nina played by Natalie Portman. I also liked MilaKunis as the over-eager understudy/competitor and Barbara Hershey asNina's controlling but anxious mother. Natalie Portman gives absolutely nothing less than the performance of her career.

She likes her meat bloody, she's a shameless flirt, and she even has a set of black wings tattooed across her shoulders. Stupid movie, I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't. I haven't observed any other film by Darren Aronofsky so possibly I didn't know precisely what to hope for. I watched Black Swan lastly and though it is admittedly very arresting visually, I discovered the entire factor to be rather tiresome. BLACKSWAN is as disturbing a film to watch as it is a richly rewardingtestament to storytelling based on age-old themes.

I hope I never have to seeanything like it again. A stunning psychological film. I can not think this film has received such great ratings. He went with a similar approach in the filming style to The Wrestler, at times following Nina in a very close-up third person viewpoint.

Nevertheless, its aspects horror are, in summary, thedetails of Nina's turbulent transformation into the download Black Swan moviecharacter. But the characters and story end up not particularly intriguing either- and not necessarily due to Aronofsky. Driven to the point of destruction, this ballerina won't let anything get in the way of the 'perfect' performance, which includes herself. Portman has been highly praised for her performance but I discovered itoverwrought - like many other reviewers, I quickly grew tired of hertears and long faces. Natalie Portman, the suspense of whose most likely Oscar crowning will end in much less than 24 hours of this writing, portrays Nina in two parallel struggles – the artist's quest for perfection and the sexually repressed girl's psychological turmoil. Technically all is fantastic and at times rawly lurid, sweeping cameras getting up close and individual, the music, the choreography and the grandiose sets, all impact difficult on the viewing experience. We're jerked around and manipulated to the point of numbness. The movie puts a littlepressure on the viewers but the suspense is maintained and you will beat the edge of your seat at the ending moments.

There is absolutely nothing at stake if they fail to perform. Natalie give her best performance of her career and need to win the Oscar. Nina will experience something comparable, but in a significantly morefrightful manner. The genre is declared as psychodrama, so that should warn the audience. There is no denying that Aronofsky is in leading-form in this Polanski-esque psycological-thriller. She is playing and herself.

As the 1970 movie "Performance" with Mick Jagger will tell you, the only great performance is 1 that achieves madness. Tale of ambition at its worst. The director Thomas (Cassel) chooses Nina to be the white swan in the retelling of Swan Lake. Black Swan obviouslyfails in that respect too, since thrillers are "thrilling", whichmeans that you can't anticipate each and every word, each turn, every twistand still be supposed to wonder. Download the movie the Black Swan! I haven't had a doubt in my mind that this was going to be a fantastic film. Are there two different cuts. Instead of a psychological mystery thriller that gets under your skin until the extremely end, we get a drama disguised as a psychological mystery thriller until the hugely disappointing ending, which is capable of destroying almost the whole experience.

That's the bottom line I'm drawing here. I enjoyed Natalie Portman's performance and I, overall, discovered the film entertaining and stunning.

Darren Aronofsky makes some truly crazy films. In this play, Nina will have to play the white swan, who represents beauty and grace she also has to play the Black Swan movie online, who represents sensuality. Still my expectations were really high, having heard a lot praise for it. Watch Black Swan high quality? She dreams ofbeing the lead in the production of Swan Lake, which is has a new twistto it. Black Swan film hd? Life at the leading is an immediate shock though as Nina has to come to terms with the hatred of fading stars and the jealousy of the rising ones. Natalie Portman does a tremendous job, as often. How insecure is that. Portman and Aronofsky deserve Oscar nominations for this one. Definitely not, in my opinion. This is unbelievable. I saw this and the Wrestler within days of each other a. Darren Aronofsky ends the movie in the same way he ended his previousone The Wrestler, with the primary character satisfied of what heshealready achieved in his lifetime. Natalie Portman was amazing an Oscar worthy performance. Hardly earth shattering badness. Except Natalie Portman. And I hate jumping on the bandwagon. I felt the gut-wrenching madness and tension all the way to the bitter end. Whilst the storyline provides the possibility for acomplex character piece, every element of the film is heavy-handed andpoorly executed. "Black Swan" movie. Even though I felt a bit frustrated by the ending, it was fairly clear, I just really like finales I guess. Black Swan movie online watch. Undoubtedly the finest film of 2010for me, a true masterpiece that won't be forgotten. download Black Swan movie", in my review, "thrilling enjoyable, but absolutely nothing enjoyable". There has been alot of care taken with crafting this movie and it shows. The Nina we see in the beginning is "mad" only in the way that any blindly driven overachiever is - and to an audience with madness in mind, Nina's initial state is an interesting reflection on how we may well define "madness" in general.

