Millennium Project Trip Report: Jeju, Seoul, and Gimcheon, South Korea

The Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry brought me to Korea to keynote their 42nd Korea Jeju Forum. In addition to the usual MP work/tech insights I suggested: the identify their improvement system, then improve that system with online applications and AI (as advocated by Doug Englebart inventor of the mouse, hyperlinking and other group ware techniques); focus on qualitivity not just productivity; explore synergetic intelligence, not just completive intelligence; connect their strategic planning with ways to anticipate synergies among next technologies (NT); plan to augment workers with NT as possible; seek relation of the 4IR with the biological revolution, self-actualizing economies, and the coming Conscious-Technology Age; and tie it all together with their own collective intelligence system.


Just before the keynote Youngsook Park, Chair of the Korean Node of The Millennium Project and I met again with the Governor of Jeju to build on the idea of creating a national AI center. We suggested he consider the concept proposed by Ben Goertzel: SingularityCoin to facilitate the operation of SingularityNet, a “Decentralized Self-Organizing Cooperative” comprised of AI-controlled software and hardware agents using smart contracts and MIT media lab Dr John Clippinger idea of issuing Green Coin now called Swytch Token, for Jeju Island. MP Korea is now becoming the core center of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for cryptocurrency and blockchain experts coming to collaborate with MP Korea. Also while in Jeju I gave a seminar at the Jeju National University on environmental scanning, collective intelligence systems, State of the Future Index, and participatory systems.


Then the next two days (Seoul and Gimcheon) were organized by Youngsook Park, chair of the Korean Node of The Millennium Project. In Seoul I gave a talk on methods plus the MP Future Work/Tech 2050 Global Scenarios, which ended in a mini workshop/discussion groups on strategies to address the issues in the scenarios. Then the next day on to Gimcheon for another similar seminar at Youngsook Park’s Gimcheon multi-use center (solar panels feeding the local electric grid, seminar center, guest house, and agriculture and aquaculture production.


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