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Love and Other Drugs

Maggie (Hathaway) is an alluring free spirit who won't let anyone - or anything - tie her down. But she meets her match in Jamie (Gyllenhaal), whose relentless and nearly infallible charm serve him well with the ladies and in the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales. Maggie and Jamie's evolving relationship takes them both by surprise, as they find themselves under the influence of the ultimate drug: love.

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Oliver Platt, Hank Azaria, Josh Gad.

Directed by Edward Zwick.

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Meant to provide some lighthearted, frat comedy, he just comes off as extremely annoying. I really like how sexy they are. Adding to this is the pharmaceutical-rep satire, which gets dwindled down as Jamie modifications (perhaps the correct decision plot-wise but less intriguing character-wise), and tries to grow to be serious in little spurts but goes nowhere with it. Hathaways nice capabilities. And when Gyllenhaal expresses the slightest doubt that he's man enough to see her through this illness, she bolts. Enjoy & OTHER DRUGS - CATCH IT ( C+ ) From promos and publicity, Enjoy &Other Drugs looked like a Rom-Com and a accurate story of Womanizer &Viagra selling champ "Jamie Reidy". 1 minute we were all laughing, and the next, all crying. In the end, extremely enjoyable and intriguing, particularly in light of how usually we've observed these gorgeous young pharma reps sitting in the doc's office and wondered what they were all about. Since this isn't about connection for you. Love and Other Drugs hd movie download. The plot of the movie makes it a drama (and most viewers don't like to see drama in theaters) but comedia scenes make enjoyable and entertaining. And regardless of some character flaws, the characters they play do have some remarkable good chemistry due to both the actors and some of the script/improvisations.

Jamie becomes obsessed over her and they soon start a physical relationship without any of them wanting to grow to be attached to each and every other. Maggie Murdoch, the classic "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" character is 2 dimensional at finest and aside from Anne Hathaway's ability to show her breasts a lot there isn't a lot to see here. Coming to my DVD collection in 2011. I just don't understand what happened to the top quality of movie he used to do. This movie is a fantastic stamp offailure put on each and every Anne-disbeliever's forehead. Where to buy the movie Love and Other Drugs The juxtaposition of these two really intelligentand talented characters makes for an intriguing portrayal for theirdiscovery of adore for every other. This was a really enjoyable film. The big revelation about Maggie's ailment comes at about the movie's mid-point. On 1 occasion hisyounger brother actually achieves this status. For a comedy, it has a extremely heavy handed subject at the heart of it. In this movie is use like refuge in Ann role's. What else is thereto say. The very same is accurate for Josh Gad who plays Gyllenhaal's brother who has a porn addiction. Later in the parking lot, Maggie stops Jamie while he is throwing away Prozac and punches him in the face for pretending to be an intern and for searching at her breast. Thescreenplay incorporates too numerous characters and subplots to sustain anyinterest. Although I do not believe that anymore, I still think it is not a bad selling point. Buen drama en una relacion de pareja, el drama muy especial. Love and Other Drugs film': Four Stars (Out of Five) Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway re-team (they also played a couple in ɻROKEBACK MOUNTAIN') for this surprisingly raunchy sex comedy / dramatic romance. He's also adept at landing any woman he desires. What is totally distinct from movie tomovie is the cast and the characters. They bring terrific performances, each and every bitringing true, to their characters. This actually is a sex comedy for adults and not just because of the nudity and it's a complex adore story that is put together alright. 3 stars great performances,and a excellent cast. Download Love and Other Drugs film in ipod formats A combination of humor, charm, hurting, romance and sexual drive - that fairly a lot covers it. A solid rom-com that was surprisingly not all laughs as it definitley had a much more severe side to it with Anne Hathaway's character Maggie having a significant disease.

As a comedy, there are a couple of laughs to be had, as a romance it feels reasonably authentic, and Hathoway/Gyllenhaal are able to function very nicely off each other, but the movie wants to be tidied up a bit. The two fight, they break up, they get back together, Jamie discovers he actually is a good guy and that Maggie does require someone to take care of her.

An attractive and well-paired couple (Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal's chemistry works effectively), the roguish guy turning good, the passionate sex encounters, some romance, some funny shots, some drama. I thought it was another sex story. Love and Other Drugs film downloads. I don't understand people who claimed Anne can't act. While download Love and Other Drugs possesses potential elements of comedy, drama, social revolution (viagra) and your good old American opportunism it exceeds in none of these leaving us with a mediocre movie. When can i buy Love and Other Drugs film. Jake Gyllenhaal is ok and very charming and attractive for sure. Maggie is in her 20s and has Parkinson'sdisease. He tries to talk to her, she rejects him at first, a "funny" old couple comments on how cute he is, he continues his speech, the most kitschy music - think something along the lines of the "Bodyguard" soundtrack - starts playing in the background as Jamie speaks the words that move Maggie to tears and make her finally give in to her love. And their relationship begins. The film had a lot going on, it felt like a bunch of different movies rolled into one.