As I kind this review nearly 4 hours right after seeing Black Swan movie online, the goosebumps are only beginning to settle on the back of my neck. Aside from the obvious black/white contrast, the use of pink/red and green is also extremely intriguing. Nina is weak and fragile and it's virtually exhausting watching her. Very Intense, Dark, Psychologically Thrilling, and an Amazing Performance by Natalie Portman. Black Swan release.

Nonetheless, buy Black Swan is a haunting fable that has the power to hang over viewers like a shroud. The main actors: Natalie Portman does the anguish and fear nicely she has evolved as an actress. A film I thought could have gone further. So far I have observed this ballerina flick twice and I believe this film is brilliant. I can not even began. The supporting cast is excellent. A breath-taking psychological thriller, Black Swan psp is both incredibly tensed and elegantly melodramatic. Whats wrong with individuals nowadays. Kind of like the Wrestler only with lesbian ballerinas. It's decreased down to no much more than the woodendoll spinning on the toes. Instead I got some soft-core porn.

And the performance made her into the true black swan. Darren Aronofsky is 1 of the most talented directors around. Some thing that explains WHY all of this stuff was happening. Ipod Black Swan movie. There is no complexity to the movie or the one-dimensional characters, everything is pretty much proper on the surface. The cast, which isn't very remarkable, fails to salvage the script,which is awful. Some art housefilms are that good that at times it is tough to find words to describethem, such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Was psyched to see it but disappointed. The twists and turns of Nina's ever-declining mental state feature numerous strange episodes that I feltvery familiar with. I discovered this film unintentionally hilarious: the destruction of the teddy bears, the mothers glare at the height or orgasm, the supposedly raunchy but rather dull lesbian sex scene all produced me laugh. This movie was so intense. Where can i watch Black Swan? Despite possible illogical shifts in the plot, the film is very stylish. They couldn't have been much more wrong. Its 1 of those 'literature book' movies. The movie had me at Winona Ryder's smeared eyeliner and drunken speach. Film Black Swan online. The Black Swan falls down rather swiftly. Full movie Black Swan. O melhor filme do ano. And as this progresses, our lead comescloser to giving in. This girl is a actual looker, but is a ideal example of 𢯪uty just before talent" rule in Hollywood. Barbara Hershey did her utmost to depict strange mixture of malevolence and over protectiveness toward Nina. I think Natalie Portman was very convincing on that count and you're an idiot if you don't agree with that assessment. Watch Black Swan full movie good quality? Mila Kunis plays herself and it works. Nina (Natalie Portman), an aspiring dancer following in her mother's (Barbara Hershey) tiptoes, vies for the duel lead role of the Swan Queen. The story starts out with kind of straight forward events but it soon starts obtaining more and much more deep and unpredictable. Natalie, excuse me, Oscar Winner Natalie Portman gives an electrifying performance and documents the struggle will full seriousness. But just when you believe you know every little thing that is going to take place the film turns on its A game and keeps you guessing until the last second, and leaves the viewer asking himself what is reality and what is in the mind. Films Black Swan. Overall, a masterpiece. Natalie Portman's portrayal of an actor/dancer as she falls into the ruins of pure insanity is gripp. The movie Black Swan on dvd. The film is really interesting and dramatic, and a little unusual too, and it has a tragic and surprising end. I think it is Aronofsky's best movie yet and I would definitely watch it once more just to relive the mind blowing encounter. In actual life Nina is sweet, quiet and innocent therefore the best role for the White Swan, so her dance teacher tells her to get in touch with her evil side so she can feel the Black Swan download and make the performance a lot much more realistic or she shall be replaced by co-dancer Lily (Kunis). Natalie Portman is actually Great.

