More on The Green New Deal!

“Ethical Markets posted a link to this Green New Deal proposal back in 2018, fully endorsing this visionary initiative.

We have researched the positive scenarios of shifting away from the fossilized Industrial Era since 2009 in our annual Green Transition Scoreboard® Reports covering private investments (now at a cumulative $9.3 trillion globally); all the best technologies and the companies and startups getting on board.  Now the US Congress is seated with the new Democrats in charge, this Green New Deal is a holistic systemic view of how this can become the USA’s next “moonshot”.  Read it carefully, and see that it covers most of the policy bases and counters the tired, obsolete objections by defunct economists and politicians so well exposed by economists Mariana Mazzucato in “The Value of Everything” and Nick Silver in “Finance, Society and Sustainability“.   Let’s expand the growing coalition in the USA for this Green New Deal and then help take it global!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

“Ethical Markets welcomes this Green New Deal plan spearheaded by incoming Congressmember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’ve read it carefully, and it’s just what’s needed now!