Millennium Project Newsletter 2.0

“Ethical Markets highly recommends The State of the Future reports and I’m  proud to serve on the Planning Committee and we are Partners with this Millennium Project.   ~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

Newsletter 2.0

1.    New State of the Future to be released in October
2.    New Website
3.    Future Work/Tech 2050 Workshops
4.    Future terrorism/deterrence book for NATO
5.    Pakistan State of the Future Index
6.    New Nodes in Portugal, Georgia, and the Netherlands
7.    Conference: Mexico in the Global Future October 11th
8.    GFIS scanning items added by new Interns
9.    RIBER and FEN meetings
10.  FRM 3.0 Translated into Persian/Farsi into five volumes and Spanish
11.  MPPC Meeting in Mexico
12.  New executive team for transition of MP leadership
13.  World Future Day


1. Forthcoming State of the Future 19.0

To be released at The Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting 9-10 October in Mexico City.  Downloadable and print copies should be available from our website by mid-October.  Pre-publication copies are available for reporters and reviewers from [email protected]

2. New Website at 

Thank you Polish Node of The Millennium Project! for volunteering to coplete the new website with the WordPress skills of ?ukasz Macander and initiation of the early drafts by Matt Jones, MP Intern in the MP’s Washington Office.