This movie gives swan lake a beautiful and disturbing life on the large screen and under your skin. It ended up that it's all her hallucination when she saw herself bleeding. Black Swan film picture. The parallels had been a bit too stark. Natalie Portman Lloyd is sick. You go on the journey with Natalie Port. Then it's like at the beginning of the ride your going up the hill, getting all intrigued by the character's then you get closer to the leading, obtaining a little bit confused, then you finally reach the top, and then boom. Her innocence, elegance and delicacy make her a perfect candidate for the White Swan, 1 half of the character. All through the movie the strange issues that take place to her body are a part of that transformation as she literally is in her eyes transforming into a swan. It's effortless to see that Darren Aronofsky was influenced by the classic THE RED SHOES (❈), except that the ❈ film did not telegraph its tragic ending which came as somewhat of an abrupt surprise. Which leaves the film on a particular river. Natalie Portman wrote the book on Character Development for this movie. Darren Aronofsky's 'buy Black Swan movie' is among several things a tribute to balley, that fine art that does not touch the lives of most of us that comprise the hoi polloi, the typical milieu, that revels and indulges in the mediocre and the mundane, and has steadily lost touch the finer aspects of civilization. Storyline is totally predictable and unoriginal. Nina wins the lead but while able to do the white swan is having difficulties with the download Black Swan online do to her inability to be passionate. The images are nightmarishly disturbing, but they are an eloquentillustration of the violence which we impact ourselves, that's how weact, when our quiet component tries to put out the flame of our most burningimpulsions, these hidden imperfections that in fact finest define us …Nina's soul was fragile simply because it was attempting to maintain balance betweenwork and talent, when the point was to loosen up, attempting to play, toenjoy the dance, to be more like Lily, Mila Kunis in a performance thattotally blew me away… Lily catalyzes all the fear that govern Nina'sactions, becoming dethroned, becoming the white swan, hence, half a swan,half of Nina, which is absolutely nothing, since the perfect is produced of every little thing… Lily was a danger because she was whitening Nina's darkest soul, likethe overprotective mother, Beth, the ex-star, all these characters thatmade her repeat that pathetic whitening catchphrase : "I'm so sorry. A lot of fun, but do not expect to understand a entire lot. Takes my breath away. Black Swan dvd download!

Showing points from just 1 perspective can be limiting. This is the my favorite movie of 2010 therefore far. Filmed through a bowl of pea soup, the life is drained out of each and every scene, leaving one robbed of emotional involvement. The scene where Nina gets drunk does not seem suitable if it's purpose is to explain me that Nina is going by means of some kind of personal development. Only lacking the true mystery behind an intelligent MS and becoming predictable hinders Black Swan from becoming a real blockbuster. With a screenplay by Mark Heyman, John McLaughlin and Andres Heinz,based on a story by Heinz, ȫlack Swan film" borrows really liberally fromearlier movies. This movie was absolutely terrible. Thinking a smaller screen would compensate for the roller coaster visual. I in no way cared about the lead character Nina Sayers, nor did I appreciate the eventual success in the end. I was stunned by some visuals that he had in his films. Now you have all the reason you need to watch this scary ass movie. Yes, Connelly is a bit old for the part, but she could, without having a doubt, wipe the floor with Portman's wooden acting. But, even if you don't, the underlying mystery unfolds beautifully leading to 1 of the most exhilarating final acts that I have observed in a movie in years. If you haven't observed Requiem for a Dream, then Black Swan HD might impressyou. Download Black Swan movie legally. Cheapest of all though is the ending, which can be considered 1940th Hollywood style at finest, and a mere cop out by these days's standards: the hero(ine) dies with a last sigh, everybody standing around is guilty and none of the conflicts is really resolved. How enjoying watching Darren Aronofsky turning in 1 Hollywood puppet and how deep sorry feeling for him. Natalie Portman has been a favourite actress given that her precociousperformance as a 12 year old in "Leon" led on - via "Star Wars" - tosuch accomplished function as Ȭloser" and "The Other Boleyn Girl".

The tension is palpable as every second leads to 1 of the most satisfying and devastating conclusions I have seen in awhile. The hints start little. This movie has none of the above. I actually wanted to like thisfilm as from the trailers I inferred that it would be top notch - notso. Look at Meryl Streep for example -- she has won countless Oscars, but she continues to amaze audiences year after year for her performances. Filme hd download. Maybe if my master's degree was in theater, instead of engineering Iɽ "get" this movie. The movie is a nicely executed story that may have too significantly zest and melodrama, but it all turns out for the greatest. This past year was really turning to shit for movie goers until December rolled around and started releasing some high quality films. Where to buy Black Swan dvd.

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