Media Release: Climate Bonds Announces 2017 Green Bond Award Winners

Climate Bonds Announces 2017 Green Bond Award Winners

LONDON 06/03/2017 18:00 GMT: International leadership in green finance has been recognised at the second annual Green Bond Pioneer Awards, announced at a ceremony being held tonight at London’s Guildhall.

The Awards are in recognition of leading organisations, financial institutions and governments, who have pushed green finance forward and developed the green bonds market in the past year through their pioneering initiatives and issuances, providing a positive example of low carbon investment.


2017 Award Winners by Category:

First Sovereign Green Bond – Poland

First Green Schuldschein – Nordex (Germany)

First RMBS – Obvion N.V (Netherlands)

Largest Single Green Bond – Bank of Communications (China)

Largest Non-Financial Corporate Green Bond – Grupo Aeroportuario Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico)  

Largest Overall Issuer – SPD Bank (China)

Innovative Regulator – People’s Bank of China PboC (China)

Most Second Opinions in 2016 – CICERO (Norway)

New Country issuances:

·       Philippines – AP Renewables

·       Colombia – Grupo BanColombia

·       Costa Rica – Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

·       Finland – Municipality Finance (MuniFin)

·       Morocco – Masen

·       Luxembourg – Alpha Trains
Regional Sub-Sovereign – Mexico City (LatAm)

Regional Sub-Sovereign – Treasury Corporation of Victoria (Asia-Pacific)


Certificates of Recognition

A series of organizations have also been granted Recognition Certificates as part of the 2017 Awards, encompassing the following categories: Sub-national/Municipal, Development Banks, Commercial Banks, Corporates, Structured, Certifications, and Market Infrastructure.

Additional information about Award and Certificates recipients is here.


Quotes attributable to Award and Certificate recipients:

Piotr Nowak, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Poland:

“We are delighted that our efforts in the field of green finance have been recognized with this prestigious award. With the first ever sovereign green bond we wanted to show our open-minded approach towards the green bond market, to demonstrate commitment to sustainable development and set a good example for others.”


Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, Mayor of Mexico City:

“As the impacts of climate change are already happening in cities, it is our responsibility to find concrete local solutions to this global challenge.”

“I wish to thank the Climate Bonds Initiative for its recognition of Mexico City for being the first City in Latin America to issue a Green Bond and for taking actions to tackle climate change in a decisive and innovative way as a local government.”


Christa Clapp, Head of Climate Finance at CICERO:

“As green bonds move from a niche market to the mainstream, it is vital to give investors information on what is green, as we do in our independent second opinions using Shades of Green. What is important to us is to be a thought leader on what is green, based on the latest environmental science.”


Shaun Mills, CEO Alpha Trains Group:

“We are extremely proud to receive this prestigious recognition. The award acknowledges Alpha Trains as country pioneer in Luxembourg and our role as one of the most innovative private players in the rail sector.”

“With our recent Green Private Placement, we paved the way to communicate our sustainability strategy and to match our financing needs with growing investor demands for transparent green projects that meet their long-term climate objectives.”


Ciara Caprioli, Business Development Manager Luxembourg Stock Exchange:

“There is an inextricable link between mitigating climate change and the development of sustainable finance. Via the creation of the Luxembourg Green Exchange, we are the first exchange to establish a dedicated service that bridges investors’ need for increased transparency and issuers’ commitment to assure quality of reporting.”

“We believe that our innovative mind-set in developing new tools in the sustainability space will channel more funds to the green bond market – we are proud and happy that CBI recognised our initiative.”


Ignacio Real de Asúa, Head of Capital Markets & Financial Risk Management, Iberdrola Group:

“At Iberdrola, we would like to thank the Climate Bonds Initiative for the recognition granted to our strategy of investing in sustainable assets while securing finance through green instruments.”

“We encourage Climate Bonds to continue its work, since we are convinced that the investors’ increasing demand for green financing will drive sustainable investments in the fight against climate change.”


David Harris, Group Head of Sustainable Business, London Stock Exchange Group:

“We are proud to have been recognised by the Climate Bonds Initiative for our dedicated green bond segments which was the first green bond segment to be launched by a major exchange; with now 40 green bonds that have raised around $10.5 billion in 7 different currencies.”

“This forms one component of our Global Sustainable Investment Centre which aims to support all our clients, including issuers, investors and intermediaries, in the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy. This follows innovative new FTSE Russell ESG Indexes and the launch of LSEG’s ESG Reporting Guidance in February this year.”


Monash University President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Margaret Gardner AO:

“The Green Bonds Pioneer Certificate is welcome recognition of our commitment to deliver significant financial and economic benefits to Monash University while advancing sustainable development across our campuses.

“The Monash University Climate Bond, together with our new environmental, social and governance commitments, demonstrate how we are engaging with industry and using innovative technologies to influence the transition to a net zero carbon economy.”


Konstantin Strasser, CEO MEP Werke GmbH and Strasser Capital GmbH:

“We are honored to have been recognised for our first certified green loan. As part of our pioneering role in the renewable energy sector we consider it our duty to create awareness for innovative green financing instruments. This accolade by the Climate Bonds Initiative will help us in paving the way for future investors and issuers.”


Alba Aguilar, Director New Markets Development, Mexican Stock Exchange:

“At the Mexican Stock Exchange we are aware of the need for our country to have financial solutions that allow us to move towards a sustainable and low carbon economy and, considering the role we play in the financial system, we affirm our commitment in the development of environmental markets and climate finance.”

“In order to mobilize private capital towards green investments, we created the rules for listing green bonds, which provide standardization, transparency and credibility to the market; with the assurance that this new instrument will allow investors to address the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.”

“In the same spirit, we have formed the Climate Finance Advisory Council, composed of several leaders of the financial system with the objective of promoting best practices that may stimulate market development; fostering dialogue in the sector on the need to address new financial risks and challenges related to climate change.”


CEO Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds:

“The 2nd Green Bond Awards honor the organizations that over the past year have been leaders in the global financial sector, mobilizing the capital needed to address climate change, limit carbon emissions and finance the green infrastructure of the future. This year’s Awards in part reflect the diversification of issuers and acceleration in the green bonds market that has taken place over the past year.”

“Behind each of the award winners in each category are host of companies, institutions, municipal authorities and other organisations that have also been recognised for their contributions to climate finance, green bonds innovations and low carbon growth paths. They also deserve acknowledgement and congratulations.”



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