Last Week in ILSR’s Energy Self-Reliant States

Energy Self-Reliant States


Energy Self-Reliant States

Last week, we published the monthly update of Minnesota’s community solar program, which is now up to 100 megawatts of operational solar serving thousands of customers. We expect the numbers to continue rising steadily, with over 400 megawatts still in the queue!

Also, the energy advisory committee to the City of Minneapolis passed a recommendation that may lead to a new model for financing local clean energy — an increase in the city’s franchise fees on utility bills. The proposal would put close to $3 million a year into programs to broaden access to and accelerate adoption of energy savings programs. More news as it develops!

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Why Minnesota’s Community Solar Program is the Best

Minnesota has the best community solar program in the country, but why? This month, the Minnesota program reached 100 megawatts currently operating and a LOT still in the queue.