Compelling story, great acting by Hathaway, comedy, drama, emotion. They have rowdy sex and it surprises them both that, when they come up for air, they find that they really connect, both in the heart and in the head. Anne Hathaway does a pretty decent job portraying a young woman struggling with the effects of her illness. Love and Other Drugs watch full movie. Oh, and before I forget, I can't help but ask, was this movie funded by the drug companies. You may aswell have watched a porn when seeing this movie. I love how the feelings of Jamie and Maggie got juxtaposed after the visit to the Convention for Parkinson's disease. Movie Love and Other Drugs on dvd. Actually, the story is very thought provoking and ultimately hopeful on a lot of levels.

It was great to watch them developand it was very pleasurable to watch their on-screen "chemistry". Set in 1997, Jamie Randall (Gyllenhaal) is the bright, but ADD riddled son of Dr. Jamie's big speech to get back Maggie in the end is the cream of the crop: You got every cliché. All his scenes should have been left on the cutting room floor. They seemed to have good chemistry on screen (& franco was just a bore on the Oscars) Jake goes from a Womanizing Electronics salesman to a Pharmaceutical salesman who falls for a patient in one of the Doctor's offices. Love and Other Drugs divx.

A movie with a mix of Crazy Beautiful, a dash of humor and a whole lot of A Walk to Remember. Descargar Love and Other Drugs hd? I wanted to stay and see how the character's handling of the Parkinson's played out and I wanted to find out how the medical community responded to the pressure of the drug reps. Good morning, I'm from Palestine Basel Thank you for add I wish to contact me at my email [email protected] There was just too much going on without anything actually happing. Its watchable though it does drag a little. I'm a huge JG fan, so I was super psyched about this film. His aspirations are simple; sex, the Viagra account, andgetting to Chicago. Film Love and Other Drugs download. Script is well written and intelligent, most of the time throws everything back at your when you least expect it. Love and Other Drugs move.

While the first half of the film was zippy and funny, the second half turns serious and draggy in parts. For a movie, not the kind of thing you d expect to get in real life though. (She is a phenomenal actress, and will someday soon, have that little statue we all associate with greatness. Love and Other Drugs downloaden. I was expecting to see another romantic comedy but this movie was quite sad. And to make matters worst, it puts up front how the use of freebies can open up doors which are closed, and to Jamie it also means manipulating women to get at what he wants, especially an account with Dr Stan Knight (Hank Azaria) who in one scene opened up and blabbers about how corrupt the entire industry could be in demolishing one's medical ideals. Love and Other Drugs dowland? The two banter sharply and handle their characters' sexual combustion with élan. Everybody who said "skip it" i think needs to get laid... The only reason u would write that is becasue everytime the did it in the movie u were dreaming that wasss u.� 46;.ah Full Review. I also think that this movie doesn't deserve the R rating just because it deals with sex ( I live in Mexico and here we have something like PG-15)hopefully people don't feel to uncomfortable with the sex scene because it gives more credibility to the story. Hard-partying, emotionally-detached man meets sensitive, artist womanwith fatal disease.

The plot does grow to be a bit predictable in locations and I was never truly left questioning what was going to occur at the end. That's the worst component, I believe. Could be carried out much better in Black and white. The freshness and the feel good effect of the yesteryear Edward Zwick mushy flicks have lost their color and charm in the crowd of new comers expecting the expensive sets and the music set up to assist them climb the ladders of fame. If you have the hots for Anne, it is a Should Must see. These two make a good pair and do the film a service. There was the other girl at the pyjamas party too. The ending was weak but the boy learned the planet did not revolve around him. The Viagra revolution. Anyway, the most amazing factor occurs: Jamie falls for a girl, Maggie. Want to see this In the worst way. This is morepuzzling given component of the storyline is that she does not have medicalinsurance. Need to you pay to watch it. Jamie's selling partner is Bruce (played by the very funny Oliver Platt) and together they dream of selling sufficient in order to get suggested for a bigger marketplace like Chicago. Interested how it is produced & dramatised. It was a pleasure and a joy. He was perfect for the component. Watch Love and Other Drugs online watch Love and Other Drugs online. Then, too, the direction is fresh and right on target. The mixing of sex comedy and romantic drama is a difficult sell with the film. It was a great romance movie but there was really too a lot sex, which appears impossible. You know the couch potato shots—he eats junk food and watches junk while his brother is hustling girls at a rate that Viagra could love. The end was tooobvious. Full Love and Other Drugs download! Excellent performances and a top notch script make this 1 of the greatest rom-coms of the year. Then we have several upon many sex scenes in which both stars get naked and show their greatest sides. Film "Love and Other Drugs"? I got the feeling that this is more due to her underlying hatred of the illness meaning she doesn't want to guilt anybody into having to look right after her in the future and so intentionally tries not to form a relationship whereas Jamie just doesn't want a relationship in the very first place. Although Jamie summarizes the notion that they ought to live for these days in a language that Tarzan would realize("You. The romance between the hero and heroine is excellent,the locations and songs also. But here's the 4 step process plot in a nutshell:1) Shallow dude + Sick Girl 2) Plenty of self-loathing and walls 3)Sick girl pushes shallow dude away 4) Shallow dude realizes he can't bewithout the girl and goes and gets her. His brother, a lazy overweight pc geek, has already made a fortune selling personal computer software to pharmaceutical companies. Improbable storyline, improbable characters and very crass dialogue. Maggie thinks it is unfair for Jamie to want to be her companion, because that would mean loving and taking care of a sick woman. A quasi-orgy scene near the end makes no sense to the story and seems to serve only as an excuse for a few a lot more sex jokes. I am surprised that they were able to maintain this movie at an "R" rating.

