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ESG and Impact Investing NewsPublished byRobert Rubinstein Read paper ? Latest ESG and Impact Investing News-Free SubscriptionHere is a sampling of some breaking news that confirms ESG and Impact Investing is going mainstream.

Prestel and Partner Family Office Conference Shared by Robert Rubinstein

Family Office Forum Dubai, Feb. 6-7, 2018
The Family Office Forum Dubai is the annual meeting place of genuine* Family Offices from the MENA region held in English. Network and learn about the latest trends in Investment, ESG and Impact with over 100 family offices.
See Attendance Report 2017
Principals or Family Offices have free admission whilst solution providers must reserve a limited pass.
Contact: [email protected] to guarantee your attendance. I would like to be speaker/and or sponsor

*Our definition of a genuine Principal or Family Office is at least 150M$ of assets (usually it is much more), and the Family Office is working for one or few (not as a solution provider to many 3rd parties)

Impact Investing — International Development’s New Holy Grail?

Shared by Jindra Cekan  medium­.com

There are so many things I love about the private sector such as Forbes 18 Dec Quote of the Day: “You’re going to be wrong a fair amount of times. So, the issue is, how do you be wrong well?” asked R…

Oceans Losing Oxygen at Breathtaking Speeds Shared by Robert Rubinstein www­.ecowatch­.com

Ocean dead zones quadrupled in size since 1950, while low oxygen sites around the world increased tenfold, threatening large swaths of marine life, scientists warned in a study released on Friday. “M…

Global Goals: European Pension Funds Tilt Capital Toward ‘SDG Investing’

Shared by filippo addarii impactalpha­.com

When trillions of dollars?—?or euros, as the case may be?—?in private investment are flowing toward solutions for food security, universal education and sustainable development, let it be said that D…

The importance of ethical investing across the generations

Shared by Leslie Lawton www­.ftadviser­.com

Millennials are, more often than not, the group to whom the growing interest in ethical and sustainable investing has been attributed. While the younger generations may be facing up to the effects of…

From ESG to SDGs: An Investor’s Perspective on Sustainability Reporting

Shared by Andy Rouse www­.sustainablebrands­.com

Investors are stepping up their appeals for robust corporate sustainability reporting, with increased focus on climate impact and long-term performance in a carbon-constrained world. These reports ha…

All of the UK’s remaining coal plants will shut down by 2025

Shared by Robert Rubinstein climateactionprogramme­.org

The British government has published its long-awaited plans for how it will implement its ambitious coal phase-out plan by 2025. In 2015, the UK government announced its intention to consult on propo…

EPA Under Siege: The New Assault on the U.S. Environmental Protection System

Shared by Robert Rubinstein www­.ecowatch­.com

The system took shape in the 1960s and 70s as the public and politicians sounded the alarm about the environmental legacy of decades of uncontrolled industrialization. Faced with the threat of unsafe…

Changing landscapes: key issues for action on sustainable development in 2018

Shared by Robert Rubinstein www­.eco-business­.com

Last January, I set out the issues I felt were most likely to affect sustainable development practice over 2017, asking what damage might be done by the election of a climate denier to the US preside…

This New Blockchain Protocol Wants To Create Accountability For Social Impact

Shared by Robert Rubinstein www­.fastcompany­.com

As philanthropists and impact investors pour money into social and environmentally focused businesses and projects, a nagging question often hovers over their efforts: Is the capital actually ending …