Knight(Hank Azaria)helps his climb and profile in the drug selling world too. You don't feelyou've observed a actual story simply because he understands writing and directingscenes but he does not comprehend that plotting is an emotional threadthat builds into something much more than just the addition of 1 beat onanother. When I very first saw this trailer I expected a funny adult comedy. Adding to this is the pharmaceutical-rep satire,which gets dwindled down as Jamie adjustments (perhaps the proper decisionplot-wise but less intriguing character-wise), and tries to becomeserious in small spurts but goes nowhere with it. A new way to do a adore story,, Individual it touched me, certainly when he decides to pick for something that will change his life drastically.

First of all, I enjoy Anne Hathaway in just about anything she's been in. Love and Other Drugs online Love and Other Drugs online. I thinkthat the producer thought of the most well-liked things in a movie and hecame up with the perfect recipe: drugs, funds, hunger for power, sex,even enjoy, unshared enjoy, a young girl's incurable illness, disgustingbrother sleeping on a couch, nice old persons who don't have enoughmoney to acquire their essential medication and even the greedy drugindustry, etc. She lives on her own and manages to keep a brave and happyfront. It's a cutthroat organization, but hestill manages to work his way around individuals. In reality, Gyllenhaal and Hathaway, except for actually costly fashion haircuts and fashion ideas from elite Hollywood designers that their characters probably could by no means have access to or afford, are basically geeks, with no qualities that correlate even remotely to the characters that they are playing in this film. Like everyone, I rate it 4/5.

There is a reason most romantic films are judged based on the chemistry of their lead actors.

Ann hathaway and gyllenhall, function nicely together and even though a predictable film in the sence, youll know where he is heading, it brings a lot between beginning and end, beginning of last third goes off a tiny bit in a sence of a scene not working, but thats fairly much it for spoiling it, and for gyllenhall at least, it comes off like up in the air was for clooney, and hathaway, a great charactor with emotion to create on, sad moments to which was a suprise to me, helping film to conclusion. It meant a lot to me. Full movie downloads. They don't seem compatible in real life or otherwise. It's as if they tried to make two separate movies. The only great factor about this movie is the poor man's Jonah Hill (JoshGad). Nevertheless, it's undone by an very secure and predictable conclusion, total with the type of mawkish speech that only a romantic comedy could supply. It's an integral part of the story. Jamie Randall: Sometimes the points you want the most do not occur and what you least anticipate occurs. Would not recommend it to pals and would not pick to see it once more. Absolutely Brilliant. All of these traits of weak movie generating is attempted to be masked by uncalled nudity which really does not add anything, except to perhaps appreciate two young actors in their physical prime. But the fairly bodies are nice. If you want to see 2 extremely gifted actors having a lot of sex, this movie is for you. When the story seems like it's going to focus on the relationship between both characters it jumps to the history of Viagra, and when it seems to get serious and focus on how corrupt the medical program has become (there is a specific scene where Dr. There performance & chemistry is indeed amazing. She actually opens herself emotionally to play this part. Watch the whole Love and Other Drugs movie. Oliver Pratt's drug rep has a fantastic scene delivered over dinner and there's even a smart drunken ramble explaining what is wrong with becoming a doctor and a commentary on the state of the Hippocratic Oath. Iskreno, nisam ocekivala da ce bit ovakva vrsta filma. It was a fantastic ending to an otherwise lousy Christmas break. This movie is the best movie i have seen in a long, lengthy time. It is likely that this spoiled film will not make to any Academy Awards nomination. Love and Other Drugs download film! But Maggie and Jamie share an crucial priority, they both like raw, frequent sex. Hahahaha look at what it's based on "tough sell: the evolution of a viagra salesman" lmfao. Sadly, it's none of the above. A at times intoxicating, sometimes headache-inducing cocktail: a sweet, libidinous enjoy story a candid comedy of bedroom and workplace manners and, most bravely, if also most jarringly, a medical melodrama involving a chronic and really significant illness. Of course Jamie won't give up with out a fight, working the charmtwice as hard. The rest of the Jamie & Maggie "Love and Other Drugs in HD" story I will leave it for you to medicate I mean meditate on. It might have been the 90s music flashback but either way, I was pleased. Both are well rounded and intriguing. Such a bad cinematographic encounter. Love and Other Drugs original movie download. I adore the truth that thisis a real mature movie even if it has it's childish clichés but theanalysis itself of the characters and the issues emerged within theirrelationship are mature sufficient to entertain every adolescent out there.

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